paris 05-06

In 2005, right after I graduated from undergrad I moved to Paris for a year. Solo. I figured I would never
 have another opportunity where I didn't have any responsibilities keeping me here. It was both equally 
hard and amazing! I didn't know a soul there and didn't {despite my best efforts} speak any french. I got
 to see and do so many amazing things, but after a year I was totally worn down and decided to move 
home. It still remains my favorite city for oh so many reasons.
I wanted to share a few photos from that time. I have so many, and this week I will be posting more every day.



one - almost every day I would come upon a moment where there was just the most beautiful light
two - spring in Paris is amazing! And living there taught me that it is even more amazing if you have suffered through the long winter. So when the flowers start to bloom and it gets warmer, people are nicer and happier. I loved walking around and seeing all the flowers in bloom
threeThe Manufacture des Gobelins is an amazing tapestry workshop - where they still use original looms and weaving techniques. Some times it takes them years to produce a rug. It is a hidden gem in Paris. 
four - this was my favorite day in Paris! Spring! and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. I sat under this canopy of pink every afternoon until they were gone - when the breeze would pick up all of these tiny pink petals would come fluttering down. It was beautiful.
five and six - the amazing Chartres. Super spiritual and amazing place. 
seven - another super spiritual and amazing place, at least for me, Versailles. This was taken in Marie Antoinette's bedroom. I overheard from tour group there that everything is a reproduction of the originals, because of course everything was looted or damaged during the Revolution, BUT the bedspread is original. Some one found it in an old building in New York City in the 1960's! Amazing!
eight - my apartment with white peonies
nine - amazing record that just seemed to sum it up for me that day

more to come tomorrow!

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