japan in la

one of my favorite places in LA

it is so beautiful in here, the light and the air are amazing



audrey & grace

The two most elegant stars of their era, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, are photographed backstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre in 1956 as they wait to present: Hepburn gave Best Picture to Marty, and Kelly awarded the Best Actor statue to Ernest Borgnine for the same film.


fashioning fashion

On Monday my dear friend, Kate, and I went to the Fashioning Fashion show at LACMA.
Some of you might remember I went in October when it first opened and then before that my Art History class was lucky enough to get 
to see a sneak peek of them preparing the show last spring. 
If you have not seen it yet get there as soon as you can, as it closes on the 27th. 
It is so inspirational! I still have excitement and creative energy running through my body!
{And if you miss the actual show they have a wonderful catalog.}

I snapped some good photos this time {before I just had the camera on my phone}. 
Forgive the length of this post - there was just so many beautiful things! I couldn't resist!


me, with my dream dress

Kate pointing to her dream dress with the shawl and purse, also see close up bottom right photo








uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives

Last night J and I went and saw Uncle Boonemee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.

It was wonderful! And so beautiful!
I really loved it!
It was really magical and strange and playful... I have never seen anything like it. 
{also, doesn't it have a great title!}

So many things the movie touches on are things I think about in my art. So it was really inspiring to see.
The part where they are walking through a crystal cave was one of my favorites - you can see a bit of it in the trailer.  

It also won the Palm d'Or at Cannes in 2010!
You can watch a better version of the trailer here.


Hermann Hesse painting


help japan

please donate any amount you can to ShelterBox


25% at Heath

I, like many of you out there, love Heath Ceramics
Let me count the ways: they have an amazing history and have been making beautiful ceramics for over 50 years, they have wonderful values, "simple, good things - for good people", everything is made locally in Sausalito, CA, they make products that last a life time (I have a few Heath items that were my grandmothers (pretty cool)), they are conscious about reducing their enviormental impact, and probably one of the neatest things (for me) is that they use MARSH packaging and taping machines (which is my families company)!

OH! not to mention that everything they make is super beautiful and is as close to perfect as you can get!

And now, I have one more reason to love them, they are donating 25% of their sales this week (until March 24th) to Architecture for Humanity’s efforts in Japan. So, if you have been thinking of getting something for yourself, or someone else, now is the time!
If you would like to read more about it click here

Hope to see you in there!