Keeping with the spirit of this blog, as a place to post about the things that inspire me, I am especially excited about this post. I have posted a lot of things recently about my grandmother Audrey, but not very much about my other grandmother, Thelma {aka: nana}. And the two of them really couldn't have been more opposite, the only thing they had in common was the fact that they were both really powerful women, but even then, in very different ways. 
How do I begin to describe nana? Oh the stories I could tell, I have so many wonderful ones about her.
She taught fashion at Washington University, and she made amazing clothes. One of my favorite stories about her was how she used to go to Saks and Neimans and buy suits and then take them home and cut patterns from them and then make them herself {brilliant !}, and return the originals. 
More importantly, she was truly an amazing painter! Above are two of my favorite paintings of hers. She loved butterflies and flowers and painted some abstracts and a whole fabulous series of small paintings of mushrooms. When I was younger I would go over in the afternoon and sit in her studio and we would both paint together. Along with my mum, she was so influential and shaped so much of the person I am today. She is incredibly inspiring. 
  She always danced to the beat of her own drummer, not caring what people thought. Wearing bright colors and patterns, and huge rings on every finger! She had a wonderful lightness about her, full of so much joy and wonder and whimsy. She and my mother were bestest of friends, and when I was little the three of us would do everything together! I feel so grateful for that time with them and the many gifts they have passed on to me. 

photos: Nana, as a young woman, I think she looks very Coco Chanel. A basket of her paint brushes I found at home, my mum must have kept them. An amazing photo of nana and my mum in their kimonos, I think from the mid 70's.

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