craft night

So, last Monday my sweet, lovely and creative neighbors, Lili and Kelly, and I got together to have our first ever Craft Night! We gathered at Lili's cozy home. As we enjoyed every bite of Kelly's delicious kale and arugula salad, we laid all of our materials out, got all set up and then ended up talking about profound life experiences until midnight with out a single craft made! Haha! As Lili said, "...whatever was shared last night, although no crafts were actually made, was very beautiful and inspiring." And she couldn't be more right!

above is Lili's cat, Button. he is such a love

Though the next day we were itchin' to get our craft on! So Lili and I set up outside and got busy.

Originally I had this elaborate dream catcher / mobile combo idea, but I was rearranging some things on my wall (having to take down a watercolor I had made when I was little, I was afraid it was fading in the light), I was left with a hole to fill. So I decided to hang a pouch that is from my mum's amazing collection of Native American objects, and then it still needed something. I looked around and saw my half moon dream catcher and stuck it up there! I think it works? What do you think?


Check out Lili's post on her beautiful branch arrows!

Also - So many exciting posts to come this week! I had an AMAZING weekend at a Healer Training Workshop, I am going to share photos of part of my gem and mineral collection (you can see a little above), and my new addition to the blog My Ten Favorite Things, first up, Mrs Kate Danson

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  1. OMG! how cute is Button?! it made me smile so big to see her first up on your post! your dreamcatcher is so darn rad. thanks again lauren for teaching me about gold leafing and inviting me to join you for more crafting the very next day!

    lovely post*


    p.s. can't wait for our O full moon craft night! YEAH!