full moon / fall equinox


Harvest Moon
Monday, September 24th, 7:52 pm PST

Oh Moon, you have followed me since I was a child. I grew up with my parents telling me that when I would see you from the car window I would always say, "Look, my moon is following me." You have followed me to many places around the world, you were full and shining brightly over a hot springs in Italy, looming large over the streets during my years in Paris, rising proud over the deserts of the Southwest. You have pulled and pushed me, kept me awake and kept me company during the night, brought tears to the surface, created waves that washed over me, and guided me deeper with in myself. My love for your presence, light and lessons in my life knows no end. I will continue to learn from you all the many days you continue to follow me.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that this will be my last Moon Post. My 210th post about this beautiful, cycling moon. Writing these for over seven years has given so much to me. I not only learned so much about the moon and its energy, but more than anything the practice of writing twice a month, checking in with the moon tides, the energy, and myself, taught me to trust my voice. Or rather, the voice of the moon. Over the years, it became clear to me that I learned to channel the wisdom of the moon. I have really seen how I became a vessel for words to come through me and all I had to do was get out of the way and type. I have seen how profoundly it has changed my voice and my ability to trust. This lesson will stay with me always.

Thank you to everyone who has followed these posts over the years, those of you who read one, and especially those of you who have read them all! It is your hearts that drove me to continue to show up for this practice for all these many years. I hope you feel my deep gratitude as you read these words.

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Until we meet again, I hope you continue to connect to the moon, and maybe the absence of these posts will encourage you to develop your own skill of moon communication.

Happy Moon to you all.

photo taken from the surface of the moon


new moon / september


Harvest Moon
Sunday, September 9th, Virgo, 11:01am PST

We are near the end of our long spring and summer with Pluto in retrograde. It goes direct at the end of this month, and when it does we will get an energetic whiplash of what was happening for us at the end of April when it began. Think back to that time. What was coming up for you? What have you been facing since? What have you not dealt with?

Use this Virgo energy to help you tackle what has been neglected. Whatever that means for you. If you don't, the end of this month will be rough. If you are confused about what Pluto is wanting you to learn look back at this post. 

photo by Man Ray


full moon / august


Grain Moon
Sunday, August 26th, Pisces, 4:56 am PST

We are coming through a time of pressure and intensity, being pushed to extremes with the three eclipses we had. Now is a time to let that new energy settle. To reflect. Take stock. Take care of any unsettled business.

We have just come through a time where the duality of life has been in the forefront of everything. We have seen it externally in our relationships and in our environment, as well as felt it internally. We are born into duality and yet as humans it is so uncomfortable for us. We have trouble holding it, and do everything we can to avoid it. 

I have been doing a small meditation every day, thanks to a friend. Imagining one foot in dark and the other in the light and then feeling what my body does to avoid this dichotomy. Then I walk all the parts of me that I know resist this duality out of my body and I run through the meditation again. Noticing the difference. It has been incredible and I have learned so much. It takes practice to be in duality, which is to be in the truth of life.

Full Moons are often felt so strongly because they too exist in duality. The Sun is in one sign and the Moon in its opposing sign. This creates extremes within us, and can leave us feeling we are swinging from one energy to another. Practice the meditation and see if that helps you during this Full Moon. Though it is not as intense as others. Its calm Pisces energy is welcoming after the summer we have had. 

It's also a great time with Virgo energy around us to tie up loose ends. Take care of anything unfinished. Complete any small (or large) tasks. Get things in order. We have transitioned from the fiery Leo to this watery, emotional, earthy, grounded Full Moon. Enjoy it! 

photo unknown


new moon / august


Grain Moon
Saturday, August 11th, Leo, 2:57 am PST

This is a Super New Moon, with a partial solar eclipse, the last eclipse of the three. So many planets are still in retrograde and with these eclipses in the mix it really has been an intense time. New Moons are always a chance for new energies, and new beginnings. And eclipses are times of breaking away things to reveal something new, and more true. Plus with the added push by all the retrogrades, all of this combined is creating a time where we are being asked to take a hard look at ourselves, take responsibility and make some changes. 

Take a closer look at whatever is feeling relentless in your life, I guarantee that is the place where you are being asked to show up in a different way.

This new moon is in the sign of Leo, ruled by the heart! The heart of the lion! It's a good time to look at places and times when you are not including your heart. When I say the heart, I don't mean your wounds, this isn't a time where you should be including your experience of wanting to be soothed (by another. I am talking to YOU women!). Well, actually, you should be keeping an eye on those urges so as not to indulge them, but rather to own them and tend to them yourself instead of making them someone else's responsibility. But, I am really talking about the power of the heart, the duality of the passion and receptivity that the heart holds. It's the female in you that knows how to hold it all, and hold the duality of life.

These 7 planets in retrograde are rough, but they are doing us a favor. Wherever they are pushing you to grow, be uncomfortable, take responsibility, use the fire and courage of the Leo lion heart to help you. We all need as much courage as we can get right now. Tune into that. Hold it all. Include your heart. And start making those leaps you are being pushed to make. That is when you will have the breakthroughs. It's in action that breakthroughs come.

Jaromir Novotny, Kolumba


full moon / july


Thunder Moon
Thursday, July 27, Aquarius, 1:20 pm PST

Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse
Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron all in retrograde. 

This moon's message is very clear.
Where are you ready to take responsibility?

photo by me for Fields of Study


as above, so below

“As above, so below.” I see this phrase used a lot these days. I studied the philosophy, texts and writings of hermeticism and alchemy while getting my MFA, and I, like many people, resonated with this concept when I first read it. These days I see it used in a way that gets under my skin. How it is being used is to only tell half the story of what it actually means. 

The original quote comes from “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus”, "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” This macro / micro idea related so much to my art at the time. And what bothers me about how people use it is exactly how I used to see it then, so I get it. But since then I have done lots of work on a personal level around the shadow, and because of this I have come to understand its full meaning.

These days I see this quote being used all the time to talk about the light, the beautiful, the wonder of the universe. The stars we see are the stars within us. Although it is a beautiful concept (and it truly is), if we are to look at it in relation to the universe then we must include the wholeness of the universe, for the universe also holds darkness equal to the light. 

This is not a concept to only hold up to things that become a reflection of our goodness, our virtues, or what we find magical and expansive. It isn’t a term to be used in one instance and not others. If we are to truly embody this idea then we also must apply it to what is dark, mostly what we judge and think we are not. Think about all the instances where you would not want to use this idea as a means of reflection of who you are. THOSE are the places you should be applying it most. 

Though you might not be a serial killer, at least I hope you aren’t, there is still darkness in you, ways your shadow controls you, disconnects you, cons you, uses you and maybe uses others. The shadow that is so apparent in the world right now is easy to spot, but we all have a shadow within us that requires a more discerning eye to see. What we see men doing to women most people do to their own internal female. It’s the shadow, internal and external. It’s the same. What is happening externally IS a reflection of what is happening internally. But it is the acceptance of the shadow, understanding of it, respect for it, and a mastery over it that allows us to transform it, it is what gives us our wholeness, and it is only then that we can truly embody the fullness of this idea. Only then do we fully become the “One Thing.”

Lee Ufan , Relatum – The Arch of Versailles, 2014


new moon / july


Thunder Moon
Thursday, July 12th, Cancer, 7:47 pm PST

We are in eclipse season. A lunar, solar, lunar from now until August 11th. The powerful energy of these eclipses will be pulling us through the landscape of our souls - into the deep crevasses, the rocky cliffs, the vast waters, and soothing skies. It's a time of being broken open and healing. With this moon we get the nurturing, water, female energy of Cancer. With this new moon partial lunar eclipse the Sun (male) moves in between us and the Moon (female), asking us to reexamine what the female is. 

In our culture, and especially these days in the healing / wellness community, there is a lot of talk about the female, of people wanting to be more in their feminine energy. The way it is portrayed, understood, and embodied is actually more of the Divine Masculine. It is light, universal love, soft, nurturing, forgiving... If you think about it, that is more the energy of God (not in a religious way). It's the energy of Spirit, which is beautiful! But not the female.

Right now, most people who think they are getting in touch with their Divine Feminine are actually getting in touch and strengthening their Divine Masculine (men as well, because everyone is made of both energies no matter your gender). With this new moon in Cancer and with the partial lunar eclipse it is bringing up where you confuse the two. It is asking you to sort out and re identify the Divine Masculine and Feminine within you. This might be showing up in your external life, as well as your internal relationship to yourself. Everyone is different, so everyone will have a different relationship with this. It is up to you to look beyond the surface to really see what is what. The eclipse is helping with this, and making it more confusing, so look to the places you are confused as sites and situations to examine. You can ask yourself, What is my external life trying to reveal to me about my misunderstanding of the Divine Masculine and Feminine? Pay particular attention in the following days.

Your inner female wants to be claimed. She wants her own voice! She wants to be seen.

The task right now is about uncovering where your misconception lies, before she reveals to you  more of who she truly is round the time of the next eclipse.

photo by Paul Outerbridge Jr.


full moon / june


Rose Moon
Wednesday, June 27th, Capricorn, 9:52 pm PST

I am on my annual summer road trip through the southwest, looking for rocks and minerals, relaxing, thinking, reading, swimming, sunning. I feel incredibly lucky to have found my way to a lavender farm, and was walking in the fields at sunset tonight, watching the sky grow darker and moon grow brighter, talking to my best friend about control and surrender.

On the road I don't bring music, or books on tape, but I do do a lot of thinking while driving. I do a lot of thinking in my dreams too, I found a note on my phone this morning that I wrote to myself at 4:34 am, all it says is "chakra sweatshirts". You'll be able to find them in the shop as soon as I can figure out what that is. But, back to the point. While driving through the painted desert yesterday afternoon, passing all the trading posts and truck stops, I thought a lot about how controlled my life is. All the ways I control myself, my energy, my experience, peoples experience of me, etc...  Even when I think I am not controlling, I am. And the thing is, we all control so much of ourselves. In a way everything about us is controlled. Controlled by patterns we don't even know are there. And even if you do know they are there there are times when you find yourself in them at the snap of a finger.

How do you get out of it?

"You have to surrender", my wise friend said, to me tonight.
"Ugh, I know, and my mind plays tricks on me, saying that if I surrender to it it will just get worse. That the controlling / pattern will run wild! Get bigger!"
But, he's right. It's time to surrender.
Surrendering doesn't mean giving into it, or indulging it.
When we stop controlling, and instead surrender, that is when something NEW can happen.
When we control we can not shift things.
This is where our mind can not understand. We so badly want to change things, but change doesn't come from controlling. It comes from surrendering. We can not determine how things will go, or the outcome. We have to surrender to the pattern to walk through it to the other side, in which we have NO idea what will be waiting for us. That's the good news (and the scary part).

So that's where we are.

I urge you to return to the last post about Pluto. Those lessons are still very much running the show. And if you are avoiding where your soul is pointing it's gonna get ugly. Our souls are not interested in making things comfortable and nice for us. They want growth. And they will do everything in their power to ensure this happens. It's unavoidable. So the more you resist it, try to get out of it, put it off, make excuses, don't take responsibility for it, the worse it's going to get for you until you have no choice. Look at what your lesson with Pluto is from that last post. I guarantee this is what is right in your face right now. Don't avoid it. Don't control it. Surrender to it. Drop down into it and you will start to feel an energy guiding you through it.

Africa - A Zangbeto mask whirls and rises high before a village audience. 
Atakora Plateau, Benin


shop update


SHOP update

A small collection of special mineral specimens. 
And a new collection of mineral sprays. 

new moon / june


Rose / Strawberry Moon
Wednesday, June 13th, Gemini, 12:43 pm PST

The only thing pleasant about this moon is its name. Actually, that's not true, it's not the moon that is making things difficult, it the energy and lessons of Pluto that are dominating our lives right now. As I thought about this New Moon post it seemed more important to focus on Pluto than on the moon. So the post for this moon cycle will be directing you to look up what house Pluto is in in your natal chart. Look for the Pluto symbol, and then look to see which house it is in, otherwise known as which section of the pie, it will have a number and that's how you know which house it is (Astrology 101). And then go to this site to read about Plutos lesson in that house. It seems everyone is facing something very specific these last few weeks that relates to Pluto.

I hope this helps shed some light and bring some clarity.

photo by me, with a piece of smokey quartz