a new year

I pretty much feel like the beginning of the new year should not be the only time you make resolutions. 
My dear friend Heather and I sometimes (when we can make time) do what we call a "Weekly Challenge", where we tell each other one thing we are going to try to work on that week, it can be anything from being kinder to yourself, to trying to cook more at home. And then we check back in at the end of the week and talk about it. It is great because it allows for more realistic goals, breaking things down into small pieces to tackle one at a time. That seems to work best for me. We are always really generous, and encouraging, and forgiving if it didn't go exactly as planned. But there is something about the spirit of sharing that feels so good, no matter what the outcome is.

So I thought I would do that today.
I remember last year I sat down and made a huge list. And, needless to say I didn't get to it all, so I am rolling some of those things on to this years list. 
It is hard to know where to begin, as Graduate school takes up about 90% of my time, the other 10% is where I try to fit time for myself, my boyfriend, family and friends. I think it is extra challenging because until spring I won't have a whole lot of extra time to devote to anything but school, as my thesis show goes up at the end of February and my written thesis will be due in April, not to mention all my other course work. And this year is different, the last two and a half years have been devoted to school year round. But now there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am starting to get really sad that it is almost over. I love school so much. And Graduate school has been one of the most wonderful experiences, and I know at times I have cursed it, all the shinanigans, and the stress, and pressure. But I really can say I would not trade a second of it. It has made me stronger and more confident, a better artist and writer and thinker, and somehow in the midst of all the criticism I have learned to open up and feel more free sharing my voice. I'm not exactly sure how - but in the process I have really grown into being ME! OK, enough of this - I am starting to get weepy. But what I am trying to say is that this year is unique as a third of it will be spent finishing school and the other two thirds it will be totally wide open to be filled with whatever I want and I will be free!
So exciting!

- manage my stress better
- take better care of my physical health
- take advantage of school and teachers - soak it all up while I can
- have a thesis show I am proud of
- develop a good studio practice out of school
- apply for the Contemporary Art Start program at MOCA
- spend more time hiking, meditating and going to yoga
- try ballet again (after 20 years of being off the bar haha)
- have better posture
- eat healthier and drink more water
- keep a more tidy home (I am always trying to do this, ugh)
- be better about paying my bills, and returning movies and library books on time!
- be kinder to myself
- stop complaining so much - even in my head
- people please less (this is always getting me into trouble)
- laugh more (including laughing at myself)
- nurture my intuition
- take a silversmithing class over the summer
- save more money
- look for a house to buy
- work on my book I want to write
- spend as much time as I can at the house I grew up in

It's a big year!



  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post! Sending you love and best wishes for a great year. XOXO

  2. that's a great list.
    let's be ballerina's together!
    i have a feeling that you'll make the whole list happen before 2012.
    go team m! (because it's the letter between both of our names... ;)!)

  3. YEAH TEAM M!!!

    we can do it!