new moon // may


Planting Moon
Sunday, May 17th, Taurus, 9:13 pm PST

We are fully in Spring! With both the Sun and Moon in Taurus the skies are aligned for us to enjoy the pleasures of life. It's a time to drop into your body more, to ground yourself using all of your senses to experience and explore more of life. Spring brings with it new energy, as things blossom right before us. But, it is not a time of starting new things (especially not with Mercury in retrograde until June 11th), but instead a time to enjoy the new things that are happening around us (and inside of us); a time to enjoy the things we have cultivated over the past months (maybe even years). The universe is designed on the principals of balance, and this is a time of slowing down. This is a time to observe. If you are someone that finds it difficult to slow down or rest the universe will help you out with that. If you are resisting this natural energy don't be surprised if Mercury has a hand in helping you to stop what you are doing (ie - computer crashing, car troubles, delays in progress on projects). It is a good reminder for us all that despite what we think, we can not control everything. It's a time of surrendering. It will be a time that will challenge you to embrace whatever is happening around you, even it's not what you were planning. If it seems like a derailment, challenge yourself to see it as a gift, an opportunity. 

There is also a lot of confused energy in the air right now, especially with new and unfamiliar energies all around. It is important to take some space to get clear. Maybe you are feeling a natural pull to spend more time alone, focus on your meditation practice, dive deeper into a creative project, spend more time in nature... Whatever it is it will be a tool for you right now to help you clear away some of the distraction that comes with confusion. Anything you can do right now to connect deeper to your true self do it. Really slow down and do what you are called to do, but do it with intention and awareness. I feel there are some deep lessons and wisdom waiting for you in the silence.

To reflect on the past few weeks - I just wanted to mention something that has been coming up for me in my awareness. It seems that the past year (or two) has been a time of deep personal work. We were facing so much of ourselves: old wounds and patterns, loss and letting go. A true examining of who we are and a really big dose of the lessons we have to overcome in this life in order to grow. And growth comes out of difficulty. But there seems to be a shift this year, especially in the past few weeks, where it's not so much us facing ourselves, but us being confronted with who we are in relation to the other, the outer world. I have noticed a lot of difficult lessons being presented to those around me (and myself) that have to do with relationships, work, and family. I'm not sure what more to say about it - other than to say I am aware of it, and in my awareness I honor that process in myself and in you. I can't give you answers about it, tell you how exactly you need to navigate it, or what the outcome will be. But, I always feel for myself that having a greater understanding that something bigger is happening really helps me move through whatever I am going through. It's a challenging time, we are being asked to surrender and to hold multiple truths. It's not easy.

I almost forgot that with this New Moon we have the opportunity to do some wishing! I think I forgot because so much of the energy right now feels like it is about just being. Maybe take this into consideration while you are writing your wishes. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, they must be hand written on paper and made within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon. You can read more information here.

Willem de Rooij



Paul Outerbridge



SQIRL has an amazing new website

i love


full moon // may


Planting Moon
Sunday, May 3rd, Scorpio, 8:42 pm PST

A friend this morning asked me if I read anything to help me write these posts. Occasionally I do, to learn about and hone in on any astrological alignment that seems important. But for the most part, no. I just sit down with my computer and reflect and feel into what I have been going through recently. I also pay attention to conversations I have had with people and close friends to see if I can pick up on a through line that connects us all. Something always stands out, as a conformation for what I have been feeling myself. Writing these posts for the past 3 years has been such a practice in trusting myself. And what I have found is that when I really listen to what's going on with me and just write about that, more often than not it's a reflection of what is happening around me, what you are facing too. 

I mention this for a few reasons. The most important one as a reminder that you are not alone. Given what is going on in my own life and the personal conversations I have had with those closest to me this past week this is no doubt a very difficult time. I would bet money that everyone of you is facing some major challenge in your life right now - I want you to know you are not alone. We are in a time where our souls are choosing to heal it's most profound wounds, and it is attracting experiences right now in order to do that. Wow, major healing! Sounds great, right? So why does it feel so difficult? Because healing and growth are challenging and sometimes painful. It's not an easy thing to do, and it takes a brave soul to accept that challenge. As you go through this time have the awareness in your heart that whatever you are facing in your life is in the name of deep healing on a soul level. I always say that healing and growth are not easy, if they were, everyone would be doing it. 

This is a profound time of healing which means facing some painful stuff about ourselves and our deepest wounds which bring up lots of sadness and pain, and it's pushing us to a place of having to really surrender and let go. Not our natural response when we are afraid or in pain. But that is what we must learn to do in this moment. Let go. It isn't a time of creating something new. It is a time of surrendering what is no longer needed. What must you surrender in yourself in order to heal?

And on top of this challenging time in our own personal histories we have this very intense Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is nothing if not intense. The light of this moon is shining deep into our souls, revealing and bringing to the surface the darkest truths. Scorpio energy is all about seeking the truth, it has no judgment about if it is beautiful or ugly or uncomfortable, truth is truth and it wants to reveal it to transform it. The positive part in this process is that whatever is coming up for you is exactly what you must heal. It's not a mystery, it's right there in front of you. So, just know if you are in a place where you feel like things are on the verge of falling apart, crumbling all around you, if you are feeling like you can't take it any more, want to give up then - you are in the right place. 

The good thing is that if we can learn to surrender to whatever experience we are facing we can find grace to guide us through. There isn't a lot choice right now on our part - our souls have decided and are setting the course, we just have to trust and be guided by them. The other thing is that if we can learn to love and accept our wounds then we are learning to be more human. How can we help the wounded without first learning to accept the wounds within ourselves? It makes us more compassionate towards ourselves and others. Cultivate a deep compassionate heart right now, for yourself and those around you. 

You are not alone. 

Georgia O'Keeffe



Louise Lawler


new moon // april


Grass Moon
Saturday, April 18th, Aries, 11:56 am PST

I feel this post will be short and sweet. There is something in the air that is all about directness, clarity, conciseness. Maybe it's the nature of Spring to bring with it the energy of newness, openness, and this feeling of having, saying and doing only what is necessary. I am finding this in my life right now as well, a focus on what is important and necessary. Finding myself even holding back words, only saying what is needed. Maybe it is because I am having some profound physical and spiritual healing right now, but there also seems to be this huge moment and opportunity for clarity. Maybe it was created by the two eclipses, coupled with Spring time - there is now space to see everything clearly - if you are willing. Spring brings with it a moment of reveal - this energy of renewal, where things what were unclear or unseen blossom right before us. Things are falling away and leaving that were not needed. Letting go can be difficult, but also liberating and empowering. When we can let go with love there is such freedom. When we let go it is only an illusion that we then are in a place of lack, or depletion, or without. We must empty our bowls before they can be filled again. And when we let go we are simultaneously drawing something new towards us. We just have to have faith in what we can not yet see.

During this time I urge you to be clear with yourself and others in your life. Being direct with the truth is an act of love. To be honest and truly present is one of the greatest gifts you can give. 

This is a time of courage, clarity, confidence and independence. This is a time of being an individual and being embodied. I am also learning that the more individualized you become the deeper connections you can have with others. A lot of food for thought there. 

Make your wishes this month with a clear mind, do something before you wish to help clear out old energy - meditate, run, dance... something to align and ground you so that you can wish from the most grounded and clear space. You can read how to make your wishes here

Happy Wishing

Sarah Charlesworth, Crystals


barbara kasten

Barbara Kasten
Construct V A 1980
Polacolour photograph



from around

- so, if you know me, and if you have been reading long enough you know that I love dance (i also love creating sets and costumes for dance). I think I have some secret life of a dancer in me. The other night I got sucked into the black hole of YouTube videos about dance...
...here's what I watched :
my newest crush - French choreographer Boris Charmatz - see, Magma - I originally fell for him when he created a dance sequence from a book on the work of Merce Cunningham where he took the 350 photos of 200 projects, and then choreographed a dance based on the chronological order of how they were laid out in the book. Such a brilliant interpretation.
Merce Cunningham - Beach Birds For Camera (1993) - another version
one of my all time favorites - Noe Eshkol - recordings of her dancers during the Sharon Lockhart exhibition
Hand Movie by Yvonne Rainer
this great talk by Trisha Brown with dancers
Das Triadische Ballet - which I had seen a while back but is worth a rewatch
this beautiful piece with ballerina Karina Sarkissova to a Philip Glass number
Lindy Hoppers!

- this wonderful NYT article - Medicating Women's Feelings - as someone who is an advocate for feelings this was some welcomed food for thought

- flipping out over this Valentino dress! So inspiring 

- falling for this wonderful FvF portrait on a traditional textile company in Bagru

- a great piece about artist Lisa Anne Auerbach in the NYT

- the amazing and hilarious Fran Lebowitz talks about style 

- Marina Abromovic Made Me Cry - a great blog dedicated to photos of visitors and participants in Marina Abromovic's piece at MOMA - The Artist Is Present. 

- this I could go on forever about - I have listened to this four times in the last week. An incredible, moving and inspiring interview with Bruce Kramer : Forgiving the Body, on my favorite show to listen to, On Being. Please listen, with your heart. 

- Ava has her 15 min of fame in the beautiful film by Gillian Garcia for Sophie Buhai's new line of jewelry

Rei Kawakubo costumes for Merce Cunningham
Robert Rauschenberg costumes and set for Cunningham's "Summerspace" 
Robert Rauschenberg costumes Cunningham's "Antic Meet"


full moon // lunar eclipse // april




Egg Moon
Saturday April 4th, Libra, 5:05 am PST

I decided not to post yesterday, I wanted to give myself and you some space and room to just sit with the energy that was stirred up from the Full Moon and the Eclipse. Sometimes I find, during Full Moon's especially, when things are being brought to the surface and we are being triggered, when we are feeling intense emotions or overwhelmed, we tend to want to look outwards for answers, often times with this frantic urgency... reading what someone else has to say, seeking answers from people we have decided know more than us such as teachers or healers (and I have at times been one of these frantic seekers). But, I felt yesterday that the best thing was just to practice being with the energy, being quiet and still, and notice what was happening within me. And to learn from my experience by listening. To allow myself to be my own teacher. Sometimes I think we can bypass our own wisdom by quickly jumping to the feeling of wanting quick fixes, clear answers or guidance from outside of our self. Sure, I think we can at times find helpful things that trigger in us greater understanding, that point us in the right direction, things that help us connect our own dots, or that even inspire a desire for a greater understanding and awareness. 

But how do we cultivate more faith in ourselves, in our own ability to understand what is happening in our lives? And maybe more importantly how do we cultivate the wisdom that is inherent in us to trust in those moments of not knowing? How can we stand in the moments of feeling intense emotions and dealing with overwhelming experiences, and let it be ok to not understanding it all, not having the answers? 

I am learning that there is profound wisdom in that place, in the unknown. And that it is a constant challenge and practice for me to stay grounded and trust in those moments of embracing what I do not know. And what freedom comes when I can do that. The possibilities are endless. The sense of connection is infinite. And this comes when I can let go of the confines and boundaries of the known, which is actually so limiting. How shall we grow into the demands of what is beyond us? 

I think there is some link to what I am talking about and this particular moment, this Moon and this Eclipse. With all that is changing around us, all that is shifting inside of us and being redefined, there is a great expanse of unknown infront of us. How shall we embrace it?

Helen Pashgian 


meditation // venice, ca

Please join me for a special night of healing on Thursday, April 9th / 7:00 - 8:30 pm
$30 - space is limited - please RSVP
Bring a mat or blanket to lay on, an open heart, and your sense of curiosity. 
Please also be mindful and arrive before 7:00 pm to settle in, the circle will start on time. 

Working with minerals and crystals, essential oils, elements of nature, and music, Lauren creates a space of healing. She leads her students through a two part active Pranayama Breathwork meditation. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience. The breath clears emotional blocks and stuck energy, allowing you to open up, connect to the universe, and tap into your truth. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and expansive. Lauren is passionate about encouraging everyone to be empowered by their own feelings. Her students learn to be healers for themselves.
Lauren is an artist, writer, and grief specialist as well as meditation teacher. In 2012 she completed the four levels of David Elliott's Healer Training. She has taught many workshops around Los Angeles at spaces such as The Hammer Museum, Dream Collective, and Cedar Grove in Griffith Park. She teaches meditation regularly on Sunday night's at Yogala in Echo Park.


new moon // solar eclipse // march




Crow Moon
Friday, March 20th, Pisces, 2:28 am PST

BIG things are happening in the skies! It's important to remember that it's not just on these New and Full Moons, Eclipses, Retrogrades and Equinox's that we are being effected by the cosmos. It's constant. But, there is no denying that days like this where so many things are colliding and aligning are very powerful and extremely important opportunities to be used in our growth and understanding. 

Let's see what's happening: the New Moon in Pisces, a Solar Eclipse, the Spring Equinox, the final exact square of Uranus and Pluto (since 2008), and we've got Jupiter and Saturn both in retrograde. You might be thinking what I am thinking... that's a whole lot to be feeling. But that is the way life has been feeling these days, we are all dealing with so much intensity while feeling like life is moving faster than ever. This is a big time of transitional energy. The Moon moving from Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) to Aries (the first sign in the zodiac) (a transition from water to air), the Equinox as we move out of Winter and into Spring, and the final push between the Uranus and Pluto square. We are no doubt in a time of transition, a time of letting go of the old to move into something new. It is a great time to surrender to this energy and use it in your life. Think about the things that you wish to let go of. Think about them in relation to what you want to call into your life. I think we all understand in our minds this concept of letting go of the old to make way for the new, but rarely do we honor that process. We want to speed right through it like it is as easy and simple as tossing out an old pair of shoes, focusing on looking ahead only. But it takes time and awareness. It's a process, one that isn't a straight line, the past and the future are connected and interwoven. You don't want to keep dragging the past around with you, but instead using it as awareness can inform how you make different choices about the future. Try working with your past and future during this time, a balance, just as the days are in balance of light and dark. That is one of the amazing gifts Spring time gives to us, balance, renewal, rebirth, new beginnings. With this new energy the old is also at play - being brought to the surface, brought to our attention. Try to notice this and see it as just a way the energy is trying to get your attention, it's letting you know it is time for it to be released. Eclipses are a wonderful time release stuck emotional energies. 

With this super New Moon in the final degree of Pisces - this energy is all about loving kindness, compassion, sensitivity to others and Mother Nature, and an empathetic heart. She is the most watery of all the signs, the most emotional, and sensitive. Pisces is also the most spiritual aspect of ourselves connecting us to something larger than our minds, a greater energy, our intuition, and something less fixed and defined. It can be equal parts freeing and scary being in this unknown, abstract world of Pisces. It requires us to cultivate a large amount of faith in the things we know but can not see, and the willingness to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is powerful.  

Tap into this place as you think about your future. What are you willing to let go of in your life, that you are gripping to, to move into a place of surrendering to something that is bigger than you? It reminds me of one of my favorite Native American prayers - May you be grateful for the many unknown blessings already on their way. Can you let go and take that leap, while staying connected to your heart and making choices from that place and not from fear? It's like jumping off of a cliff into the ocean with your eyes closed, trusting that what you can not see will catch you. It's really about the faith of the self. 

This is a powerful moment for the self, for you as an individual. Connection to your truth with your heart open will allow you to fully help to heal others in the world. Coming from this place is incredibly powerful. You are incredibly powerful. What will you do from this place?

I was thinking about New Moon wishing last night - wonder about this idea that has been beat into us about manifestation. This idea that if we imagine it then we have the power to create it. A new idea that came to me is that maybe "wishing" is just a mask for our intuition. That when we are connected to our souls, our hearts, our truth... it's the wisdom and power of our intuition that has the ability to feel into the future to what is coming to us, or what is possible for us. And that all we have to do is allow it to happen, and believe that we are worthy and deserving of it, and have faith. 

Think about that as you make your wishes this month. Really dive deep with your wishes right now. This is an especially important time to be "wishing" from your truest self, your whole heart. Be pure in your intention and in your words. Feel into them as you write them. If you want to leave some in the comments section I fully welcome that. The more you share the more powerful the energy of them becomes. For more information on how to wish head over here

Happy New Moon!
Happy Spring!

What seeds will grow and blossom that you have been planting?!

Richard Serra



from around

- Barbara Hepworth is one of my favorite sculptors, I had no idea of her drawing skills, but I stumbled upon this interesting series she did of doctors in the operating room. The drawings are really interesting as they have a lightness and gesture to them. Be sure to read her writing on the similarities of purpose, movement, and intention between being an artist and a surgeon. 

- Gilda Radner is one of my favorite heroes - I simply adore her. A few weeks ago I went on a hunt for old clips of her performances and I was talking to a friend about her and she mentioned this story Bill Murray told about the last time he saw her before she died. I had to share because I think it is so wonderful. 
I also found this clip where she is talking to Candice Bergen about dating, which I had never seen before - I laughed out loud - some things are still the same #moderndating

- since I have been doing a lot of drawing lately that means I am doing a lot of listening to podcasts. Here are some good ones:
can math help you fall in love?
finding love... and aliens
just a little nicer - compassion
a great new show - Invisibilia - on fearlessness

- really into listening to the recordings on the gold record from Voyager 1

- researching Grenen Beach - where two seas meet together - see here

- feeling like I need more minimalism in all areas of my life - I really into this - and might put it into practice ASAP

- can you read people's emotions? It's all in the eyes. Super interesting! Take the test here

- I'm a super fan of Ray Kappe - take a look into his beautiful home

- watched Eric Rohmer's A Summer's Tale - super cute

- still swooning over Chanel's SS15 couture stage set

image via


lsk // aa

G R E E K   R E D - F I G U R E   P O T T E R Y   S H A P E S   / /   B E T W E E N   5 0 0   T O    4 8 0   B C 

super excited to have done something inspired by Apiece Apart's SS15 collection.
I am a total fan of everything they do, and if I had it my way my closet would be full of only their clothes! 

a huge thank you to AA and Leigh Patterson

see the full story here

full moon // march


Crow Moon
Thursday, March 5th, Virgo, 10:05 am PST

Full Moons are always a time of high contrast, as we simultaneously reach with one hand towards the Moon sitting in one sign and the other towards the Sun in it's opposite sign. Holding two truths at once is good practice. Noticing how we simultaneously hold both is valuable awareness to have, reminding us that when we activate one energy, it's opposite is always in play as well. Not just in the cosmos, but also in us. 

This stretching, or activation of opposites, can bring a lot to the surface, it's one of the reasons Full Moons are times of emotional highs and lows. If you are very sensitive you can feel it coming on days in advance, or if you know someone who is really sensitive pay attention to them, you can feel into this rise of emotion and gage how intense the Full Moon will be. It's a good time to have lots of compassion for yourself and others. I always write this, and need to remind myself of it especially during these Moons.  

Notice how the two energies are at play in your life right now. The Sun in Pisces puts us in touch with our emotions and intuition. It feeds the dreamer, the artist, the seer in us, and is most at home in the less tangible world: the space of the imagination, the undefined realm of spirit, the unseen but felt, the abstract. Those places excite the Pisces! Virgo brings us down to earth, keeping our feet on the ground, with a desire to get things organized and make things happen. Virgo is all about the defined, the details, the precise communication, the clarity of understanding, and comfort that comes from having it all under control (along with this comes lots of worrying)

This is a great time to dream something up and have the ability to move forward and see it through. Tapping into the energy that allows you to feel more easily what is right for you, what is calling your name, while at the same time feeling anchored giving it the possibility of making it a reality. Don't be afraid to ask for help during this time. Even if that help is from spirit. I have been doing this a lot lately, learning so much about energy, the flow of giving and receiving. Try it out. There is so much energy at play that is waiting to support you. You aren't alone.

Don't forget to put your rocks or minerals out tonight in the light of the Full Moon to clear their energy. I like to leave mine out into the next day so they also get strong Sun light, to balance their feminine and masculine.   

serge najjar architectural photographs


until they were unconscious

Marina Abramovic and Ulay: Breathing In/Breathing out. 
They took in exhaled breaths until they had used up all of the available oxygen. 
17 minutes after the beginning of the performance they both fell to the floor unconscious.


new moon // feburary


Wolf Moon
Wednesday, February 18th, Aquarius, 3:47 pm PST

This is our second New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, the first was last month in January. This months New Moon is just making the very tail end of Aquarian energy, when minutes later it moves to the sign of Pisces. So, we are really feeling the transition of those two energies. A perfect time to pause and notice the transiting of an ending to a beginning.

While the Aquarian urges us to feel expansive and free, the energy of Pisces feeds our need for nurturing and emotion. This is a time to take pause, to acknowledge all you have been doing. Not to focus on everything that needs to get done, but to take time to acknowledge all that has been done, all that you have accomplished. I have been learning that that is a key part of exchanging with the universe, with energy, and with our own self worth and value. This is the step that often gets skipped, this step of acknowledgment and celebration. Most of us have long lists of things that need to get done, we no more finish one thing and are on to another without even a pause or moment in between. We are in a current culture of NEXT! What's next, what's on the horizon, what's the next new thing/adventure/relationship/job? Yes, endings are hard sometimes, even when we are happy something is over we rarely give it time to settle in, or create enough space to even realize something has ended, and to think about what could fill it's place. It is hard for us to recognize the hard work, wisdom, discipline, courage or even love that goes into what we do and what we complete. 

Especially with the Spring Solstice on the horizon this is a great time to just take pause. Aquarius can help us to create that space, while Pisces encourages us to feel. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have been getting done, learning, and letting go of in your life. Growth is a cycle, and without properly completing it and acknowledging your hard work it is hard to make way for something new, perhaps even the thing you have been wishing for. Make a list of what you have done, big and small, share it with a friend, treat yourself. I am learning that you can celebrate with any activity. It's all in the energy of how you are doing it. The more you acknowledge yourself the less you will seek it from others. 

As you are creating space and cleaning house this next two week period, it is a great time to bring things into your life and make wishes. You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written. Wishing within the first 24 hours of the New Moon is the most powerful. You can read more about how to wish here

Spend some time tidying up your home, going through drawers, closets, getting rid of things. Maybe buy yourself some flowers or a new plant. There is nesting energy in the air!

Happy Wishing!

Brutalist Fountain










earlier this year my dear friend Claire and I shot the new 2015 lookbook for BZIPPY & CO
Claire, as always, took such beautiful photos - she's amazing - she outdid herself on this one! every shot is so rich and stunning
I did the art direction - inspiration : nude, white sands/leather, raw, brutalist
And, wait until you see what the third member of our dream team, Scott Barry, did with the lookbook... will post his brilliance soon. 




Learning to Deepen Your Intuition 
a Night of Meditation with Lauren Spencer King

Intuition is something we all have. It is a powerful tool, our internal compass, that feeling in us that speaks the truth. Our job is to learn to listen to it. Intuition is like a muscle, it must be exercised.

Join us for an evening of meditation where you will learn to discover the language of your intuition, deepen your connection to it and your trust in it. Let it be your guide as you practice a two part active Pranayama Breathwork meditation. Though the breath is simple to learn it is quite powerful and profound to experience. The breath clears emotional blocks and stuck energy, allowing you to open up and connect to the universe. Through quieting the mind you create space to listen with your heart, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded and expansive.

Bring with you a yoga mat and/or blanket to lay on and cover, and an offering for the altar.

Date: February, 23 2015
Time: 7:30 to 9:00pm
Price:  $20.00
Where: Communal / 688 S. Santa Fe Ave #104
* sign up HERE