We got snowed in yesterday
I took a walk with Ava
The only sound was the snow crunching under my feet
I loved the fluffy flakes falling on my face



When I was at Audrey's yesterday I found this amazing book.

Nouveau Petit

It is a French illustrated book with two main sections: a dictionary, and an encyclopedia.
It was published in 1940. She must have had it when she was studying French or when she was at school in France. 
It is so beautiful - I just couldn't get over the amazing drawings. And of course it is even better because it is French, as I am a lover of almost all things French!

Je sème à tout vent



My grandmother, Audrey's, house in Telluride


Not only is J always making up the best lil' rapping rhymes, he is also an amazing gift wrapper!
These were his gifts this year for me and my family. He made all his own paper.
I always love to see what he comes up with - as he puts just as much thought into the wrapping as he does the gift inside. 
Sometimes I have a hard time opening them because they look so neat!


We are at home in Telluride! 
It is wintery and snowy and blue skies and sun!

My pup, Ava and I have had lots of time to nap and snuggle together. She loves the snow!

My brother, Alex, with one of his christmas gifts! 
Me, with my amazing crystal ball that J got me!
And below is Ava with her new toy.

On Christmas day we took the gondola to the top of the mountain and hiked around in the snow with the pups! It was so much fun! And so beautiful.


fox trot

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! 

Mine was amazing! 
We are at home in Telluride.
I decorated our tree. Got cozy with my pup by the fire. Took a hike in the snow. Watched some movies with the family and J. Opened presents! I love giving more than getting. Made some pancakes, yummy soup and my great grandmothers oatmeal lace cookies.

I will post some photos soon!

Still enjoying relaxing. Something I never get to do at home.
I'm loving every second of it!

{see comments for the answers to the gift guide challenge!}


merry merry


Happy Holidays to all!

I hope everyone has a merry, warm and cozy holiday!

Wishing you much love and peace


24 december

happy birthday to my dear friend Kate!




a blind lobster and more...

A new species, this blind lobster with bizarre chelipeds belongs to the rare genus Thaumastochelopsis, which was previously known only from four specimens of two species in Australia. The lobster has been given the scientific name Dinochelus ausubeli — derived from the Greek dinos, meaning terrible and fearful, and chela, meaning claw, and ausubeli, honoring Jesse Ausubel, a co-founder of the Census of Marine Life.

South of Easter Island, Census vent explorers discovered a crab so unusual it warranted a new family designation, Kiwidae. Beyond adding a new family to the wealth of known biodiversity, its discovery added a new genus, Kiwa, named for the mythological Polynesian goddess of shellfish. Its species name, hirsuta, refers to its furry appearance.

Vampyroteuthis, or vampire squid, is a cephalopod that lives in the oxygen minimum zone of Monterey Bay, Calif., at depths of 600-900 meters.