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Over the holiday weekend J, my brother, the two dogs, and I drove out to Telluride, CO for the Film Festival. This was my third year going and it is a really amazing festival. Unlike other festivals, they put the emphasis on the movies, and less on the celebrities. Also because Telluride is a very remote and small town (it is a former silver mining town) the vibe of the weekend is more relaxed, you actually get to unknowingly walk past Brad Pitt at the grocery store, and stand in line for a movie with Laura Linney. People are really there to support the movies and celebrate the arts. The other really fun thing is that they embrace smaller films and student films and show a lot of older movies that you can't see anywhere else. 
Not only is it already a special town (very near and dear to my heart - we have had a house there for twelve years), this is also a really special festival where a lot of important films and filmmakers come. 

There were just too many good things to see. I was lucky and got the chance to see three movies and three conversations while I was there.
So, here is the run down.


1. Conversation in Elks Park - "Human Nature - How and why are filmmakers using nature as a force in their films?" - This was a great panel (see photo above), it included (from left to right): Aron Ralston, Danny Boyle, James Franco, the moderator, Peter Weir, Lavinia Currier, and Werner Herzog. Seeing Herzog was one of the highlights. He is very loyal to the festival and always premiers all of his films here. It was also his birthday that day and he stood up and the whole park sang Happy Birthday to him, which was such a cool moment.

2. Conversation with James Franco and Peter Sellars - (see above photo) This was great! I adore Peter (and always love seeing what he has on), I see him year to year and he always gives me a hug like we are old friends (even though I don't know how he remembers me.) He is so charming and asked great questions of Franco (who was equally as charming), and talked most about acting, being an artist, and his passion for Beat poetry and writing.
(After the talk I was so lucky and got to meet Alice Waters - who was telling us about her new book she is working on about gardening! Keep your eyes open!)

3. Conversation in the court house - Darren Aronofsky and I forget who the moderator was (sorry). This was amazing hearing Aronofsky talk about his new film Black Swan.


1. Never Let Me Go - This was the first film I saw. I thought it was pretty good, it was really beautifully shot and the beginning was my favorite, where they showed the children at this school in England, it was romantic looking and creepy feeling at the same time. I saw the conversation after with the writer of the novel Kazuo Ishiguro and Carey Mulligan.

2. 127 Hours - This is a true story about climber Aron Ralston, and how he manages to survive after a fallen boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon in Moab, Utah. Aron was there, and his story is incredible; truly inspirational and defines courage and bravery. I thought James Franco was great in the film, but I have to go out on a limb and say I am not a Danny Boyle fan, I wish the film was handled differently.

3. Black Swan - Yes you read it right, Black Swan people! See previous post (yes, it was that amazing that it gets it own post.)

J also said that Poetry, and Herzog's film Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (which I wish I saw) were wonderful!

If you want more information on what movies were there you can download the program here.
See trailers here: Never Let Me Go, 127 Hours

I also had plenty of time to be outside in the mountain air and explore with Ava.
(Isn't the color of the sky incredible!? It is always this electric blue)

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