I had an amazing weekend, truly life changing. I spent the weekend in David Elliott's Healer Training One. After meeting him through my dear friend Ann, and having my first breathing session in 2004, I have wanted to do this workshop. I knew I needed to, but something about the timing never seemed right, until now. I feel totally ready, 2011 is my year to dive into this head on, and work on myself and learn about my gifts and nurture my intuition. 
It was a two day course full of so much insight, knowledge, experience, growth, fun, emotion and love. I just can't put it into words... it was so magical and profound. I learned so much. I won't try to explain how I feel changed or what I learned, but I will just say I look forward to honoring my new insights and going forward with love and awareness. 

I want to send love out into the universe to all of the truly amazing people in the workshop this weekend who came from near and far. Each one was not only a healer but also a teacher, all with their individual gifts, talents and knowledge. Although it was only two days I feel very close to them, we all bonded and are like a little family. I want to thank both of my partners, Jorge and Nicola (who is Italian, and a gifted Gong Master) for being open and trusting, and for sharing their gifts with me. And I want to especially thank David, I have so much gratitude for you, words can not express. 


{photos: me & joseph scheer the moth is one of my animal guides}

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  1. there is something so famililar about your first picture. i really like the muted colors. and how fitting that the moth is one of your animal guides. i want to learn more about animal guides! that is so cool you got to experience such a grand weekend!