i heart goyard

I love Goyard! 
How could you not?! 
But I really really love it! 

{I am saving all my pretty pennies to buy myself a cerulean blue wallet with hand painted monogram}

 Store opening in London

Limited edition Goyard

How amazing is this photo!?! This is Karl Lagerfeld's luggage! 
Some might think this is a bit overboard.
I think not!

After all, this the same man who said, "The iPod is genius. I have 300."


happy { b l a c k } friday



Some looks I am loving.


desert /part three\

On Sunday after the Integratron, J and I spent the day in Joshua Tree. We both love going so much.
It really is one of the most magical places I have been. I can't really explain why, but I know what I feel when I am there. It is a very powerful place. Not to mention it is also awesomely beautiful.

It was about 54 degrees out and super windy - but we bundled up and hiked up this huge hill of giant boulders. It was so fun!

J was way more adventurous than I!

Me, snapping some photos.

Thank you desert!
I can't wait to see you again soon!

desert \part two/

"The most beautiful thing 
we can experience is 
the mysterious."

- Albert Einstein


We headed out super early on Sunday to the Integratron!
There was this awesome rainbow out! We could see it end to end! AND, it followed us all the way to Joshua Tree!!

I had first been to the Integratron in August for my mum's birthday and it was such an amazing experience that I couldn't wait to go back.
The Integratron has a super interesting History, too long to go into here, but if you are interested you should go to their website and poke around.

We went for a sound bath, and it really is just that! You lay on these comfy mats while someone plays these quartz crystal singing bowls. The dome is built with the acoustics of a cello, so the sound just resonates and moves through you.
You leave invigorated and full of gratitude.

It is such an amazing experience!


desert finds


{peach le creuset, small american indian rug and feather fan used when saging}



Where, oh where do I begin...?

I am in love with Kathryn Bentley's style, jewelry and home.
Seriously, I am obsessing and can't stop thinking about it all.
love love love

See more of her jewelry here and here
All photos by Jeana Sohn. See more here


dreamy wallpaper

I am just flipping out over these amazing hand painted wallpapers!
I have so much love for these in so many ways...
... It is a combination of so many things I love: lady like depictions of nature, bringing the outside world in, hand painted detail, birds and butterflies... lots of pink!

see more here.



This is adorably quirky and sweet...

... oh, and delicious!


seduce me


As if I don't love Isabella Rosselini enough as it is, I fell head over heals when I saw her in Green Porno.
I think they are brilliant, and beautiful, and funny. 

Take a peek at her new series Seduce Me.

See all episodes here...
... and find out your Green Porno name.


i'm just mad...

... about Mad Men. I don't know if it is the aesthetic of Mid-Century design, Donald Draper, the amazing clothes, or the fact that it is the one place on television you can see men and women being adults and having complicated adult relationships.

It might be all of the above (but mostly the clothes!)

I do love how they have payed such particular attention to every detail. I respect that they want to accurately portray what life was like in the 1950's and 60's. But, as much as I love the show, at times it is very difficult for me to watch how women were treated. As a modern woman I find it hard to imagine a world like that existing in the not so distant past. At the same time, I find it uplifting to watch the transformations of the roles of the women on the show, it is kind of fascinating. 

see more photos here.



I would be all over these if I could wear round glasses, I especially love the second pair down.

more here.


november 1

November 1st
All Saints Day

It was a really beautiful autumn day and there were so many people there. 


vija celmins

love her drawings and her brass rock sculptures!