vivier and bentley

So, if you haven't heard {and really I don't know how you could have missed this}, Vivier and Bentley recently opened in Silver Lake! 
How do I explain my love for this store? Let me count the ways... first - it's within walking distance of my home {= awesome & trouble}, second - it is full of beautiful things made by super talented people {love that!}, third - the staff is adorable, fourth - the very creative and sweet Kathryn Bentley sells her amazing jewelry here, both her fine jewelry line and Dream Collective {and I was lucky to get a peek at her new additions to the line today when I stopped in, they will be out in about a month and they are all on my wish list!}, fifth - the super stylish Claire Vivier sells all of her chic purses and pouches in every color you could imagine {check out her blog too}, sixth - all the art is from Taylor de Cordoba Gallery, seventh - how awesome is that painted rug?! And the list goes on and on...
I want to just go and hang out in this beautiful space! If you haven't stopped in yet - you're crazy! GO!

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