bake sale for japan

Hello all!

I am putting together a  B a k e   S a l e   f o r   J a p a n . After hearing the news weeks ago, my heart has been broken. And I really felt like I wanted to do more than clicking a button and making a donation on-line or sending a text message. I felt like I was missing a sense of community and wanted to reach out and bring people together, to try to raise awareness and make a difference as a group!

So, I am asking you, friends and family, for help!

There are three ways to help...

one - If you like sweets (who doesn't?!) come out on Sunday, April 10th and buy some yummy treats for a good cause! All Proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund.

two - Spread the word! Post the poster image on your blog, facebook page, twitter page, email it, talk it up at the water cooler, whatever! And encourage others to join in!

three - If you fancy yourself a baker or cook make something to donate! This is important as the more we have, hopefully the more we will sell! If you aren't, but know someone who is, please pass this post along to them {If you are interested in donating please email me}

"Small acts, when multiplied times millions of people, can transform the world." 
- Howard Zinn 

Lets make a difference!!!

Hope to see you there!
Thank you!

xo - Lauren

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