Lucian Freud painting the Queen


carmen dell'orefice by richard avedon



Summer has finally arrived!
Or should I say the summer heat has finally arrived. I thought June and July were too good to be true here in LA. But it finally feels right to be posting summer inspiration. 
For months I have been lusting after this spread that I saw last November in the Bergdorf Goodman Magazine. I love the feminine look of every outfit, and the more modern take on the classic 50's hair style {I have been trying to figure out how to get my hair to do this}, everything is just perfection!





cory janiak

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions.
Rainer Maria Rilke

i am happy

it is seriously this simple


my ten favorite things // kate danson \\

Kate is an amazing photographer and talented actress. She is warm, and wise, and wild at heart. She is a perfect blend of a modern free
spirited woman who is down to earth, and whose heart knows great depth. Not to mention she is just as beautiful on the outside as she
is on the inside. She has amazing style, and she and her wonderful husband have created such a cozy home together. 
I am so happy to have Kate share her ten favorite things!

Medicine Pouch
When I was 17, I was given a medicine pouch {on right) by a Native American medicine man, pretty amazing right?  I was so moved by the gesture that ever since, I've carried it with me and continued to build on it.  There's something so amazing about the tradition, the idea of carrying your own personal medicine with you. Of course, nothing beats advil. 


Antique Blouse and Shorts
I was very close to my grandmother, or Granny as I called her, on my father's side, and when she passed away, we all went through her precious belongings and chose a few things that we wanted to hold on to.  We found the most beautiful objects in her trousseau, it's too hard to say that just one of them is my favorite.  The Victorian blouse was her mother's, my great-grandmother's and is in perfect condition.  And the shorts, or dare I say underwear, are hers!  Too cute!   

Miss Lauren Spencer King's Painting
What can I say about Lauren's art that you all don't already know!  It's unbelievably gorgeous and she's an unrivaled talent.  I'm honored to have a few of her pieces on my wall.  And even more honored that she made the art for our wedding invitations, which I'm showing here!  I cherish it!!!  

I've been collecting crystals since I was a little girl.  I'm not sure if it's their beauty or their properties that I love so much.  I remember the first time I flew alone, my parents gave me a crystal to put in my pocket, and whether it was just the idea that it might protect me or if in some magical universe it really did, either way, I felt better knowing it was in pocket. 


My husband and I first saw this adorable miniature piano (yes, it's as small as it looks) in our friend's store, Ten Over Six.  We both thought that it was part of the decor.  But to our surprise, it wasn't, and they were actually thrilled to sell it to us!  It's one of my favorite objects in our house.... There's nothing I love more than when a friend is moved to play it.
(Side note, and I know I'm cheating, I love those prints above the piano, which I lusted after for years and were gifted to me by my siblings!)

Horse Painting
This painting was a long time coming!  Years ago, I sublet a semi-furnished  apartment from a really cool woman with fantastic taste.  One of the things she left in the apartment was an amazing horse portrait that I fell in love with.  And for years after that, I was on the hunt for a portrait of my own.  Finally, after years of looking through flea markets and antique stores, my sweet husband found this painting and surprised me with it on my birthday!  

I have an amazing collection of records that were my mother's as a child, as well as my grandfather's.  My mother was training to be a concert pianist as a young girl and my grandfather played the upright base and conducted big bands in the 1940's.  So needless to say, the collection is pretty amazing.  Most of the records are 78's so I rarely get the chance to play them.  But the albums themselves are such beautiful objects that I love having them on the shelves. 

In a parallel universe, I'm a hugely successful drummer in a band.  I've always wished that I could play drums but never had the nerve to take lessons.  Growing up, my father had a beautiful leather drum that I loved which he would occasionally play for me.  Knowing all this, my dear friend Jane Anne, gave me this amazing Native American drum for my birthday.  (And sometimes when I'm feeling crazy, I'll pound on it when no one's home!)

I love my rings!  I have a collection of rings that I wear everyday, come hell or high water, almost.  My engagement ring, which is a true beauty, is thanks to my husband Jesse and the designer Irene Neuwirth.  I have never loved a ring more!  Then there's a few thin bands that I wear everyday.  And lastly, my amazing Woodford & Co coin ring designed by my dear friend Sheree Commerford that is a real show stopper!  Every time I wear it, someone stops me to ask about it. 

Second to acting, photography is a great passion of mine.  And because of that, I love cameras, of all shapes and sizes!  This Contax T2 has never let me down and because it's a film camera, I never know how the pictures are going to turn out, which I love!



Tomorrow I am posting the first edition of my new feature, My Ten Favorite Things

I love looking at the great blogs out there that give you sneak peeks into stylish peoples closets, but even with all the eye candy at times I long for more, something that goes deeper. One day while looking around my bedroom, imagining what special pieces I would pull out to show-and-tell, I started thinking about what I value in my life. I started to realize that all the items I really love are the ones that have personal meaning. My favorite bag isn't my favorite because it is the "in" style of the moment or because it was expensive, it is because it has sentimental value. I know the most important part of life isn't the things we own, but for me, the things that are my favorite are so because of what they mean to me, who they are from, or where I got them. It is why they are important that really matters. I think you can tell a lot about a person if you listen to them speak about why something matters to them. And I wanted to create a place where this was explored, and where people could share their stories.

So, I will be asking friends, "what are your ten favorite things, and why?" It could be anything in their home: a book, a ring, a piece of art... anything. I am excited to see what people come up with! I'm sure everyones list will be quite different.

I hope you enjoy!

photo by me




This is part of my rock and mineral collection. 
The other part is in my studio and then I have some larger pieces around my home and then a pouch of special crystals and minerals I keep by my bed, use during meditation, and also travel with. 
Some have been gifts, and I have collected some during travels, but mostly I go to Gem, Mineral and Fossil shows. I know... dorky, but oh so awesome! It is seriously heaven to me. I love going and spending hours looking around and asking questions and finding the special pieces. I can't get enough, there are so many amazing shapes and colors and textures. I find them endlessly inspirational. One of my favorite minerals is Pyrite. It is what I have collected the most of, I am always drawn to it.  

What do you collect?




i love these covers
i love the kew gardens
i love virginia woolf
i love semi-precious stones
i love malachite

{i have the bottom book, bought it at a mineral show}

wind blown


alasdair mclellan for vogue japan july 20113


vogue italia september 1997