special day in the desert

Yesterday I drove out to Joshua Tree National Park and spent the day hiking around. Joshua Tree is a super powerful and magical place. J and I go out there a lot, for our birthdays usually, and I have been going out there lately solo. It is really difficult to describe how it feels to be there, at time it looks foreign, like you are on the moon, and others I feel so grounded and part of nature. I love how alone you are out there, and yet I never feel lonely. There is such a presence there, you feel it all around you. 
Such amazing energy.

Usually when I go I try to take in the vastness of the landscape, looking at how large the rocks are in comparison to me - but yesterday I decided to focus on really looking at the plants, bring my attention to the earth. Studying the colors and textures.

The most exciting thing was while I was hiking {in the middle of nowhere}
I saw a coyote!
It was really amazing!

It was also super cold! In the high 40's! I stayed bundled up, and was happy as long as the sun was out. My happiest moment was laying on this huge rock in the sun. It is so simple, and yet there is no better feeling. My body craves this simple act.

Thank you desert for being a sacred place that I can retreat to. 
Thank you for holding space for me and honoring me by letting me spend important days in your presence, and sharing your natural beauty.
Thank you for allowing me to leave you feeling more grounded, refreshed and peaceful.


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  1. Amazing, L... So happy your day was a special one. xoxo