cheryl's herbs

Today I got to visit one of my favorite stores!
Cheryl's Herbs!
For years every time I am home I have been buying a bottle of her snake oil at the local health food market, but now she has a huge space all her own full of amazing oils, lotions, herbs, salves, balms, teas... and the list goes on. It is pretty much a dream land for someone like me.

I love her simple and cute labels. For me that's one of the reasons I love her products so much, they are so charming. I also love that they are made in store and use local ingredients found in Missouri, and I like supporting local businesses who really are passionate about what they do. 

Today I wondered around for a long time and picked out some goodies. My friend from home had sent me a huge bottle of snake oil for my birthday, so no need to restock until I am home next. But the snake oil is the product that hooked me (and I also like it's funny name)! I wish they told you a little bit about it on their website, it is truly amazing stuff! I love using it in the summer.
But today I picked up

Healing Perfume: which smells sweet and wonderful with neroli, chamomile, jasmine and rose
Witch Hazel: good for mosquito bites which I always get a lot of in the summer
Rose Hydrosol: because I just love me some rose! It is my favorite.
Ginkgo Leaf Liquid Extract: the knowledgeable people in the store helped me with this, for my dizzy spells
Stress Mixture: essential oil for my diffuser for my house with juniper, lavender, geranium and basil
Digestive Blend: to rub on my tummy when it is upset

Be sure to check it out!
After all...

Flowers can be our medicine


  1. oooohhhh! This place looks amazing! I have never heard of it, but it looks right up my alley!

  2. yes!
    it IS amazing!

    you can order everything online too!

    they also have a cute spray of essential oils just for your dogs coat! love it!
    i may have to go back and get it!
    and they have shampoos and cleaning solutions, stuff for babies and teas!
    it's awesome