new moon mineral breathwork meditation

Please join me for a very special NEW MOON MINERAL Breathwork Meditation.

This is the first in a series of Mineral Meditations. This month we will focus on DANBURITE. You will get a mineral of your own to work with and take home with you. During the circle we will talk about it's properties, how to clean and care for it, you will learn to work with it's energy while setting some New Moon wishes, and you will get the opportunity to experience its healing qualities during our meditation. 

Saturday, MAY 7th
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Venice, CA
Space is limited / to reserve your space please RSVP to me. 
The location will be emailed to you when you RSVP.
laurenspencerking @ gmail . com

Breath is what connects us to each other, to every thing, to all times. This is a two part active Breathwork meditation that is very healing. Though the breath is simple to learn, it is quite powerful and profound to experience. Clear emotional blocks and stuck energy allowing you to open up and connect to the universe, dive deeper into the self, and tap into your truth and intuition. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart. Leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive.


full moon // april


Grass Moon
Thursday, April 22, Scorpio, 10:23 pm PST

Ahh... it's like putting on my favorite cozy sweater. We have arrived at our Full Moon in Scorpio. I am a Scorpio, and having 5 planets in Scorpio I feel very at home in its energy. I think Scorpio energy can feel really good or really challenging depending on what sign you are, for some signs it's really tough. It's a very intense sign and it's energy wants to take you into the deepest darkest crevasses of your being, of your soul. It doesn't shy away from the other half of life, the parts that are heavy, and icky, and not pretty, and dark, and shadowy. It wants to face these parts of the self and of life because there is just as much truth to be found in them as there is in the others, and its energy isn't afraid of what might be found in these places. Scorpios are above all else dedicated to the truth in things, they want the truth, even if it's painful. And right now with the Sun in Taurus I feel there is an opportunity to see the beauty in these things, these parts of ourselves. How do we look at the ugliest of truths, the shadowiest of desires, the most destructive parts of ourselves and still hold them as something beautiful? Beautiful because they are a part of us, just as much as all the things we try to show to most of the world, and highlight, and live from every day. I think there is this idea out there about living in our "highest truth", or our "brightest self", or with grace... or whatever New Spiritual word you want to use. I always find that inauthentic. It totally denies half of who we are. What is it like to live holding both parts as equally true? Equally you.

Full Moons have a lot of pull on us emotionally, so I am sure things that you thought you were over with are surfacing. The Moon pulling out those last bits that have been hidden in you. Ride those waves and let it flow. I feel during these next few days it's important to enjoy those parts of ourselves. To allow the energy of the Sun in Taurus to help us ground into those parts of ourselves, not to let them overtake us, but just allow them some space to be seen and explored, and maybe even released. And we can hope for transformation during this time, Scorpios are the master transformer. See how much you can enjoy this time. See how much beauty you can find in it, and if not beauty than at least acceptance, or the willingness to just be brave enough to look at those parts of yourself. 

Try standing outside tonight in the light of the Full Moon, letting its light shine down on you, illuminating all parts of you, the dark and the light and everything in between. Feeling seen. And feeling the beauty in you because you are made up of both.

And don't forget, right now we have FIVE planets in retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury. Retrograde times are really tough - especially if you are resistant to change. Retrograde times are really about interruption. The purpose is to: interrupt, stop, and change the motion of life, living in a brief period of chaos. This interruption causes a lot of things to come up, "go wrong", crumble, change, etc... but it is really an opportunity for the old to break away so that you can realign your body and life to the NOW. The way to do this is to not go up (to spirit or the mind) and transcend the difficulty by being above it, but to surrender to what is happening and go down into the body, the body knows how to transform and flow with the energy that is coming into your life. 
Keep thinking of every challenge that comes your way as an opportunity.  

South of Sun - Haris Epaminonda


the gleaners

The Gleaners

by Lauren Spencer King

There is a print that hung in my mother’s bathroom. Within the frame are three women working in a field. They are bent over at the waist at such an angle that you can’t see their faces. Their labor looks hard and tireless, but also necessary. They have layers of blouses, skirts and dresses all in muted colors and the soft brown tones of the earth upon which they are silhouetted against. Each with their head covered and their hair tucked into bonnets, their aprons tied around their waists and then tied again to form a pouch in which they hold the scraps of wheat they are collecting. All three women hold small handfuls of leftover mismatched stalks. 

This print is a replica of a painting entitled The Gleaners by the french artist Jean-François Millet. The original was painted in 1857 on the heels of the French Revolution. It was not well received when it showed for the first time in the salon. It made the upper-class uneasy about their already unsteady position in relation to the uprising of the working-class. But, Millet was committed to painting things as they were, nothing was idealized. His aim was to reveal the truth about living, what it was to be human, to reveal that struggle. No pastoral scenes of leisurely picnics or elaborately dressed women having a fête in the garden. All of the innocence and frivolity of the Rococo period died with the royal family. His paintings were about representing the hardships of the everyday. They depicted the work of farmers and bread makers, of a husband and wife praying over the fresh grave of their child. His paintings were of people trying to survive the circumstances of their life, of unforeseen losses and defining hardships that became their namesake. Millet himself grew up in poverty and on a farm; if anything he was just painting what he knew, and telling the story of where he came from. 

The Gleaners now hangs in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. I saw this painting with my mother when I was living there. She was visiting for the holidays and we spent the day at the museum. I remember seeing it across the room, the humble subject matter hanging in its heavy gilded frame. I called her over as I walked towards it, with a feeling in me like we were going to visit a family heirloom, something that belonged to us. In its presence I felt a feeling of familiarity, not just because I recognized it from years of looking at the print, and seeing slides of it in art history classes. But also because since I was little I was told that we were related to the painter, who shared his last name with my grandmother. Her maiden name was Millet and she was a painter herself. In the story of this occupational and genealogical connection my mother always did the telling convincingly, but would sometimes hint at a tiny bit of doubt, on whose account I do not know. “I mean, I don’t know, it’s just what nana always said…,” she would sometimes add on at the end. It always made me wonder if this was something that really was true or if this was just a family fiction, something my grandmother had only wanted to be true, and used her greatest skill to create a fantasy for herself, constructing her ideal identity. 

My grandmother died when I was just reaching my early adolescence, so it was never something that I could confirm with her. And this was a story my mother only told me, never my brother, or anyone else in the family. Now that she has also died it falls on me to decide if I want to make this story a fact, and to choose how I want to do the telling to others. And to my future children, who could carry on the bloodline of this story or not. To call it a story seems right, as stories can be both truth or fiction. But what do we call something that has elements of both?  Perhaps those are what we call memories. 

I came across this print recently while packing up boxes. I stared at it trying to decide if it was something I wanted to keep. This is the process I have to go through with every single item in my mother’s home, which is the house I grew up in. The importance of objects takes on a whole new definition when someone dies. In one moment they are just things, and in the next they become imbedded with new meaning. My mother’s nightgown, her sheets, her eye glasses strewn all over the house, stacks of check books with just a few checks missing in each, a drawer full of important documents and old passports, her makeup brushes, a basement full of old christmas decorations and many suitcases that were used only once… these are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of things that are left of her. These objects take on the role I need them to play in my grieving. At times they become a stand in for her. In others they become clues to piece together more of who she was. And at their worst they are merely empty shells and burdens. A house full of objects is what I have left of her. 

The work of gleaning was traditionally done by women. The task fell upon the women to comb through what was left from the harvest. It’s how the poor learned to live with so little. It’s the gleaners’ job to pick up the scraps of what has been left behind, it’s how they fed their families. They spent long, arduous hours every day searching carefully through the fields for the forgotten, the lost, and the discarded, trying to piece together something that could in no way fill the void, but what was only a substitute. It’s what they did to survive. 


LSK at Regards

Very happy to share that I have a show opening with Hirofumi Suda at 
Regards Gallery in Chicago.

April 16th - May 28

Everything is Finished Nothing is Dead
watercolor on paper on panel

new moon / april


Grass Moon
Thursday, April 7th, Aries, 4:23 am PST 

Feel the fire under your feet! You might already feel it in your whole body! There is a lot of fire energy in the air right now with this Supermoon in Aries. This New Moon will be our strongest of the year because it is a Supermoon. A Supermoon means that the moon in its orbit is closest to the earth, and this morning it aligns with the New Moon. It's also known as a perigee New Moon, though over the years the term Supermoon has been adopted, even by scientists. 

So, let's talk about fire energy. Aries is ruled by fire, it is the sign all about willfulness and independence, taking a stand, fighting for the truth... it is warrior energy. The energy of Aries combined with it's ruler of fire can be very powerful and strong. Fire energy is all about truth. It can be very powerful if directed and embodied in a healthy way. Misdirected fire is the kind of fire energy that causes people to be successful and powerful but by being destructive or hurtful to others, it's the person who is sexual but without allowing the fire to move through the heart, it's the anger that bursts through you and makes you feel disempowered or disempowers others, and it's also the energy that makes you feel productive but that leaves you feeling burnt out and tired. True fire energy is sustained energy, it doesn't burn you out, it actually gives you more energy. True fire energy burns everything away allowing you to see the truth. You know you are in your fire when you can see the truth in something/someone (sometimes it's about holding multiple truths) and you don't allow yourself to be disempowered. Recently I have been seeing that there are so many ways we disempower ourselves, and allow others to disempower us. Think about that these next two weeks. Watch for ways that you cut yourself off from your fire, and ways that you allow others to do the same to you. 

With this fire energy and 5 planets in retrograde happening we are also in a time of really having our eyes open to the truth. And if you aren't willing to have them open, they could be forced open, there is no escaping it. I think retrogrades are a great time to realign. They are often very uncomfortable, but only because old things are crumbling so that we can rebuild the self in alignment with the NOW. So, be willing to look at what is coming into your life to help the old to fall away to reveal something more true. This time is only as uncomfortable as you make it, resistance is just met with greater resistance. 

Also, be aware of your anger this month. I am fully in favor of allowing yourself to be angry. But with all this fire and all the retrogrades, a lot of anger could surface, and it could feel overwhelming. Just be aware of when the anger is about the past and when it is about the present (sometimes it can be about both). Also be aware of how you are expressing it and who you are directing it at. And, to the point previously made about healthy fire, notice how it makes you feel. Do you feel empowered by your anger, disempowered, tired afterwards, does it make you want to check out, stuff it down, do you disempower yourself by not expressing...? All questions to be asking yourself as you study your relationship to fire this month. 

Keep your eyes open for signs. With all these shifts and all of this restructuring going on don't be afraid to ask for signs to help you know you are on the right track. I do this all the time; When things are getting hard and I am risking a lot, taking leaps of faith, or perhaps having my faith tested... I ask for a sign. And I always get one. Just keep your eyes open, and allow yourself to be open. It might not come in the form you think it will. 

This is a powerful New Moon for wishing because it is a Supermoon. Make some time today or tomorrow to sit down and write some wishes. You can read more about how to do this here. Light a candle while you do this.  

photo by Friedrich Seidenstücker



full moon // march


Sap Moon
Wednesday, March 23, Libra, 5:00 am PST

Deep healing. Old wounds ripened. Sad truths. Eternal heart connections. New beginnings. New blooms. Days of equal dark and night. A calling for balance. Shifting into action and creation. Lots of things in the air right now, with this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and the Spring Equinox a few days ago. I wish I had time to write a full post on what's going on right now, but I don't. I am working on a show and need every minute I can get. But, I will just say... Let the Moon be your guide right now. In it's fullness and with it's bright intensive light, it will shine on and illuminate what you need to see. Be brave enough to see it, and courageous enough to act on it. 

And... I will leave you with this poem. 


Sadness of the Moon-Goddess

To-night the Moon dreams with increased weariness, 
Like a beauty stretched forth on a downy heap 
Of rugs, while her languorous fingers caress 
The contour of her breasts, before falling to sleep. 

On the satin back of the avalanche soft, 
She falls into lingering swoons, as she dies, 
While she lifteth her eyes to white visions aloft, 
Which like efflorescence float up to the skies. 

When at times, in her languor, down on to this sphere, 
She slyly lets trickle a furtive tear, 
A poet, desiring slumber to shun, 

Takes up this pale tear in the palm of his hand 
(The colours of which like an opal blend), 
And buries it far from the eyes of the sun. 

The Flowers of Evil

Trio Film (1968) - Yvonne Rainer


new moon // march


Crow Moon 
Tuesday, March 8th, Pisces, 5:54 pm PST

Healing. That's what this time is about. 

What is your soul surfacing for you? What is it showing to you? What is it attracting and creating as an opportunity to do some deep healing? What is happening around you that is guiding you? What needs to be seen? What needs to be shared? What belief are you ready to stop believing? What wound can transform into a gift? What pain can be a source of strength? What wisdom does your body hold? What can you see that others can't? What are you ready for?

It's a time of listening to your soul. Not your mind. Not your ego. To not go to spirit. It's about the soul, and it's wisdom. It is attracting everything you need to see, every opportunity to learn and transform. Because Pisces is so activated with this moon your intuition is stronger than ever and you have a responsibility to yourself to listen to it and allow yourself to be guided by it. This is no time to resist. But make sure you are not listening to a voice that is not you, but only an aspect of you, not the truth of who you are. That is the trick. Be aware of everything right now. Listen with an especially open ear, open your eyes to different ways you are able to see. Even if you don't understand, don't be afraid to trust what is coming to you. That is really the place you want to be, in the space of not knowing, but trusting your intuition, trusting your soul. Everything around you is poitning you in the right direction. You just have to be brave enough to listen, and leap!

Don't forget to make your New Moon wishes. More info here

Agnes Martin Gabriel 1976, Film still, 16mm, 2 reels, Answer Print, Negative printing rolls, 78 minutes.


from around

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Vase Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, 1870-1956) c. 1905. Painted perforated

Bruce Nauman, Performance Corridor installed at the Whitney Museum, 1969

D. SEBASTIAN - October 2015

Yvonne Rainer


full moon // february


Wolf Moon
Monday, February 22, Virgo, 10:20 am PST

This is a time of breaking down and breaking through. With this very intense Full Moon and other planetary alignments there are lots of old structures that are being broken down right now, radical changes, upsets, things being unearthed, even strange weather patterns. The winds are shifting and we must learn to flow with them. 

The word breakdown can have a negative connotation to it. But it really is just a way to reveal something that is underneath, more true perhaps, or something that is ready to emerge. Think about a stone sculptor who starts with a block of marble and slowly chips and chisels away revealing and creating something amazing and new. You can think of yourself as this block of marble, things crumbling and falling away to reveal something more true, more you. Some things might fall away with ease, some will be more painful. This process of unearthing will both reveal things of beauty as well as difficult things. But in my eyes both are the same. Even the dark shadowy things, the fears and the ego, and the pain... when you reveal those things and have the courage to look at them and face them, you give yourself the opportunity to reveal something more true.  

With the Sun in the opposing sign of Pisces you are extra sensitive right now and your intuition is very strong. So, use it. Allow it to be your guide. Let it help you know where and when to let go, know what needs to be broken off, or brought to the surface to the light. With your intuition and sense of seeing in the dark you can discern what needs to be transformed. And with everything going on in the sky it won't be hard to see. It may just be a different kind of "seeing" than you are used to. The places where there is fear, shadow, unhealthy behavior, things that are hidden or secretive... it will be easy to point to. So, point to it! Bring it up. Be unafraid. In the naming of it you are already transforming it.

Torso of Venus. Roman, 1st - 2nd Century. Marble


new moon // february


Hunger Moon
Monday, February 8th, Aquarius, 6:40 am PST

Happy Lunar New Year!
With this Moon comes change. If you have been feeling agitated, restless, and easily aggravated lately then this is your body trying to tell you it's time to make a change - or that a change is coming your way. The last Full Moon I talked a little about how this year was off to a slow start, that nothing would be ready to shift or get going until February... and here we are.

These changes may be planed or more likely than not they will be unexpected. Keep in mind that unplanned is better, although far more challenging, for it is rare that we know what is best for ourselves. 

With the energy of Aquarius we shift from the Capricorn's desire for personal connection to community to the boundless impact the Aquarian strives to make in the world and beyond. This is a time of great mental imagination and innovation, thinking beyond the limits and boundaries that we have placed on ourselves and our lives. Think - impacts and changes that exist outside of time or space - that's the energy we are in now.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and it is all about big changes. These changes usually feel sudden and eruptive, but if you look closely you can see signs that it is coming and has been bubbling just under the surface. These kinds of changes feel like quick and radical shifts, but they have been waiting in the wings, just building momentum. As Uranus moves in the sky it has an impact here on earth, you can track its effect on us historically (revolutions, the falling of empires, technological advancements...). It has a long build up and then like lightning it strikes, and has a slow fall out. The house Uranus is transitioning through in your chart right now will tell you a lot about how it will be effecting you and the kind of changes you can expect to occur.

But, never mind the specific details, you need not know about your chart and the energy of the planets to be open to your experience right now. And that is what you must do, be open to your experience. Really pay attention to the ways you are being challenged, to the energy that is pulling your forward. When change occurs try not to grip to tight or resist to strongly. This is a time of trusting and flowing. In those challenging moments keep asking yourself, how can I open myself up to this change?

And remember that subtle shifts and can create a huge and prolonged impact.

New Moons are also a time for wishing and intention setting, you can read more about how to do that here. I use the word "wishing" here loosely. I don't actually think we are wishing, but what we are really doing is feeling into the future to what is coming towards us, the blossoming of our planted seeds. This is a great time to reflect back on ones you made at the beginning of the year and really think about how to take action on those. What choices can you make to help support those desires. This is where the work comes in.

drawing by Ed Ruscha


full moon / january


Wolf Moon
Saturday, January 23rd, Leo, 5:46 pm PST

We are nearing the end of January and I feel space is finally opening up for us all. This year was off to a bit of a heavy and slow start. Also, this Mercury in retrograde has been a really tough one! I think we all thought we would hit the ground running on January 1st. But there were other things in store for us. We needed to slow down. To be confronted by the old. To relax and reflect. To plan and get ready. February really feels like when things will have the opportunity to come in, when new projects will get the momentum they need, and when things will settle in. 

We can use the energy of the Sun in Aquarius that is reflecting off the Moon in Leo. Now is a great time to keep an eye on the big picture. To take a step back before your take running steps forward. Get clear about what you are really wanting for yourself,  where you want to spend your energy, and the kind of relationships you wish to be in. Think about how you want to be a leader, how to use your voice, and the impact you wish to make. The energy of Leo can help us learn to be courageous and strong when facing our fears. It can help us stand up and go for the things we really want in our life, to voice what we desire, and to allow ourselves to be ruled by what we are passionate about! This is the time to really be going for it! 

As we are in the final push of Mercury in retrograde it will feel a little more intense these next few days, until the 25th when it goes direct. Clear communication is key right now, not just with others though. Try to be really clear with yourself. Are there messages you have been ignoring or ways in which something is trying to communicate with you? Are you listening with a sensitive ear and heart to yourself right now? Have plenty of compassion, tenderness, and understanding for all the ways you are being lead to grow right now. 

Spend some time cultivating the Leo Lion inside you! Be courageous, playful, joyful, creative, passionate, even ferocious if need be! Now is not the time to hold back. 

Adrian Samson



It seems important that the field of erotica no longer be limited to depiction of a narrowly limited 
sexual subject matter. What is needed is no new definitions but greater flexibility of visual response,
 and an art production that admits the personal and ultimately abstract quality of the erotic experience.

- Lucy Lippard 

Dorothea Tanning sculpture 


new moon // january


Old Moon
Saturday, January 9th, Capricorn, 5:30pm PST

Can it get any harder right now? If you have been wondering this to yourself these past few days... welcome to the club! It's been a bit of a wake-up call this first week of the new year. We all entered into it with optimism, thoughts of fresh starts and new beginnings, expectations of ease and openness. Nope! It has been hard, and challenging, and uncomfortable. And in a way, all of those positive feelings of what a new year can bring are there, but we have to do a little work first. 

For the past few weeks we have been focusing on going within emotionally (November) and physically (December). I have urged you to spend time alone, and nourish yourself with rest and relaxation. Now we are in a time of mental reflection. Now is when you want to be spending time getting clear about this new year. It's like you need to be working on the foundation before you are ready to build the house. I feel this last week or two we have been clearing the way, feeling into the ways we want to change, the things we are ready to let go of, what isn't working, etc... What do you need to clear to prepare for what is coming to you? Think about that. 

I love New Moons because they are an opportunity to reflect and make wishes about the kinds of things you want to call into your life. And they happen every month, instead of just at the beginning of the year. So, you get 12 opportunities to do this throughout the year, instead of just one. But, the first New Moon of the year is special. I would encourage you to see this New Moon as a crystal ball. Instead of thinking of these things you want to accomplish, change, attract are out there somewhere and you have to figure out how to make them happen... see if you can use your intuition to feel into your future; to see the things that are already coming your way. I use the word "wish" here, but that's what I really think we are doing when we wish... feeling into what is already happening, what is already coming. And we have been planting so many seeds, so you better bet that there is lots on it's way to you! What do you need to do to get ready for it? What things do you need to get clear about? 

Right now the energy is focused on the physical plane. What do you need to get done in the physical world to help these wishes? What loose ends need tying up? What needs to be organized? What needs to be planned or thought out? Let your intuition and heart guide you as you take the steps to get clear and clear the way!

To read all about how to make your New Moon wishes head over here

Happy 2016!
and Happy New Moon Wishing!

Törst, Julia Hetta


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       Sophie Calle, I Died in a Good Mood, 2013


full moon // december


Night Long Moon
Friday, December 25th, Cancer, 3:11 am PST

Happy Christmas to you! What a special gift we all get to receive today, a Full Moon looking down on us, shining bright, high up in the dark and cold Winter sky. This is a time all about transitioning. Winter is a natural time of slowing down, going inwards, and needing the solace of silence. Just as the Bear hibernates, we need to as well. It's ok if you are needing more quiet and alone time, if you want to be sleeping longer, reading all day, taking long walks in the woods, and craving warm and comforting foods. Be in the natural rhythm of the season. All of these activities will nourish and nurture you right now, which is also directly in alignment with the energy of Cancer. A big part of this Full Moon is the nurturing, mothering energy that Cancer brings. 

We are about to shift to 2016, and into all sorts of BIG things coming our way, this is a perfect time to pause and reflect as we start to transition. What does your heart need right now? How can your honor it in this moment? What wisdom does it hold for you? I really think that right now we are on the edge of transitioning into some huge shifts in our lives. Things we have been wanting, and wishing for, and getting ready for for so long. Now is the time to go inward and get clear, to take that grounding deep breath before you take the leap! Be as clear as you can be about where you are in your life and what you want. Something to be asking yourself is - How committed am I to what my heart desires? This is a big question. I have been learning that the more committed I am to something the more clear my choices can be. Being committed to something requires a lot of you, but it can also guide the way as you move forward. 

And with this energy from Cancer I wouldn't be surprised if your heart is desiring things that have to do with family, home, relationships, protection, nurturing, emotional connection. 

Take this time to take a breath, slow down, be silent, and nurture yourself. 

image unknown


saturday sale

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new moon // december


Long Night Moon
Friday, December 11th, Sagittarius, 2:29 am PST

The last few months have been rough ones. We are in a time of being pushed to do and see and be all sorts of things in our lives. Things that are sometimes painful, or things that are challenging, things that allow for growth, and things that open our hearts. 

As the year is winding down it is a time to pause and feel into those changes, and challenges, and growth. To notice how far we have come. And to help us to see where we are going. It's important that when we go inside the cave to hibernate during this time of year that we do so in a way that honors the times we are now in. Reflection should not come from the mind, but from the heart. Feel into what you have been through and where you are now... and where you are going. What direction is your heart pointing? 

We just had a HUGE push of energy from the cosmos - one that might further divide those who are open and those who are not. It is an important time to stay connected to and grounded in the self, to be the anchor in the rough seas. Take some time of solitude and reflection, tap into those things about yourself that are true, and feel into the things that are coming your way. 

This is the last New Moon of the year, so be sure to reflect with intention and make your wishes true to who you are and what you want in your life. You can read more about wishing here. You might want to make your wishes from that earlier question : What direction is my heart pointing? Where does it want to go? See if you can wish for things in your life that your heart is already moving towards. 

Happy wishing!

Roe Ethridge, Farewell Horse (On the Dunes)


the power of grief - workshop

The Power of Grief
A Workshop to Help You Through the Holidays

leading a workshop with my friend Ann Faison

Sunday, December 20th
10 - 12 am
Pasadena, CA



full moon // november


Hunter's Moon
Wednesday, November 25th, Gemini, 2:44 pm PST

This will be short and sweet as I just arrived in London and my brain needs a bit of a rest. Though I did get a great view of it tonight, all the way on the other side of the world. 
Hold your hand high if you feel like you have been put through the ringer these past few weeks!? Yep, then you aren't alone. That last Scorpio New Moon was a powerful one, and as the weeks have passed it seems to be unearthing a lot of what has been hidden and what we have been trying to hide. It's time to shine a light on it, let it come out into the open, expose it, and take a good look at it... this goes for ourselves and what is being exposed in others. This seems to be something that is happening a lot in our relationships. Though, really, when you get down to it it's really all about us. But, we aren't doing it alone - if you are in a relationship then you are really facing this in and with your partner as well. While things are still surfacing thanks to that Scorpio energy we are seeing the dichotomy of the Gemini, the places where something is true, and it's opposite is also true. We are learning to see and hold both. 

Time to make some choices. 

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venice, ca // breathwork meditation


Tuesday, November 17th
7:00 - 8:30 pm
$30 - limited space / RSVP
email to reserve your spot - laurenspencerking@gmail.com

This is a two part active Pranayama Breathwork meditation that is very healing. 
Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to 
experience. The breath clears emotional blocks and stuck energy, allowing you 
to open up and connect to something bigger, and tap into the truth that is inside
you. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, 
leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive.

Come relax and ground before the holidays!