nyc -> paris

from gay Paris!

we arrived to rainy and cold Paris, and I couldn't be happier!
I feel like I'm home.

Tomorrow we take the train down to Aix en Provence for the wedding.
I haven't been taking a lot of photos but soon! 

Kate's sister Kat took the photo below of Kate and I while we were walking around Nolita on Saturday. I had the best time in NYC! 
We arrived to a thirty minute fire works show {put on just for us, of course!}, met wonderful new people, and saw old friends, walked around, 
ate amazing food, laughed until it hurt, stayed out late, and then stayed up later talking... it was perfect! 
On Monday we went to the Met and saw the Alexander McQeen show which was... well... 
amazing. crazy. breathtaking. inspiring. overwhelming. emotional. mind boggling! 
I am still recovering.
I can't recommend it enough! 
{tip: buy tickets to the Met Monday's to avoid the four hour wait!}



  1. I LOVE that photo Miss King!!!
    I could not have put it better... it was a perfect weekend adventure with the perfect partner in crime!