fox trot

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! 

Mine was amazing! 
We are at home in Telluride.
I decorated our tree. Got cozy with my pup by the fire. Took a hike in the snow. Watched some movies with the family and J. Opened presents! I love giving more than getting. Made some pancakes, yummy soup and my great grandmothers oatmeal lace cookies.

I will post some photos soon!

Still enjoying relaxing. Something I never get to do at home.
I'm loving every second of it!

{see comments for the answers to the gift guide challenge!}

1 comment:

  1. The Boyfriend = J
    The Soon to Be Mom = Kristy
    The Writer = Ann
    The Personal Trainer = Heather
    The Traveler = Babs
    The Artists = my girlfriends from school
    The New Pet Owner = Kate
    The Mystic = Jane Anne
    The Francophile = Lilly
    The Green Gal = Christine
    The Fashionista = Jessie

    Did you guess right?

    Lilly and Kate guessed the MOST right!
    I'll be in touch girls!