I feel like the luckiest girl!

For my birthday my sweet and thoughtful friend Owen got me a gift certificate to her friends jewelry line, Unearthen
It made me jump with joy for oh so many reasons: what girl doesn't love jewelry, it is no secret that I loooooove crystals and minerals, I had been wanting one of her pieces ever since I laid my eyes on them, and the best part was getting to go to the Unerthen studio to pick out a necklace of my very own!
I went on Wednesday and met the the creator and designer, Gia Bahm, who couldn't have been any cooler, and was just as nice as could be. I sat at her work table and we chatted about how she got started, NYC vs. LA, and what gem books are our favorites as she put together pendant after pendant for me to choose from!
After much deliberation I went with this beautiful pink tourmaline
Perfect for me!
I love love love it! And won't be taking it off!

Above are photos I took once I got it home, don't you just love the box it comes in!?
Below, Gia was sweet enough to let me take some photos of her studio and work space.



  1. Oh my !!!!!! You must have been breathless at the studio....did you tell her you grew up in a similar enviro ??? xoxo

  2. Ooooh, I love all of this!