paris greys

i have been so drawn to window displays for some reason this trip

one of my favorite places, Bob's Kitchen. had a mango, avacado, and radish roll here, with a carrot juice yesterday for lunch. yum

chien mignon

one of my favorite stores in Paris, Astier de Villatte. it is so beautiful and dreamy

yvonne lambert gallery

a vintage chocolate box i bought myself

this is the door to my old apartment. 9 rue Montmorency. my apartment was the one right above the big blue door. it was that window, and the two to the left. when i lived there i bought flower boxes and planted yellow flowers. 


michelle & alexandre


Michelle & Alexandre's wedding was like a fairy tale! It all took place at a beautiful chateau about twenty minutes outside of Aix. I think it was built in the late 1800's {amazing!}. Everything was perfect! 

The ceremony took place outside in the garden with the most beautiful afternoon light and a strong, magical, energetic wind. Michelle had asked me to be part of the ceremony, of course I said yes! and felt extremely honored and touched when I found out that I was to light a candle in memory of all of their loved ones who were no longer physically present. But, they made their presence known when the wind completely stopped as we lit the candles {we were worried that lighting them would be impossible}. It was so magical. The ceremony was so sweet and loving. Alex looked handsome and Michelle looked so stunning and beautiful! 

Afterwards we all gathered in another part of the garden and had champagne and delicious nibbles. Michelle tossed the bouquet from the window above, it was so sweet, you can see Alex in the window taking a photo of her. And then on to the reception in the chateau dinning room, which was gorgeous! It had beautiful old wooden floors and a huge fireplace with a huge mirror above, and yellow floral fabric covered walls, with these huge chandeliers, and candles and white roses everywhere. It was amazing!

Everything about the day was so sweet, and beautiful and from the heart. There was so much love.

I feel a bit conflicted posting photos, as I want them to have their privacy, but it was all just so beautiful I could not resist posting these few. 

I just love the top two photos of Michelle, she looks so radiant and happy!
In the photos of me I am wearing a rhinestone flower comb that was my grandmothers
A photo of me with my brother, Alex {not alex the groom}
photos of the amazing garden and reception


cézanne's studio

After the market we went to Cézanne's studio. It was so super special and magical for me to see this. They have preserved all the original objects in the studio since he passed away. The space had the most amazing feeling, comforting and still and full of wisdom. The light was beautiful and it smelled of oil paint, turpentine and old wood. I loved it!

{you were not allowed to take photos in the studio - so i had to find some online, but the top photo i did take}


saturday market

On saturday before the wedding we went into the center of Aix to the huge Saturday market! It was incredible! So many amazing fruits and vegitables, all so beautiful and perfect. There were cheeses, meats, eggs, olives, spices, hummus, breads, etc... as far as the eye could see. It was amazing! I got some yummy goodies, including some lavender honey to bring home and I picked up a gigantic sun hat and some comfy Moroccan slippers. 



This is the amazing house we are staying in outside of Aix. It is seriously so beautiful - the photos do not do it justice.
The whole family is here and it is really fun to all be together. 
From now on, when I am having a bad day, this is what I will be thinking of... this is my new happy place. 

This is what I see from my room in the morning. Amazing right?! I woke up on the first morning and opened my door and walked outside onto the grass, listening to the birds and the breeze, and thought to myself, "ya... I could do this."

one of the pools.

The grounds are so beautiful, so many amazing flowers, tons of lavender, and a pétanque court! The views everywhere are just dreamy, the whole house looks out over a huge field with an old wooden fence, a tree lined road, hills and little houses and churches in the distance. 
I am the luckiest girl!
I feel so grounded and so grateful to be here.