desert \part two/

"The most beautiful thing 
we can experience is 
the mysterious."

- Albert Einstein


We headed out super early on Sunday to the Integratron!
There was this awesome rainbow out! We could see it end to end! AND, it followed us all the way to Joshua Tree!!

I had first been to the Integratron in August for my mum's birthday and it was such an amazing experience that I couldn't wait to go back.
The Integratron has a super interesting History, too long to go into here, but if you are interested you should go to their website and poke around.

We went for a sound bath, and it really is just that! You lay on these comfy mats while someone plays these quartz crystal singing bowls. The dome is built with the acoustics of a cello, so the sound just resonates and moves through you.
You leave invigorated and full of gratitude.

It is such an amazing experience!


  1. Wow that rainbow photo is AMAZING!!! Looks like such a fun weekend!! xx

  2. I want a sound bath too! The whole weekend looked really amazing. So happy you had fun! :)