This is the amazing house we are staying in outside of Aix. It is seriously so beautiful - the photos do not do it justice.
The whole family is here and it is really fun to all be together. 
From now on, when I am having a bad day, this is what I will be thinking of... this is my new happy place. 

This is what I see from my room in the morning. Amazing right?! I woke up on the first morning and opened my door and walked outside onto the grass, listening to the birds and the breeze, and thought to myself, "ya... I could do this."

one of the pools.

The grounds are so beautiful, so many amazing flowers, tons of lavender, and a pétanque court! The views everywhere are just dreamy, the whole house looks out over a huge field with an old wooden fence, a tree lined road, hills and little houses and churches in the distance. 
I am the luckiest girl!
I feel so grounded and so grateful to be here.


  1. Hi L! The whole things just looks so amazing! I'm so happy you're regularly updating your blog so I know what you're up to! I'm so happy for you to be there in such a wonderful peaceful place. Can't wait to hear more deets when you get back. Continue the bliss!!! xoxo miss you.

  2. thanks N (wink wink)

    miss you too


  3. my heart is swooning! Lauren! you are in Heaven! i wanna go too! i've been to Cassis before and i was smitten by it too. i get to escape with you for a moment and that is lovely! thank you for updating your blog. i hope that the wedding today was stellar...i can't wait for you to post those pics*

    remember to stay present in your moment**

    missing you in the hood, btw ;)

  4. thanks lili!

    more amazing photos to come!