I think these shoes are by Dries Van Noten, I can't remember now where I saw them. But I immediately thought "I could make those!" As a lover of all things that have to do with crystals and gems and shoes! I feel I must have these!

My mum and I would always see so many things we loved and she would say, "I could make this" and we would go home and sure enough she would whip it right up and it would be amazing!
She was so inspirational in that way. I think it was because her mother was an artist too. She taught dress design and had the same attitude. My mum would tell me stories about how my grandmother would go to Saks and Neimans and buy amazing suits and then bring them home and cut patterns from them and make them herself and then return the originals! I just love that. 
There is something really empowering about taking on a DIY project, there is something really satisfying about looking at your end result and thinking, "I made that."
I really learned this from both of them and I often find myself thinking that same thing when I see something out of my price range, but that is beautiful and inspiring. They both taught me that you don't always have to buy the expensive item, that you can be creative and make it your own, which in the end, always makes it more special. 

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