mv - part one

lots more to come tomorrow...
I have to run to class

...but check out this post about laughter yoga... As a lover of laughing I am one hundred percent on board. I totally believe in laughter's ability to heal. 
Going to try to look for a class in LA, I will keep ya posted!


wedding blanket

I have always loved vintage Moroccan wedding blankets. I think they are so beautiful with their mix of textures and subtle colors, natural materials and sparkly sequins (of course!)
The other reason why I think they are so beautiful is because I love the idea of a blanket being made for a wedding.
I found some historical information on the brides preparations for her wedding. I love the whole ritual of it.

Five days before the matrimonial event, necessities such as a mattress and blanket are taken to the bridal chamber. There the bride is given a bath in hammam which is a sort of milk bath that is meant to purify the bride. Her negaffa (female attendants) will usually supervise the event. The negaffa - who are usually older married woman, female friends and relatives - then they set about trying to beautify her. After dressing her in an elaborately decorated wedding kaftan (usually white) they proceed to decorate her with heavy jewelry and darken her eyes with kohl which looks a bit like thick dark eyeliner.

The group then proceeds to have a beberiska ceremony in which the hands and feet of the bride and her party are painted with henna. The bride's designs are always the most intricate and the various floral and geometric designs are meant to ward off evil spirits, bring good luck and increase fertility.

And if I didn't have a dog I would be saving my pretty pennies for this Moroccan rug

find more here


Julie Andrews

surprising and beautiful

 I am back from Martha's Vineyard, and have been welcomed home by the late arrival of summer in Los Angeles. I thought we would luck out this year and just breeze into fall... but no such luck.  Hopefully the heat won't last long.

I had such an amazing time in MV! I can't wait to share pictures this week!



cris brodahl

close up

I was totally blow away when I saw Cris Brodahl's show a few months back at Marc Foxx. The top piece is amazing, the painting slides into the accordion mirror like a drawer! I'm not normally a fan of the skull trend but her work seems to be more than that, it is so strange and different and beautiful.
See more of her work here and here.


american women

Grace Kelly

Vogue has opened it's archives! See more beautiful American Women here.
And buy limited edition prints here.

happy friday

Oscar de la Renta

Happy wedding weekend to my friends Lilly and Charlie!



isn't she beautiful

Marlyn Monroe


she's a rainbow

so wild and inspiring

from the Top Shop show in London

I'm off to Martha's Vineyard for a wedding! I am really excited!
I will be back next week with lots of photos!


marchesa ss 11

These dresses are amazing. They are like grown up versions of the kind of dresses you dreamt up and drew when you were little, the kind you'd imagine you would wear when you were a princess some day.

new do

So, last week I got my hair cut, shorter than it has been in a long time, some days I miss my super long pony tail, but I am still trying to figure out what to do with it now that about 6 inches are gone.
I have an exciting wedding this weekend and am scouting for hair ideas. I really like this do, I think I will try it out. I love what the hairstylist has to say about it:

Hairstylist Paul Hanlon’s designed a destroyed French twists at Proenza Schouler. “It’s a bit wrong,” he said 
of the deconstructed updos, which, pinned loosely to one side, gave the impression of teetering on the verge of 
collapse as models strode down the runway. 

He went on: “I was thinking about when I was a kid, the way the girls used to lean their heads against the window 
on the school bus. They’d kind of fall asleep, and then all of a sudden it would be their stop and they’d rush to 
get their stuff and their hair would be kind of mashed up.”

love it!



I love these interiors from the new on-line magazine  rue !    see more here.

also, check out this beautiful birth story on Cup of Jo

and, these amazing looks from the streets of NY during fashion week!

21 september

a little shout out

Happy Birthday C!




This is a photo of my grandmother, Audrey, when she was in her early twenties. Everyone always tells me how much I resemble her, I think this is the photo where I look most like her. 

A few years ago I was helping organize her closets (which is another post all together - oh! the treasures I found) and on her top shelf I found a small box that said "love letters." Inside I found this photo and all these letters she and my grandfather sent back and forth to each other while he was in the war. They were amazing.

young bardot

Brigitte Bardot

happy monday!


happy friday

Yves saint Laurent


I hope every one has a great weekend! 


fashion week - ss 2011 - part two

checking in, middle-end of the week faves

Found it!
Colors and patterns and prints, oh my!

from left to right: A D├ętacher, Vena Cava, Rachel Comey, Rachel Comey, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Karen Walker, Halston, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Rodarte


behind the scenes

I know the posts are fashion week heavy this week, but I just can't help myself.
Check out some of these behind the scenes photos.

That black dress is out of control!

Rodarte inspiration board


Band of Outsiders 
yes and yes!

more photos here


Aren't these invites for Fashion Week amazing!?
See more here.


fashion week - ss 2011 - part one

Here are my favorite looks from the beginning of this week

I have to say flipping though the spring/summer 2011 runway shows has been very underwhelming. Everything seems so boring, I have seen it before, and the overwhelming trend for the season seems to be white. Where has all the color gone?

from left to right: erin fetherston, adam, derek lam, derek lam, reem acra, reem acra.