new moon // october // solar eclipse




Hunter's Moon
Thursday, October 23rd, Scorpio, 2:56 pm PST

So sorry this is a day late, things have come up which kept me from posting yesterday, travel / computer hiccups. But, there is still time for wishing! And I hope you saw the eclipse yesterday!

These two eclipses are like bookends, think about what has happened in the last two weeks: what events have taken place, what truths have been revealed, what have you had to let go of, what are you learning? Whatever has happened in your life since the Lunar Eclipse has not been an accident, and most likely has been intense and hard to ignore. The other day I was thinking about awareness and listening. And how when you are committed to growth and healing you are also committing to honoring the revelations you have, the lessons that show up, and the answers you hear. You can't be asking for answers or deeper awareness and then ignoring what is revealed to you because it is too hard to face or deal with. It just doesn't work like that. Ignoring it or waiting is what causes more pain, and more problems, that awareness will just come knocking on your door even louder until you listen! You have a responsibility to what shows up, to follow through with it, and make the changes, to let go, to head in the new direction. And often times this means walking into the unknown, into the darkness. You have to take that leap of faith, and say - I don't know why I have to do this, or how this will work out, but I know I must listen, and follow what is showing itself to me. Trust me, I know... this is hard... I am right there in it myself. And I want to honor you for taking that leap!

This is truly a time of deciding who you are, and what you want in your life.
You don't have to know all the answers, but perhaps it is a time to live in the question. 

We are in the energy of the Scorpio. Being a Scorpio myself I love this energy and am very at home in it, but depending on your own sign this energy can feel very intense and confrontational even. We are transitioning from the light feminine of Libra into the dark feminine of the Scorpio. This energy is all about power, transformation, intensity, truth, sexuality and the mastery of the self. It really is a time about diving into the darkness of the unknown to be reborn. Scorpios have an amazing ability to see the truth in people and situations, they are like a laser, if you are a Scorpio or know a Scorpio then you are well aware of this. Use this energy to see and hear the truth clearly, but remember, you have a responsibility to what reveals itself. With this darkness that is inherent in the feminine, the Scorpio energy, plus the darkness of the New Moon, don't be surprised if your shadow is revealing itself, now is an excellent time to recognize when it shows it self and how it runs the show. Everyone's shadow is different, and often times very tricky. The shadow is something you can learn from, it has a purpose and it should not be ignored or suppressed. We must learn to recognize it, and integrate it into our bodies in a healthy way. 

This is a time to listen deeply, and to step up and be seen, to speak your truth, to have the courage to discover who you really are, to take the leap into the unknown. Anything you have been holding back on, now is the time to go for it!

Because the Moon is empty of light, it is a great time to make wishes about anything you wish to call into your life. You can use the energy of the Scorpio to make wishes about the truth, the self, sex, transformation, letting go... You are allowed ten wishes maximum and they must be hand written on paper. The best time to wish is within the first 24 hours of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will work. 

Happy Wishing!

studio toogood


things on my mind

Isabelle Cornaro
 unknown  |   japanese straw raincoat
Alex Olson
unknown  |  lombard chair by Charles Hollis Jones
Bethan Laura Wood


full moon // lunar eclipse // october




Hunter's Moon / Blood Moon
Wednesday, October 8th, Aries, 3:18 am PST

WOW! This is an exciting time with so many things happening in the skies, there is no way to escape the energy that is all around us, so don't even try. On the 4th Mercury went into retrograde, and on the 8th there is the Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse! Before you jump in bed and hide under the covers until this is all over let's talk about what this actually means, because despite all the powerful intensity, it's a really amazing time full of growth, healing, magic... and love!

Yes, Mercury in retrograde usually means we will encounter plenty of wrong turns, miscommunication, and computer problems... but, on a personal level retrogrades are a time of deep reflection. They are a time to reflect on whatever Mercury is activating in the self as it transitions through the sky. This retrograde is all about love and relationships! How exciting and perfect. It starts in Scorpio but at the very beginning it touches on Neptune, pulling some of it's spiritual energy with it. Because it starts in Scorpio, this first week is a perfect time to reflect deeply into who you are in relationships. This is a time to look at who you are, and how you show up as your self in relationships (these can be romantic or other - one to one relationships). The Scorpio energy will help you get to the truth, like a laser, that is the beauty of the Scorpio, they want to go deep. Because Neptune is involved think about how you might spiritualize or idealize relationships. This is not a time to look at who you want to be, wish you were, your potential, or who you think you are, it's a time to look at the truth of who you are, and how you show up as your true self in relationships. 

Because of Libra it is also a time about surrendering! Which poses a dichotomy, how do you simultaneously probe deeply and surrender? Ask yourself this, the energy of this coupling creates so much freedom, possibility and truth in what it is to experience love. The second week of Mercury in retrograde, when Mercury shifts back into Libra around the 11th, is also a time to reflect on transforming your "expectations" in love to "intentions" in love. They have very different energies. Someone recently said to me, "... expectations are premeditated resentments". It implies consequences and control (usually out of fear). Where intention implies energy which is fluid, flexible, open, free! There is possibility in intention! It is about the beauty of surrendering. How do you let go of expectations with out letting go of the person and staying connected to the love? How do you love with intention, not with expectation?

Any time you have the energy of one sign you also have the energy of it's opposite. So, while we are feeling the Libra energy of surrendering we are also met with the fire of Aries! The Lunar Eclipse with the Aries / Libra access is all about being courageous with who you are in relationships!! Eclipses are a time of breaking away, breaking down, breaking loose. This can sometimes feel like a time where we are out of control and things are crumbling all around us, if you can use this energy consciously you can use it to break down patterns that you are ready to be free of, it can be a break down with purpose. It prepares you to build something in it's place, and to create space for something new to come in. Every time we let go we create space for something new. Something we want. Or something that wants us. 

This is an eyes wide open time! We are being asked to go deeply into who we are as a soul, and really look at how we show up in the truth of who we are, for ourselves, and for others. 

Claire Nereim Moon Pots, 2014


from around

- a wonderful short film made about my friend Jeremy who is an incredible glass blower! 

- a lovely feature by my friend Leigh and beautiful photos as always by my friend Claire

- recently discovered the music of Haruomi Hosono and the art of Alex Olson thanks to my friend Scott

- flipping out over the Row's SS15 collection

- an amazing video on how the wolves changed the rivers of Yellowstone

- "a brutalist vision, with a romantic vision" - watch this beautiful film of Ricardo Bofill's stunning home. My dream home

- have recently been re-reading one of my favorite poems over and over, Apparition, by one of my favorite poets ever

- finally watched Nymphomaniac - incredible - so much to think about - and such beautiful art direction

- the spirituality of hair, thanks Nicole

- SO excited to see The Mandala of Compassion at the Hammer! I foresee multiple trips in my future

other shows I can't wait to see

Yvonne Rainer at the Getty
18th century gold boxes at LACMA
Cameron at MOCA
Lisa Anne Auerbach : Spells
Sam Falls at Hannah Hoffman
wishing I could see Allora & Calzadilla: Fault Lines
and Dave Muller's show in Tokyo 

from the archives

amazing female mountaineers in 1907
rad choreography by Busby Berkeley
this amazing Ansel Adams letter

Giacomo Balla


night blooming cactus mandala

Night Blooming Cactus Mandala

small edition of prints 
exclusively at Dream Collective



it's called gratitude


Six years ago my greatest fear was that my mum would die. Even further back than that, from the time we found out she had cancer I was afraid about what my life would be like without her and how I would go on. My worst fear happened, and I survived it. She died almost six years ago, and there isn’t a day when I don’t wish she were still here. She was the person I was closest to in my life. And my heart breaks sometimes thinking about all the things in my life she won’t be there for. I don’t say this to many people but despite all my wishing, if I had the opportunity for it to have worked out differently, for her not to have died, I don’t know if I would change it. It is strange to think that about the single hardest thing that has ever happened to me, and about the single most important person in my life. But, I really do feel that way.

I sometimes have these moments when I can pull way back and it’s as if I am looking down on my life, this master plan for my soul.  And I have this profound clarity and trust in everything that I have experienced, even in all the pain and sadness I feel about her not being here. I think about all the ways her death, and the experience of being with her when she died, has changed me, changed me for the better. I think about all the amazing things that have come from that happening. In that one moment between her being here and her not being here is when it all happened for me. Oddly enough in that moment I was not afraid. That tiny moment held so much. So many gifts have come out of it, so many feelings that have pushed me to become the person I am today, so many things all of a sudden held so much meaning, in so may ways my life changed and was set on a new course that held so much purpose.

This year I became a grief group leader for kids at Our House Grief Support Center in Los Angeles. It has been an incredible journey that has lead me to this amazing place, full of the most wonderful people doing such important work. Every day I feel honored to be a part of what is happening there. I have moments when I wish my mum were here so that I could tell her about it. But I know that if she were still alive that I wouldn’t be doing this work, work that has become so deeply personal and fills me with such purpose, work that is changing my life.

This summer was my first as a camp counselor at Camp Erin in Los Angeles. I had 12 incredible six and seven year olds. I learned so much from each camper about grief. It was amazing, and overwhelming, and inspiring, and challenging all at the same time. I was really confronted with how I show up as myself, and had so many opportunities to really look at and see what special things I bring to the table just by being me. This was such a big lesson for me. I found that during times when others would be enthusiastically getting the girls to put on their shoes, or cheering them on during the ropes course was when I felt most out of place. The introvert in me was being confronted. But after the Memory Wall on the first night a few girls were in tears, crying so hard they could hardly breathe, and that’s when I knew how to step in and be there for them. My comfort level with tears and grief make it hard for me to relate to everyone, but I am learning that there is a place where this is needed. It was in those moments at camp where I could see that I didn’t have to be like everyone else, but I could see for the first time that there was value in me being myself.

My favorite activity we did was the grief hike. On our hike each camper would look for a rock, and on the bottom of it would be painted with a different feelings word. They would all go around and use that word in a sentence about their grief. It sounds simple, but is actually quite profound.

We had already done “sadness”, “guilty” and “happiness”, when one girl had found the rock with the word “anger” written on it. Each camper, one by one, passed the rock around the circle while talking about her anger. Anger is one of my favorite things to talk about in grief group. I think it’s one of the emotions that is still so ignored when thinking about grief related feelings or about the person who died. Often time’s people don’t give themselves the room or the opportunity to feel angry at all, and especially not with the person who died. One of the many amazing things about being with the youngest campers is that they really do wear their emotions on their sleeve. When they are scared you know it, when they are sad they show it. For the most part they are unafraid to express what they feel, they haven’t yet learned how to hide it.

The rock finally got to one young camper and she held it in her little hands and said so directly, “I'm really angry that my mom died.” All the fidgeting and distractions stopped and everyone in the circle was just right there with her, listening and relating to what she was saying.

I said to her, “You are really angry that your mom died, huh?”

“Yes” she said.

“What do you do when you get really angry?”

She responded with something that has stayed with me since. She said, “I think about all things that I have in my life that other kids don’t.”

“Like what?”

“Like a big bed, a lot of my friends don’t have a big bed like I do, and my cat, and my close friends.”

My heart was so moved by what she was sharing. “There is a special word for what you are talking about,” I said, “it’s called gratitude.”

We all talked for a little bit about what that word meant, and what it means to be grateful. As we did this it’s as if the sun was shining a little brighter, the sounds of nature got quiet, everyone was so present.

I was so blown away that this little six year old understood something so profound. That she could comfort herself and understand her life in a way most people can’t. She is six, and is facing the rest of her life without a mother, and she can have gratitude while doing that. This isn’t something that someone taught her, this is just something she feels.

I think a lot about gratitude. It’s easy for us to have it when we are doing something that brings us great joy, or comfort: when we are with a friend who make us laugh, when we receive good news that alleviates worry, when we are in the presence and beauty of nature. But, what about all the other times, times that are challenging, and full of more difficult feelings like pain, anger and sadness. And even times when the unthinkable happens, like when the person we love most in our life dies.

It leaves me wondering - Do we abandon gratitude during the times when we might need it the most?
And, more than anything it confirms my belief that gratitude is truly healing.

photo I took while packing up our family home to sell: a pot my mum bought be in Santa Fe for my dollhouse


new moon // september


Harvest Moon
Tuesday, September 23rd, Libra, 11:13pm PST

On the heels of the Autumn Equinox on Monday comes this New Moon in the sign of Libra. During the last two weeks I hope you have been enjoying the abundance you have created in your lives. Seeing the circle of energy that has been created by you, from the very first seed that was planted, to how it has grown from your nurturing and attention, to the moments when you get to reap the rewards and take a step back to enjoy it! This is a perfect time to honor completion in your life, anything you have finished, or anything you are ready to let go of. If there is something that is hanging around that is unfinished now is a wonderful time to take those last steps to do so. Lots of people have resistance around completion, if you feel a little of that sit with it for a while, take a closer look at what that's about, ask questions of it, and work with it. Surely by giving it some attention you will already have shifted it and cleared some space to allow for completion or letting go. This could be a project you have been working on, or even just transitioning into the coming season, or it could even be something you have been working on that you are ready to let go of, some old story from the past. The past only follows us as long as we keep holding on to it. This is time to look ahead, and into the future, and you get to decide what you want to take with you. Honor the endings or changes in your life and celebrate the things you are completing. 

An Equinox is a time of equal day and night, earth and sun. It is harmonious with the sign of Libra, as she is all about balance, and beauty. Think about all the ways your life has balance, or perhaps there are places in your life, body, relationships... that are calling for more balance. You can imagine yourself at the center of a scale, the fulcrum, feeling strong, calm and grounded. On either side you hold the scales, carefully weigh and measure your feelings, your experiences, your relationships. Notice how your body feels as you do this. It will tell you everything you need to know about what is feeling out of balance: what is nurturing you, what is draining you. Another word I like to use is exchange. How are you living in equal exchange in all the ways you show up in your life? To accept the scales as your guide means you must accept responsibility for your experience. You, and only you, have the power to shift the energy so there is equal exchange, and more balance in your life. 

This is also a time about love! Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Creative Power. If you want to cultivate more love in your life or call in new love now is a great time to do so. Our outside relationships mirror our inner relationship with our self. Attracting love starts first with self love. Spend one day doing each activity with love, and thinking only loving thoughts about yourself. This will surely show you so much about your relationship to love. How do you receive love? How do you show and give love? How do you express with love? How do you stand in love? Use your creativity with this, write letters, sing, clean your house, buy yourself flowers. Use your creativity to create a loving environment both inside and out. 

And with the Equinox, the changing of the season, as you are acknowledging the ending of things, with this new moon you have the opportunity to call in some new energy. Again the balance of Libra is all around us, an ending and a beginning. New Moons are powerful times to set intentions. You are allowed ten wishes maximum, and they must be hand-written, and made within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon (within the first 48 will do). You can use the energy of Libra to help you make wishes about harmony and balance, love, relationships, attracting new love (a marriage partner), and creativity.

Happy Wishing!

Painting by Melanie Pankau


ettore spalletti

Yes, the colour, as it shifts, occupies the space and we enter.  The frame that delimited the space is no longer there.  Taking it away, the colour takes on the space and invades the space. And when this happens, it’s miraculous. 

Ettore Spalletti, 2006


from around

- summer heat in LA #overit

- an amazing and thought provoking article on touch - Loosing Our Touch - Are we loosing our senses? The importance and the gift of having a body, and being human. What it means to be touched.

- so excited to share that a book I contributed to is now on the shelves! Women in Clothes is the brilliant new book by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton. It's a collection of interviews, conversations, photos, drawings, projects, and diagrams from over 600 contributors - including Miranda July, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Kushner, and Kim Gordon. I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing group of women, thoughts, ideas, and stories. 
On Saturday, September 20th there is a book launch at Skylight books in Los Feliz. You are invited to bring an item of clothing or two to swap. Each item should have a note pinned to it with your name and an interesting fact about the garment. More info can be found here.
You can read all of the full surveys on their website. 
I encourage you, if you haven't already, to run to your nearest independent bookstore and pick up a copy of your own. This is a "forever book"! (smile)
Thank YOU Women in Clothes!!

- Cindy Sherman's 156 Wigs, by Leanne Shapton

- Kathryn Ferguson's AMAZING video - The Beauty Project: Change is a Beautiful Thing

- The Essence of Sound - a hypnotizing video 

- thanks to a friend, I recently watched The Lovers on the Bridge. Totally weird and amazing. The firework scene!

- in a 24 hour period I watched the entire mini series by Jane Campion - Top of the Lake. Completely obsessed. love. love. love.
my favorite combo of dark and beautiful done well

- some videos from the archive - 

Allison Shulnick's video work
the amazing Brian Bress, his video for Pet Shop Boys
a squid's chromotophores reacting to Cypress Hill
a 1971 film about how graphic images create their own sound
a film of Luck Dragon's piece, Make a Baby

the incredible Deborah Turbeville


full moon // september


Harvest Moon
Monday, September 8th, Pisces, 6:38 pm PST

This is one of my favorite Moon's of the year. The Harvest Moon has long symbolized the time of year when farmers would mark the end of the summer crop. It would be a time to share the abundance they created, to see the journey of the seeds they planted months ago, and to enjoy the results of their hard work. Some of you have experienced this first hand as you plant vegetables and wild flowers in your gardens, but we can also think about this time as an opportunity to reflect on the things in our lives or in ourselves that we have planted and been nourishing. Maybe it is a goal you made months ago, a new project you set into motion, a new relationship that has come into your life, or even deeper internal work you are committed to doing. This is a time of reflection on the journey you have made and to send gratitude to yourself for your commitment to the things in your life that are important enough to really work hard on. Not everyone is choosing this path. To put in the work to evolve and be more aware at times can be really uncomfortable, and at times it can be easy. But, really acknowledge yourself for all that you are doing for yourself and for others, and for your commitment to you spirit and your soul as they guide you in your life.

This is also a good time to think about abundance. What is your relationship to abundance? Do you hold on to things because you feel there is not enough? Do you see an endless resource of love and support and nourishment from those in your life and from the universe? Do you feel a lack somewhere in your life; a lack of energy, health, wealth, joy? What are you not trusting that leads to these feelings?

This Full Moon is in the watery sign of Pisces. This feminine energy pulls us into ourselves, it slows things down a bit, allowing us to dive more internally, to be more sensitive and compassionate, and to allow an awareness of our connection to each other. This openness and sensitivity can lead to deep vulnerability. The few days surrounding the Full Moon can always be a more volatile time as we are full of so many emotions just bursting to be expressed. But, especially during this Full Moon in Pisces be extra compassionate with yourselves, and with others, especially during communication. Lots of emotion might be coming to the surface. Also sleep disturbances, tiredness, and emotional or dark dreams won't be uncommon during this time. It's a wonderful time to visit the ocean or take an epsom salt bath as a way to support yourself. 

The other major thing happening in the skies right now is that Chiron is conjunct with the Moon. Chiron is the wounded healer and teacher, he represents our deepest wounds in this life and points in the direction we must go to heal them. He also carries the wisdom of our own individual healing powers and how we can use them in this life. Where he sits right now in the sky is a position that will allow for deep understanding of the mind - body connection and the impact emotions have on our physical bodies. If you have felt a disconnect in this area lately, or challenged by your physical and spiritual bodies now is a time of great healing and awareness of what needs to be adjusted to create a happy and healthy union between the two. Though this healing must come from within, know you are supported by the events and people that surround you. 

Take some time to yourself today. Honor yourself. Nurture yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself and others. Reflect on the work you have done and send gratitude to Mother Earth for the abundance she creates for us!

A Series Of Tropical Arrangements By Rafael D'Alo 



good vibrations | | volume five

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G  O  O  D     V  I  B  R  A  T  I  O  N  S


The fifth in a series of hand drawn guides about the natural world: animals, plants, and minerals, their uses and meanings

In this volume you will find: 

- how to meditate with minerals - 
with information on how to choose stones, how to clean, set intentions, and care for them, as well as how to use stones during your meditation practice 

- an indepth look at the healing properties and energy of azurite and pyrite 

- myths, legends, and lore - a brief history of azurite and pyrite


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new moon // august


Grain Moon
Monday, August 25th, Virgo, 6:13 am PST

Hello, sweet readers. I apologize for not having the New Moon post up yesterday. I spent last week and this weekend as a camp counselor and grief specialist at Camp Erin. I was around so many brave and wonderful kids. I had 12 amazing and adorable 6 and 7 year olds, spending night and day taking care of them, soothing nightmares, making sure teeth were brushed, tying shoes, singing camp songs, drawing, hiking, swimming, and talking with them about their parent who died. It was so inspiring and also so emotionally and physically exhausting. I came home Sunday night and immediately got into bed with a cold, which is where I have been since. There is so much I am still learning about how I show up as a teacher/leader/healer in the world, and how I energetically take care of myself (or at times don't take care of myself) while I do this for others. These past few weeks I have really been confronted with examining how I nurture myself and how I nurture others. I'm really learning how hard it is for me to do this for myself and how effortless and easy it is for me to do for others. So, in the name of strengthening that skill for myself I took yesterday off... for me, giving myself permission to put myself first. Knowing that you all would be just fine. 

This post will be a bit shorter so I can conserve my energy to heal, but I urge you to ask yourself the questions you come here seeking. For you know the answers just as well, if not better, than I do. 

This New Moon in Virgo brings with it precise, analytical and useful energy. We are invited by the Virgo to sort out what is useful and what is not. Take this to any level you wish. But trust that if you take time to examine yourself right now and really see what is no longer useful (old stories, old habits, old beliefs, old clothes...) you will be guided and supported in letting it go. During times when the Moon is new we have the opportunity to see anything we wish as a new beginning. The Moon is empty of light and it is up to you to decide what it should hold. Ground yourself and ask for clarity. Now is a time when you are ready to receive it. 

You are allowed ten wishes maximum during the New Moon. They must be hand written on paper. The best time to wish is within the first 24 hours of the exact time of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will do. Use this Virgo energy to make wishes about work, health (especially the holistic integration of the body - mind/body/spirit), daily routines, organization, things you would like to let go of, or something new you would like to begin. 

Happy wishing!


from around

- check out the collaboration I did with Vacation Days! Now you can wear one of my malachite watercolor collages!! And it's cashmere!!!! Thank you Hamish! 

- watch this amazing clip of Warhol eating a hamburger from the 1966 film 66 Scenes From America

- this weekend I listened to this amazing Ted Talk on gratitude in the car. I had to pull over I was so engrossed in it. It's a serious game changer. Please, please take a few min and listen to him talk about the relationship between happiness and gratitude, and how every moment is a new gift and an opportunity.

- another great thing I listened to - or re-listened to - not so long ago was this amazing story about Lucy

- over the weekend saw Another Cats Show and Oscar Omori's show at Iko Iko

- last weekend I came across these amazing photos of nightlife in the late seventies in Manhattan taken by Meryl Meisler. There is something about them that just captured me. Besides the amazing fashion and icons of the time there is something really wonderful about them. They are photos about a moment in time, not just a moment in the seventies but an actual moment, when the flash illuminates what is happening in the dark of those night clubs. The camera is capturing something that maybe the eye doesn't even see. Or at least, this is how I like to imagine it.
These photos seem extra special now that we are in a time of digital photography, where "bad shots" can be discarded and everything is so carefully curated, and photos like this being taken on our phones are uploaded moments later on to Instagram.
What have we lost?

- I used to make marbled paper as a kid with my mum, so I loved watching this video on The Art of Marbling 

- i really wish i could see this exhibition - I have always loved Olafur Eliasson's work

from the archive
- "everyone wants gold and a mermaid" - meet the amazing Ray

Oliver MichaelsSquare in Square Series 
These photo's are made by compositing photographs of parts of different buildings in chosen area or route.


night of nourishment



feed your spirit and your belly with breathwork meditation and wood board love
Lauren Spencer King and Jules Blaine Davis

at Yogala in Echo Park
7:30 - 9:00 pm

regular class pricing + donation for wood board LOVE

I am super excited about mediation this coming Sunday! There will be a regular meditation class with the topic of how you nourish yourself, and then after we will get to enjoy a feast of delicious and local food provided by the amazing, hilarious, and wise "kitchen healer", Jules! AND - it's the price of a regular class at Yogala! How can you pass that up?! We will start right at 7:00, so please arrive on time.  And bring a friend! Let's nurture the importance of sharing and community! So looking forward to this!

Come with an open heart and an empty belly!

See you there!


full moon // august


Green Corn Moon
Sunday, August 10th, Aquarius, 11:09 am PST

This Moon it seems equally important to honor the Sun, for everything includes and is also influenced by it's opposite. This Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, and the Sun in the opposing sign of Leo. Both signs are fixed signs, and have strong masculine energy. Leo's energy wants personal expression, and Aquarius wants freedom! Leo is ruled by Fire, and Aquarius by Air, the coming together of these elements allows us to harness the two, and pulls us towards stepping out and igniting change in the world. 

Aquarius wants to influence beyond it's inner circle. It's time to think about your truth, and your core beliefs, and visions about the world, and how you bring those out into the world. It's time to think about how you stand at the edge of your tribe instead of at the center. How are you different than those closest to you? Think about the people in your life that are just beyond your inner circle: your co-workers, people you interact with daily at the market, maybe extended family, or neighbors and people in your community. How are you interacting with them? Are you bringing an open heart, a compassionate ear, a sense of self when interacting with them? We have much influence over those we spend the most time with in our lives, but now is a time to reach beyond to the greater circle we are in. And remember that the Aquarian always stands apart, on their own path, they have eyes that see beyond the limits of what others see.

Tonight, or any time during the waning Moon, is a great time to work with the cleansing properties of fire. Light a fire or a candle and ask the energy of the flames to help you let go of any unwanted energy in your life. You could burn some sage, sweetgrass, or a piece of palo santo wood to help clear the energy. Imagine the smoke carrying away what is no longer useful to you. Ask the air and fire to kindle and ignite your inner light, so it may shine brighter. And take some kind of action during this time that is in honor of you stepping out into the world in a bigger way and being seen for all of who you are.

Also, because it is a Full Moon, don't be surprised if you feel extra emotion around this idea. You might also feel the universe challenging you in these areas or pushing you in this direction.

Tonight is also the time to cleanse any rocks or minerals you have, set them out in the light of the Full Moon to clear their energy, and I like to keep mine out into the next day so they also get the full strength of the Suns energy. 

Olafur Eliasson