what type are you?

What type are you?

A while ago I ran across this charming personality test that matches up your traits with a specific font! Fun, right?! I took it last night and was Marina Script: emotional, understated, traditional, disciplined (above). Then I found my results from when I took it months ago and I was Archer Hairline: emotional, understated, progressive, disciplined (the font below). 
Both fonts I love. On an emotional level I at times identify with what they say about Marina Script and aesthetically I am more attracted to Archer Hairline... so I am somewhere in between the two.

Take the test here and be sure to let me know what type you are! 

once you complete the test you can see & hear about the other types


  1. How fun! I took the test and I am archer hairline. Looking through them I think I am most drawn to that one as well. So I guess it worked for me.


  2. YAY!
    i actually thought you might be that one as well