wedding blanket

I have always loved vintage Moroccan wedding blankets. I think they are so beautiful with their mix of textures and subtle colors, natural materials and sparkly sequins (of course!)
The other reason why I think they are so beautiful is because I love the idea of a blanket being made for a wedding.
I found some historical information on the brides preparations for her wedding. I love the whole ritual of it.

Five days before the matrimonial event, necessities such as a mattress and blanket are taken to the bridal chamber. There the bride is given a bath in hammam which is a sort of milk bath that is meant to purify the bride. Her negaffa (female attendants) will usually supervise the event. The negaffa - who are usually older married woman, female friends and relatives - then they set about trying to beautify her. After dressing her in an elaborately decorated wedding kaftan (usually white) they proceed to decorate her with heavy jewelry and darken her eyes with kohl which looks a bit like thick dark eyeliner.

The group then proceeds to have a beberiska ceremony in which the hands and feet of the bride and her party are painted with henna. The bride's designs are always the most intricate and the various floral and geometric designs are meant to ward off evil spirits, bring good luck and increase fertility.

And if I didn't have a dog I would be saving my pretty pennies for this Moroccan rug

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  1. I found some historical information on the brides preparations for her wedding. I love the whole ritual of it. kad kahwin

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