mothers day

H  a  p  p  y     M  o  t  h  e  r  s     D  a  y

Mothers have been on my mind lately, not only because of the holiday yesterday, but also because a friend of mine just became a mother, and I have been spending a lot of time with amazing mothers I know. But mostly because of the milestones that are happening in my life and how it's times like these that always make me miss my mum and wish she was here.  
She was the most magical person. She was so beautiful, and loving, and managed to find her deepest strength later in her life. She was a giver like no other. I feel lucky to have learned this from her and I try every day to act like her in this way, and give of myself and my gifts, and my time freely and lovingly and selflessly. She was so incredibly creative, and made the most stunning jewelry. She always encouraged me to make things, even if I didn't know how, that never stopped her from giving me the confidence that I could learn how, and do anything I wanted. She supported my creativity like no other, and now I feel her in every mark I make and every spark of inspiration. She also had the coolest style, a style that was all her own. I still love walking in her closet and poking around in her endless jewelry boxes exploring all the treasures. She was the force that held my family together, and was the person I was closest to in this world. Today I am proud when someone says I remind them of her, because there is no one in the world who I would rather be like.  

Mum, thank you for being the most amazing mother to me, you have passed so much on to me, and I celebrate you everyday and feel you with me always. 
I love you.

And thank you to all the amazing women out there who are mothers!

If you want to read a lovely poem, please click here. My friend Ann wrote a wonderful poem about her mother last Mothers Day. You can also find lots of other great witting about mothers and being a mother on her other blog, Write Another Mother

As difficult as Mothers Day can be for me at times, I really do love celebrating it! Because for me it is still a day where I get to celebrate my amazing Mum! It feels nice to take time and spend the day thinking of her, doing things that we loved to do together, and treating myself. It makes me feel close to her. 

Yesterday I took an ikebana class at Tortoise in Venice. It was so wonderful, I loved it! Mikiko was a wonderful teacher, and it was really interesting learning about the ikebana philosophy, read about it here. It was very meditative and I really got into it. It kind of felt like dancing... I know that sounds strange but, it is the only way I can describe it.

My final creation! It looks pretty simple, but it is actually quite hard getting it just right, so minimal. 
I think I did pretty well for my first go at it!

So cute! Tortoise is such a great store.

My mum's skirt, she got it in London when she lived in England. It is made of vintage silk scarves, it has always been a favorite.

Ava liked it too!
She also wishes you a Happy Mothers Day!



  1. What a beautiful post Lauren. I have tears in my eyes!

  2. Oh Boy.....what an amazing post.....it overwhelmed me with loss, but also great gratitude for having you BOTH in my life.....still recovering!! xoxo Babu

  3. simply, lovely.

  4. what a really touching and beautiful post. i am in tears writing this. you have such grace and elegance, and more than anything, i just think it's incredibly lovely that you shared everything you did today. and your ikebana looks absolutely stunning*

  5. Thanks everyone!

    it feels really good to share....
    ... thank you for letting me

    love to you all

  6. really beautiful post! so touching. also love the images from the class you took. looks dreamy!

  7. Hey thanks for the shout out Lauren! i only wish my web presence was as elegant as yours. You manage that and make it loo so effortless! You have gifts. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us. xoxox A

  8. ps your altar is so full of magic and love and beauty. It took my breath away when I saw it.