This is part of my rock and mineral collection. 
The other part is in my studio and then I have some larger pieces around my home and then a pouch of special crystals and minerals I keep by my bed, use during meditation, and also travel with. 
Some have been gifts, and I have collected some during travels, but mostly I go to Gem, Mineral and Fossil shows. I know... dorky, but oh so awesome! It is seriously heaven to me. I love going and spending hours looking around and asking questions and finding the special pieces. I can't get enough, there are so many amazing shapes and colors and textures. I find them endlessly inspirational. One of my favorite minerals is Pyrite. It is what I have collected the most of, I am always drawn to it.  

What do you collect?


  1. Hello! I found your blog a click-through adventure I had coming from a designer's blog. I'm enjoying your blog so far and I know what you mean about rocks and minerals being endlessly inspirational. They have this celestial aura about them that keeps me fascinated. I wonder about their history, their chemical make-up, how they got their color... everything!

    As a strange but pretty awesome requirement for the graphic design school program that I'm in, I'm required to start a collection. I want it to be both gorgeous and meaningful. Can you tell me where you usually look for rocks and minerals, either an online or a type of local resource I could tap?

  2. hi Geena!

    yes - minerals are amazing for so many reasons...

    i'm not sure where you live - but there are a few good stores in LA. my local store is crystal matrix which i like. there are a few others in the city - there is one amazing store - the crystalarium on melrose. also a lot of new age stores have a small collection
    my best advice is to look and see when rock, mineral, and gem shows are in town. they usually happen 2 times a year. sometimes more. but this is where i get most of my collection... it is so great - everyone is really nice and helps you find what you are looking for and answers all your questions. and it isn't as expensive as when you by minerals in the stores.

    let me know if you have other questions, i have been learning a lot about minerals and crystals for years now. and it has been really fun!

    good luck!

  3. This collection is amazing. I collect rocks and minerals too, though I have a very small assortment right now. So beautiful.
    By the way I love your blog, came across it from Sweet Thing Blog (which I also adore). Will definitely be checking back again! :)