live the language

How adorable is this video for the EF Language Schools!?
Of course my favorite is the one for learning French in Paris, something I really wish I did, though I still say I don't have the right kind of brain for language.
I actually did learn a lot of words for vegetables and fruits, as the sweet man at the market on my street would persistently teach me every day, and I learned all the macaroon flavors... bien sûr!
But the video so reminds me of what it was like to live there. It was the most amazing year of my life and I still feel so connected to and effected by the city. 

Check out the other cute videos, London, Barcelona and Beijing (which I think is the most fascinating as it is the most foreign.)


  1. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reminds me of a certain American in Paris :)

    xo K

  2. thanks girls!

    (yeah! comments by Kate! ;) one of my favorite memories there was when you and JA visited me for my bday! amazing! i will cherish it forever)


  3. ps - also JW - i thought you would like the cute typography!

  4. Hi Lauren,

    My Name is Yagmur and I am part of the EF team. We're really happy you like our videos and wanted you to be one of the first people who see our newest "Live the language" short films!

    Los Angeles, Sydney and Vancouver are the latest editions to EF’s “Live the Language” series!

    You can check them out here: www.ef.com/livethelanguage

  5. Hello, thank you for a nice blog! Now there is a new ‘Live the language’ video where the girl travels to several countries – and also travels THROUGH TIME :)
    Watch it on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUpuIWFiNo0 or on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/105225663
    Hedvig @EF