18 december


 Saturday was my grandmother, Audrey's, birthday.

She was such an amazing woman. So strong, elegant, and lady like. I loved that about her.
She was also an amazing pianist, and studied at Fontainebleau. She loved dessert, and Paris, Matisse and scotch. She traveled all around the world, and she would always laugh and sing, and every time I talked to her she would tell me to paint every day. 

 I love this painting of her.
The photo below is also one of my favorites, as I think it is the one that most resembles me.
Below that is a photo of her racing her Jaguar... yes, she raced Jaguar's. 
It really doesn't get any cooler than that.



  1. Audrey set the stage for what the modern woman has become. Three cheers for such a dazzling, accomplished and inspiring woman!

  2. you are right!

    she was a feminist and never knew it!
    she paved the way, not just for women in business, but women in general.