fern glen

This spring fed lake has been in my family for almost 100 years. It is near where I grew up in IL. And during the summer we would
 go out here and swim, grill local corn and take canoe rides. When my dad was young there was a giant rope swing that you could swing
 out onto the lake. And when I was little my grandmother Audrey would swim out to the raft on the other end of the lake
 with us and dive into the water. She also taught us to build drip sand castles
We spent many a birthdays, hot summer days and 4th of Julys here.
Every time I go home I try to go out for a visit and a swim! It is so quiet and peaceful there.

This is Eva, my friend Heather's little girl. She was really proud of herself that she dipped her head in and got her ears wet! So cute!

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