i'm just mad...

... about Mad Men. I don't know if it is the aesthetic of Mid-Century design, Donald Draper, the amazing clothes, or the fact that it is the one place on television you can see men and women being adults and having complicated adult relationships.

It might be all of the above (but mostly the clothes!)

I do love how they have payed such particular attention to every detail. I respect that they want to accurately portray what life was like in the 1950's and 60's. But, as much as I love the show, at times it is very difficult for me to watch how women were treated. As a modern woman I find it hard to imagine a world like that existing in the not so distant past. At the same time, I find it uplifting to watch the transformations of the roles of the women on the show, it is kind of fascinating. 

see more photos here.

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