bake sale for japan

SO! The Bake Sale for Japan was a HUGE success!

We had an amazingly beautiful day in Venice on Sunday. Lots of people came from near and far to show their 
support and participate. 
We had so much fun! 
And most importantly we raised $2,369 to donate to the American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund 
and to ShelterBox
I couldn't be more thrilled!

See some fun photos from the day below. I got distracted and didn't get a lot of time to snap photos so be sure to check 
out Jessie's blog, and Lilly's blog for some great photos!

Lilly and Kate lookin' cute in their aprons!

Owen with her kick ass organic strawberry rhubarb tart {my fave}.
I had my eye on it all day, but then a nice woman bought it {darn}. Isn't her label just the cutest?

All of our amazing treats! We had so many delicious treats I could not believe it! They were all packaged in the most adorable and perfect ways.

Lilly with her husband, Charlie (left), and Kate's husband, Jesse

The darling Jessie Webster with her camera, snapin' some great photos!

I want to express my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to everyone who participated and helped make this such a success and so much fun!
A huge thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday, thank you to all of you who baked something for the sale, thank you to my sweet neighbor, Kelly, who made all the succulent terrariums for us to sell, thank you to everyone on Abbot Kinney who put up posters and to all of you who helped spread to word, thank you to Josh and family for letting us set up outside your house and for helping out, thank you to my dad for donating money in my grandmothers memory, thank you to Lilly's mom and Kate's stepmom, Mary, for donating money, thank you to Grace who is nine and could not come but she so kindly donated money she made from selling her drawings over the weekend, a special thank you to Lizzette who saw the poster at Tortoise and made something for the sale and then stayed the whole day to help out in a huge way, a BIG thank you to my super talented boyfriend, Jesse, for helping me with the poster, and designing it and printing them all out for me, and most of all to my amazing girlfriends Kate, Marwa, Owen, Lilly, and Jessie who with out hesitation were on board with this idea the moment I sent out an email weeks ago, and were so supportive, and who baked and spent the whole day on Sunday, setting up and selling, and making this so much fun!

My heart is full of love and gratitude for everyone
Thank you


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