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- a translation of the interview I did for Insider on Art and Architecture in LA

- great feature on friend, Jesse Kamm, and her families home in Panama

- an incredible interview with the incredible Susan Sontag. I have been thinking about this non-stop since I listened to it over the weekend... thoughts about being a writer, what that means, what that looks like... thoughts about a democratic art, the elite, the masses... about anti-intellectualism... and more. It is so worth a listen to and a think about. 

- Piety and Perversity, a great essay on the history of the palm tree in LA

- colors come and go, by the lovely Claire Cottrell

- a beautiful film on ikebana (thanks Leigh!)

- most men would rather shock themselves than be alone with their thoughts (thank you Matthew)

- Man Ray's 1928 film, The Starfish

- beautiful new work from my friend Jeremy, Clouds

French architect Emile Aillaud
Constantin Brancusi


new moon // july


Thunder Moon
Saturday, 26th of July, Leo, 3:41 pm PST

It's no doubt still a challenging time for most, lots of old pattern and beliefs and energy is surfacing in our bodies, it's all so ready for healing. This just tells us that we are transitioning, and moving into a place in our lives that moves beyond our past, we are ready to let go of the old that no longer serves us. It is a time of growth and forward movement. With the Sun and Moon in Leo you are sure to feel this energy of forward motion and expansion. Leo is also ruled by the Sun, a planet of vibrancy, stamina, vitality, will power, stability and longevity! And with the Lion as the symbol of the Leo mix warmth, generosity and protection into the energy melting pot we are in. 

Think about how the Sun holds our solar system together and the heart at the center and core of your body. This is a powerful time for listening to your heart and following it! Use this energy. You are supported in this moment to take a risk, and go after the thing your heart desires. This is really important, learning to trust that you are supported to take a leap. Issues of being supported might be coming up for you right now too, have lots of compassion during this time. The Lion helps us to get in touch with our inner fire and helps to feed the flames to be courageous in our lives. 

This is also a great time to reflect on how you express yourself in the world, how you create and give and love! This is a very creative time. Ideas may be coming to you, it is important to act on them, to not stifle this flow of energy. Being creative is an incredible tool we have for healing. Now is the perfect time to use it!

I also wanted to talk for a moment about strength, with the Moon and Sun in Leo it seemed a perfect time to do so. It's something that has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I have really been listening to how people use this word. Things like, "Oh, I don't know how you are doing that, you are so strong" or "I didn't think I was going to cry, I wanted to be so strong" have really been hitting me. What do we mean when we stay the word strong or think about our own strength? Where is that sourced from? What does that look like? Does it mean something different to you than it does when other people use the word? For me it does. 

Somehow along the way we have come to believe that strength means not having feelings. That to be strong or act with such strength you have to not have feelings. You have to put up a wall to keep things in or out and forge ahead. Push things down to get through it. To be strong for someone is to often times ignore your own self. And I don't agree with any of this. I really believe that strength is the willingness to feel. To just feel your emotions in any situation, and not run away, not put up a wall, not push them down. 

Think about the person who says, "I didn't think I was going to cry, I wanted to be strong." To me real strength is allowing yourself to feel that sadness. To allow yourself to cry when you need to shed tears is true inner strength, because it's then that you are connected to the self. To be vulnerable and let go and go there while facing the situation you are in. What better way to demonstrate your inner strength than to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling in that moment, to stay connected to yourself. I think that is true inner strength, when you honor yourself by listening to what you feel. 

oh! I almost forgot about New Moon wishes. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be hand written on paper and made within the first 24 hours of exact time of the New Moon (the first 48 hours will do). This Moon is a perfect time to wish for anything involving your heart, your creativity, manifesting dreams, new projects, or self - confidence. 

jean arp/hans arp


full moon / july


Thunder Moon
Saturday, July 12th, Capricorn, 4:24am PST

With this Full Moon in Capricorn it is a great time to focus on your goals. I would urge you to think more deeply and think about your purpose. Sit quietly and feel into your heart, ask, "What is my purpose?" Then ask again, feel into the purpose that lies underneath that, and then ask a third time. Something might come up for you that was unexpected, it might be something that you have known for a long time, it might even be abstract, everything has a meaning. Just hold what came up and feel the feelings that arise around it. Does it feel grounding and open your heart, do you have resistance around it? Do you trust it? Try not to see it as a goal, or something far away in the future that you have to get to, try to feel it all around you, that your heart is at the center of it, and it holds you as you move out into the world in all that you do. 

You can use this Capricorn energy to help you, along with the energy of the Sun in Cancer (foundations, self-nurturing, support). The archetype of the Capricorn is the Mountain Goat, think about the persistence of the goat as it climbs to the top of the mountain, putting one foot in front of the other, never loosing sight of it's goal or purpose. 

Because it is a Full Moon and emotions can be heightened around this time, notice if things are coming up for you around your purpose. Maybe resistance, everyone has their own forms of resistance, yours might be confusion, laziness, anger, doubt, fear... It's your job to start to develop a relationship with your resistance, study it to understand how it works, what it's voice is, what it's telling you, when it comes up. Just notice it, and have awareness of it. Yesterday I had an amazing conversation with a friend about resistance. And they said to me that resistance and fear are the gatekeepers to your hearts desires. And I loved this image, because it visually described so well their relationship. That when we get close to what we want it triggers all of our resistance, but using that image, it means that what we want is just on the other side of that resistance. That we can use our resistance like a compass to point us in the right direction, and to know that when it is triggered it means that we are getting close! Now, how exciting is that!? 

Still from 'L'Étoile de mer', Man Ray (1928)



I am so excited to share that I have two paintings in a show in Chicago opening on Friday!

If you live in the area, be sure to check it out. 
I am a fan of all the artists and so honored to be in a show with them. 
Thank you Regards,!


July 11 - August 23
Opening Reception July 11 5-8pm

Josh Atlas - Christopher Aque - Joseph Cassan - David Giordano
Lauren Spencer King - Andrea Longacre-White
Ethan Rose - Kristen VanDeventer

2216 West Chicago Avenue


Witnesses, 2013 - watercolor on paper on panel 


from around

- wishing I could see these minimal and beautiful works by Lee Ulfan at one of my favorite places in the world, Versailles

- why does so much new abstraction look the same? Thought this was an interesting read, something we should be pondering in the studio if you are a painter and as we look at the art around us. 

- something else that I think should be making us think is the growing epidemic that has become known as the selfie. Though we are about 200 years out from the first fixed photographic image, it's only been about 100 years since a hand held camera has existed that would even have the potential to be held with one hand to take a selfie. Why has it taken us 100 years to turn the camera around and point it at ourselves in this specific way? And why the mass interest in taking them? Why now? How is it changing or relationship to photography (don't even get me started on the fact that now everyone with a camera phone thinks they are a photographer!!!!!) and our idea of a portrait? These are questions I ask myself as I look through my Instagram feed. I recently read this interesting article called Selfie Poetics in Mousse (one of my favorite publications). There were parts that were rather interesting and fed my questioning. I particularly loved this part in thinking about the impact of selfies and how they are changing our relationship to... well, the self and our understand of such through images and culture, "the selfie... reveals the social network as a telephone/mirror hybrid—literally!—and continues the aestheticization of everyday life in social media that has leeched the authority of image-making from mass media and from art." I'm happy to report that my spell check still can't recognize the word, but none the less I'm afraid selfies are here to stay. 

- the top 10 songs written about artists! The last part of this sentence made me laugh out loud, "We’ve omitted duplicate songs about artists — which means Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” was left behind — as well as songs that simply and fleetingly mention an artist — once again meaning all Jay-Z’s references to Basquiat have been disqualified."

- a happy dance number!

- this book sounds really great... The Crystal Eaters 

- since the new year I have been loving this LP: I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America 1950 - 1990. It's a gem of a find. So good. So. Good.

- it's no secret that I am fascinated by death and mourning rituals, that being said I really hope to get to see this show at the Met opening this fall

- i am really not a fan of his work but this review in the form of a poem of the Jeff Koons show using all the best lines, metaphors and criticism is so on point! "There's something truly cruel in his sculptures' indifference to any audience desire for profundity."

Classical Still Life ~ 1937
James Turrell
Benjamin Valenza
Balenciaga -1960s


new print

One Old And One New


print of a graphite drawing

S u m m e r   P r i n t   S h o p ! 


new moon // june


Strawberry Moon
Friday, June 27th, Cancer, 1:08 am PST

A week ago we were headed into Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. We spend a lot of time thinking about the Moon, being aware of it's phases and how they affect us. Give a little attention to the Sun, to it's own unique energy and importance. Spend some time in it. Feel how it's energy is different from the moon's. Sun energy is masculine, it's universal love, the mind, spirit, god energy. Think of all they ways it's supports life on earth, in all it's power and strength.

Moon energy is feminine, it's personal love, the unknown, the soul, goddess energy. It is fitting that this New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, a watery emotional sign. It's energy is very feminine, nourishing, giving, it knows the importance of family and home. It allows us to be empathetic and feel deeply, to love more fully.

Spend some time feeling the way these two energies come together within you. 

Cancer energy also has a very strong tie to different aspects of the female, particularly to the qualities of being a mother. You might already feel this strongly coming up for you these past few days, feelings about your own mother, about those around you who are mothers, about the way you are a mother to your children or those who are important to you in your life, even the mother within and how you are a mother to your own self. This is sure to bring up lots of emotions. Water energy is where all our emotions are held, it's also the space of the unknown, of no definition. How can you let go of judgments, expectations, and definitions around what you are feeling, and just allow yourself to feel, and honor each feeling that comes up? How can you be like the ocean, like a stream, to have depth and motion, and allow yourself to be moved by what you feel? My challenge to you these next two weeks would be to just allow yourself to feel, with out having to figure it out in your head or know why. 

Although these emotions you are feeling are deep there is a lightness in the air thanks to the Sun! Be sure to send it some gratitude. 

Around the Summer Solstice is a great time to set intentions. Traditionally we do this in the new year, but that's actually a really hard time energetically to set intentions and have them hold with all that darkness, things are a little stuck and heavy. It's a great time to use the energy of the Sun to help give some forward movement and momentum to your wishes and intentions. Because the Moon is in the sign of Cancer it's a great time to make wishes about family and home. Start with a clean slate, let go of old wishes you might always put on your list, or just write or think about them in a totally new way. Get some new energy in there. As always you get a maximum of ten wishes and they must be handwritten on paper. The most powerful time to wish is within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the new moon, but within the first 48 will do. 

Happy Summer!

tried to find the source of this image, followed it back a ways... but couldn't. sorry




so happy to share that my guides are featured in the new issue of Kindling Quarterly!
and they are also part of their Father's Day giveaway
KQ is a publication devoted to the exploration of fatherhood. I am honored to be a part of a publication with such integrity and importance in our understanding of contemporary family and fatherhood.  

also included in issue Five, rad dad's such as Gabe Sullivan, Nicholas Nuebeck, and the Boyhood Project   

Thanks KQ!

and a HAPPY Father's Day to all the amazing dad's out there, and all the amazing dad's I know, including my own. 


full moon // june


Strawberry Moon
Thursday, June 12th, Sagittarius, 9:11 pm PST

Two weekends ago I underwent a huge transformation and energetic shift in a workshop, a four month intensive. It almost felt like I re-birthed myself and finally accessed the purity and power of my original energy. Freedom! I realized, amongst other things, that there was so much of my body, my self, my life, of love that I wasn't experiencing! So much seems possible now. Anything seems possible! So much so that my mind can't really wrap itself around it, which is a good sign. Needless to say, it was profound and my body was flooded with so much new energy, these last two weeks it has been struggling to catch up to the jump my soul made. 

I really believe that this lifetime is a really important one for us all. The work we are doing right now in our lives is so immensely important for our journey as a soul and for the future and direction of the planet. We have the opportunity to heal lifetimes, to heal the wounds of our lineage, right now! This life is but a breath in the timeline of our souls journey, but the work we are doing right now is so profound and important. Whatever you have gone through in your life, or what ever you are facing right now is so important to the healing and growth of your soul. It has orchestrated every little piece, every relationship, in your life so you can heal and grow! How amazing is that!? Really think about that for a second. It's mind blowing to me. The most important thing we must do right now is to follow where our souls are leading us, and trust! Trust what we can not yet see, but what is coming to us. Trust where we are moving, who we are becoming. Trust that there is freedom in letting go. Trust the wisdom of our bodies, and the guidance of what we feel. Trust our hearts and it's desires.  

What is it like to follow your soul, to be in the excitement and discovery of the unknown?

Sit with that for a moment. 
Now, on to the Moon in all it's fullness! The Moon has moved into the fire sign of Sagittarius. This energy is full of forward movement, spontaneity, adventure, inspiration! Ruled by the planet of Jupiter it brings with it a seeking of truth (although through the mental), positivity, optimism, generosity and directness. With Mercury in retrograde and other planetary alignments don't be surprised if you want to be on the move, want to travel or are feeling a little unsettled and antsy, as well as normal MR activity (communication and technological misshapes). Also, things could be coming up for you that are karmic wounds, you might be feeling emotions that you can't connect to a memory in this life. This is the challenge and the gift of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Have compassion for yourself during this time, don't resist the healing of this resurfacing of emotions. 

And I still feel the body is key, keep it moving. Keep nurturing it. I do think we are all facing challenges in our bodies right now, and there is medicine to be found and wisdom to be gleaned in it's experience. Time is collapsing and we are moving so much energy, it can be at times challenging for the body, so take extra care of it, and listen to it with a careful ear. 


from around

- new anthem. I just did a dance to this in a powerful, amazing workshop - as my friend said to me, "the body unjudged". Freedom!

- new contemplation : The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes. - Mark Nepo 

- this woman is creating some super inspiring things!

- really wish I could have seen this Sophie Calle show

- these photos have me daydreaming about going back to Santorini

- this dancer!

- i have been a longtime fan of Polly Apfelbaum, she has a new show up in New York. Was looking through her archive and these two pieces made me gasp. This ombre in Vienna, and this sequin piece

- if I were in Paris right now I would be going to see this Anish Kapoor and James Lee Byars show

- love the workspace of Tim Eitel

- make these - raw halvah - you won't be disappointed

- my grandfather was good friends with Massimo Vignelli. I love Massimo's tables so so much. My grandfather died when I was 12. I wish he would have lived longer into my life so I could have talked to him about design, and learned from him, and met his amazing contemporaries in the design world.

Enzo Mari 1964


new moon // may


Milk Moon
Wednesday, May 28th, Gemini, 1:40 pm PST

The energy since our last Full Moon has been full of ups and downs. And as we are drawn closer to the energy of the Gemini the polarity and extremes of these two seem to be increasing, which only makes sense given the nature of the Gemini. With this energy it is also a time of bridging the gap between two spaces, ideas, times, people, cultures... If this resonates with you use the energy of this Gemini New Moon to aid you in this task. 

This also seems to be a time where we are facing challenges in and of our bodies. I'm not sure why, but everyone I talk to is dealing with their bodies on some level. Everything from the limits of our physical bodies, new challenges with health, to wake up calls in the form of injuries and old feelings/aches/pains resurfacing again. Our physical bodies are the last place where our spirit and soul try to get our attention. After they have exhausted every other way they usually come knocking, sometimes very loudly if we haven't been listening, on our bodies. This is usually very effective because our bodies have limits, and when things happen to the body we can't ignore it. But with it comes a lot of frustration, as it is hard for us to listen, slow down, give ourselves the love and attention we deserve to heal. Healing takes patients and time. There is no short cut. And I have been thinking a lot about how sometimes injury or illness can come in the form of medicine, it can be pointing to a place in us that is holding old pain, old stories, places where we lack mindfulness and awareness, places where we are disconnected. More and more I am learning that the body holds so much wisdom. It really blows my mind the depth of wisdom it has, it eclipses the wisdom of the mind at every turn. It's the body that holds the deepest truths and knowledge of our souls. We just have to learn to listen and to trust it. 

Today is a perfect day to slow down and listen and take care of your body. Do something today that is nurturing and healing. It's up to you to listen and pin point the thing your body has been asking for. 

Today is also the day to make your New Moon wishes. Because the Moon is in Gemini it is a great time to wish about anything involving communication or manifestation. And really be mindful to the language you are using. For three years I have had one wish that is ALWAYS on my list. Last month I decided to make one tiny adjustment to the language I used when I wrote it and it changed everything! It totally opened it up and gave it the freedom to happen! You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper, wishing within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the new moon is ideal, but within the first 48 hours will do. 

Take good care of yourself!

Erwin Blumenfeld 1944


sam moyer

wish I could see this amazing Sam Moyer show in NYC!

art and architecture in la

Peter from Insiderei asked me to do an interview about art and architecture in Los Angeles!
and it's up now

Read it here

Thanks so much Peter!                    photo by Claire Cottrell


full moon // may


Planting Moon
Wednesday, May 14th, Scorpio, 12:16 pm PST

Being a Scorpio myself I love Scorpio Full Moons! They are intense, but being in the depths of their dark waters feels like home to me. I feel a lot of big shifts are happening in us during this time, a lot of revelations and new awareness and reclamation of parts of ourselves that can be a game changer for who we are in this lifetime. For a while now a lot of old and ancient stuff has been pulled to the surface for us to look at and heal, and now with the energy of Scorpio we are being asked to transform, just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Who will we become?

Scorpio is ruled by the element of Water. I have been learning a lot about Water energy lately. While Water can be fluid and cleansing it is quite an intense energy, one that is often hard for us to be in. Water energy is about the depths where all of our emotions are held, it's also undefined and formless, a place where there is no thing, therefore holds the possibility of all things. Being in this energy allows (and at times pushes us) to let go of old definitions, definitions about who we thought we were, our definitions of love, our old dynamics in relationships, etc... which can be super scary for our mind and ego. But when you can sit in that energy it is so powerful and profound, it's the the freedom and discovery of the unknown. So, don't be surprised if your roll in your closest relationships is being challenged right now and you are being forced to show up in a different way, it's simply an external mirror for what is happening internally. 

Scorpio energy is all about emotional truth, and the intensity of life and death, sex, vulnerability, power, mystery,  strong intuition and transformation! It takes a brave heart to face the lessons of life that come from the Scorpio, for some it might be very challenging right now, for others you might feel right at home. 

Vija Celmins, Ocean with Cross I, 2005



I have been thinking a lot about moms lately. It's a topic I think a lot about in general. But, these last few weeks I have been missing my mum more than usual, a deeper layer of grief is surfacing. And Mother's Day is always mixed with emotions as I feel I am in the middle of both missing my own mother and wanting so much myself to be a mother. Last night I lead meditation with the topic of connection, talking about our linage and what has been passed down to us through generations. Thinking about how our souls choose our families, and how in so many ways they are our biggest teachers. I think about all of this a lot in relationship to my mum and the women in my family. There is something really strong about this connection that goes back in time, and I really feel that in this life I am healing so much for myself, and for them, and for generations to come. Something profound is shifting. 
Anyway - yesterday I sat down to write to my mum a little bit of what I have been feeling, and it has been SO long since I shared any personal writing here, I thought I would do so. 

Memories I am happy to have of you   
Laughing with you, we used to laugh so much together.
The feeling of your skin, as it turned gritty and waxy in the days before you died. 
The smell of your studio, of things I don’t know, of waxes and buffer compounds, of metal being heated and polished.
The sounds of your sighs.
Singing to you in your last hours.
How you used to hunched your shoulders up in the cutest way when you were cold.
Standing in your closet.
Conversations that I can’t remember, but whose outcomes and lessons live on inside me.

Memories I wish I had with you 
You telling me more about my birth.
You teaching me how to really master your English muffin bread recipe.
You getting to meet my husband-to-be for the first time, and knowing what you thought of him.
Telling you I am pregnant and that it’s a girl, and seeing you hold her for the first time. 
Calling you many times a day to ask you if I should use cloth diapers or not, advice on how to get her to stop crying and how to treat her ear infection.
Learning how to host two families for Thanksgiving, and cook everything in the perfect timing so it all comes out ready to go on the table at the same time.
Your advice and encouragement about being an artist and trying to make a living from it.
Getting to travel to Santa Fe with you.

If you would like to read older posts where I have shared and written about the women in my family you can do so here... 
my Mum, there are so many but here are two of my favorites: writing about the home I grew up in, and selling that house
Nana, my Mum's mum, her books, and sketches
My grandmother Audrey, her closet, and her travels

I Wish I Had A River To Skate Away On, 2011, watercolor
this painting is one i did for my thesis show in grad school
it's of my mum and me

from around

- the lost art of walking. Be among Virginia Woolf, Henry David Theoreau, and Constantine Brancusi to take up purposeless walking

- how sex rules our dreams. Not sure I am in total agreement with this, I think it's actually more complex than this, but an interesting read none the less.

- deeper into the moon's affect, how it's phases affect life on earth.

- dressing up: how Charles James elevated American fashion. 

- love the 80's styling in this video

- total Glenn Brown fan

- Tauba Auerbach at the ICA in London. I love her work so much. A while back I posted one of my favorite pieces of hers, Auerglass

- re-watched Pina, this dance has been inspiring me lately

- one of my favorite daily reads, Free + Native, did a post on my Sunday Breathwork Meditation. Super excited about it. Thank you Lacy!

- i just finished Ashley's amazing 10 day sugar cleanse! I highly recommend.

- listening non-stop to Julianna Barwick

- three new obsessions: Ethan Rose (thanks to Natalie)Guy de Cointet, and Sophie Buhai's new line of jewelry  !! 

New Horizons in Flower Arrangement by Myra J. Brooks with Mary Alice and John P. Roche, 1961
Horizontal Line | Ellsworth Kelly


grief workshop

From Sad to Glad
Finding the Joy in Grief

Often people find they have no time to grieve, or feel they are carrying around sadness that 
is weighing them down.  Using a breathing meditation, drawing exercises, personal writing 
and some gentle movement, we will endeavor to shed the feeling of grief as a burden and 
align with a positive, creative, healing process.

Join artists and grief specialists Ann Faison and Lauren Spencer King on
Saturday, May 24th 
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Pasadena, CA
Limited space - RSVP - please email laurenspencerking@gmail.com
Materials and instruction will be provided.
Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and a notebook to write in

Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.
Hope to see you there.

Lauren & Ann


mother's day meditation

Moms meditate for FREE on Mother's Day!


If you bring your mom to Breathwork on Sunday night she gets to meditate for free. 
Share a night of sweet, gentle, heart opening breath, with your mom. 

Sunday, May 11th
7:30 - 8:45 pm
Yogala in Echo Park


new moon // solar eclipse // april



Grass Moon
Monday, April 28th Taurus, 10:14pm PST

If you have been having a difficult few weeks you are not alone. With the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon two weeks ago and the Grand Cardinal Cross a few days ago lots of things are being pulled to the surface. You may be finding yourself in situations that are triggering past pain or reopening old wounds, or you might be experiencing a story that is all too familiar, something that has replayed itself over and over again through your life, but this time it's hitting you harder. It's hard to not feel the weight of this. Breath a little life into it and feel some freedom in it. Try to look at your current experience as an experience to heal. Just as this is a time of feeling lots of pain and sadness, it is also a time of profound healing. If you can see what is happening to you for what it truly is, you will allow for such expansion in it, you will allow space for movement. The universe is holding up a mirror for where you still need healing, and trust that you know how to navigate it. 

I have also felt that specifically there are lots of feelings of loss, being alone, sadness for what is no longer, for what you want but don't yet have. And it's our relationships with others that are triggering these feelings and mirroring to us where we still have work to do. Our relationships are such an important key right now. Weather it's one that's ending, a new one, your relationship to your parent(s)... they are all shifting and helping propel us in the direction we need to go. I read this the other day and it seemed to sum it all up, "... the quality of all of our relationships is a direct function of our relationship to ourselves. Since so much of our relationship to ourselves operates at an unconscious level, most of the drama and dynamics of our relationships to others and to the transcendent is expressive of our own person psychology. The best thing we can do for our relationships with others, and with the transcendent, then, is to render our relationship to ourselves more conscious." So let us be thankful for those people in our lives for showing us more about ourselves.  

The other relationship that has a lot of energy around it right now as we move into the sign of Taurus is our relationship with Mother Nature. Again, the relationship we have with her is a mirror for the relationship we have with ourselves. Spend some time in nature with your bare feet on the earth, and listen. Let yourself grow roots into the earth, it's full of wisdom.

The Eclipse energy has been very strong, and will continue to be through this week. If you find that you are being really hard on yourself try to take a moment and receive. Do something kind for yourself, or simply feel how much the Earth and the Universe support you, what they provide for you, how they nourish you and guide you. It's ok to rest and receive, to learn the difference between doing and being. So much has been pulled up to the surface in such a short amount of time that we need to make space for it to integrate.

Taurus energy is also an excellent one for helping us to learn the lessons of self-love and self-worth. Notice if any feelings around either of those are coming up for you lately. And with all that is happening in the skies you might also notice an increase in synchronicities and that your intuition is more spot on and stronger.

New Moons are a perfect time to set some intentions and make some wishes, and with this Eclipse energy in the air you have the opportunity to really magnify what you desire in your heart, and make it known. With the Moon in Taurus it's a perfect time to make wishes involving money or anything you value in your life: relationship, work, family, a new behavior etc... You are allowed ten wishes maximum, and they must be hand written on paper. Wishing within the first 8 hours of the exact time of the New Moon is the most potent, but within the first 48 will be ok. And this month try to incorporate Mother Nature into your wishing ritual somehow, use your creativity with this one. 

Paul Outerbridge