madame grès

Grès is one of my all time favorite designers.
Madame Grès was originally trained as a sculptor, she claimed she treated “fabric like stone”. She started making clothing in the 1930's for ladies such as Dietrich, Garbo, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. Her principal technique for shaping a garment was without seaming or fabric cutting and without a pattern {amazing}. Madame Grès never used corsets. Instead, she created lines and volume through the art of twisting, braiding and billowing. 

Right now in Paris there is a show of her amazing dresses at the Museè Bourdelle. It’s the former studio of sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, a close friend of Rodin. The museums sculptures are the perfect setting for the collection of stunning dresses.
The exhibition runs through July 24th.
I can't wait to see it when I am there in July!

To read more about it, visit the museum site here. You can also see more of her amazing designs, close up. {I was so surprised to see the light lavender dress (the last dress shown) as I have a Phillip Lim dress that looks exactly like it! It is no surprise designers today are still inspired by her}
The top three photos are from this lovely series of the exhibition 

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