Happy Halloween

Some spooky images to get you in the mood!
What are you dressing up as?
Can any one guess what I am dressing up as?
{hint: it's also the name of a candy bar...}

Have a great weekend!



Duchesse de Guermantes

Countess Greffulhe (1899); Otto Wegener - photographer.

Otto Wegener, known as Otto, went to live in Paris in his late twenties. He opened a photographic studio on the Place de la Madeleine in 1883 and became well known for his elegant portraits of women and children. Celebrated as the supreme beauty of her day, Countess Elisabeth Greffulhe (1860-1952) was the triumph of Parisian society when Marcel Proust made her acquaintance in 1892. Proust pursued her with requests for a photograph, which she staunchly refused. Nonetheless, the countess would inspire Proust’s fiction, becoming a prototype for the glamorous Duchesse de Guermantes in “A la recherche du temps perdu” (1913-27). In this puzzling image, the countess is seen embracing her own double. As was Otto’s custom, the image is heavily reworked in the negative, emphasizing the contrast between the two figures, the white expanse of lace bodice and billowing skirt shown against the dark taffeta of the dress. Heightening the effect of a ghostly apparition, the countess’s eyes, to which Proust ascribed the whole mystery of her beauty, are, unexpectedly, closed or averted; indeed, the image is less a portrait than a dreamlike evocation of a woman’s private self.

Portraits in which the sitters appear to be conversing with their doubles were not unusual in the 1890s. They were achieved by making several exposures on the same photographic plate. The idea for this composite portrait, which combines two negatives, probably originated with the countess, who had studied photography with Paul Nadar and who shared with many eminent figures of the day an abiding interest in spiritualism and the paranormal. The photograph brings to mind images of spectral phenomena obtained at séances.

A keen observer of the effect she produced on others, and not herself unmoved by her own beauty, Countess Greffulhe was not, however, oblivious to the ravages of time, and wrote of the day that the mirror would no longer be kind. Was this photograph intended to be the mirror that would not betray? Perhaps not coincidentally, the photograph hung in the countess’s private apartments until her death. It has not been seen publicly until now.



Isn't this kitchen fabulously fun!?





101 cookbooks

This Pappardelle with Spiced Butter has been my favorite recipe for some months now. It is such an amazing dish with a delicious combination of spices. 
I made it for a friends 80's pool party/pot luck bachelorette party (wow, that is a mouth full), and it was a hit! So I am posting the recipe here
I will be the first to admit that I am not a great cook (much to my mothers dismay, as she was the most amazing cook I know. When I was a kid, one night we ran out of ketchup and she just made her own! From scratch! I remember it blew my mind), but this recipe is seriously fail proof. And it is so yummy that people will think you are a genius chef!
It is especially good on rainy days or during the colder months.
I found the recipe on 101 Cookbooks, which has so many other yummy things. Here are some of my other favorites: Peanut Butter Krispy Treats, Coco Choco Clusters, Rosemary Olive Oil Cake, Brown Sugar Sandwich Cookies, and Sushi Bowl (which is one of my all time faves, I crave this dish).
There are so many good recipes on here, I have a long waiting list of things to try to make. 

If you end up making something please let me know how it turns out!

Bon appetit!

ac love

I know... I know...
...we allllllll love Alexa Chung.


in bloom

With all of this rain I thought you could use a little sunshine to brighten your day.

Have a great weekend!


annie hall



Annie Hall

I watched this yet again tonight.

It is one of my top ten favorite movies of all time... 
...it really doesn't get any better than this.



such a stunning mobile



These scarves are amazing!

I just can't get over them!

love love love

see more here


I went to LACMA over the weekend to see the Fashioning Fashion show!
I was in awe!
Seriously, I must have let out a dozen gasps, numerous "oh my gosh" sighs, and plenty of smiles!

Needless to say it is one of the most amazing and inspiring shows I have seen in LA for while now.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera, but snapped a few phone photos that won't do it justice. But I will be going back (maybe a few times), and will be sure to bring my camera. 

In the spring, I was so lucky and my Art History class got a sneak peek behind the scenes as they prepared for the show. 
(see photos below)

That first hat is a dream!




check out this amazing mongolian felting video