Tomorrow I am posting the first edition of my new feature, My Ten Favorite Things

I love looking at the great blogs out there that give you sneak peeks into stylish peoples closets, but even with all the eye candy at times I long for more, something that goes deeper. One day while looking around my bedroom, imagining what special pieces I would pull out to show-and-tell, I started thinking about what I value in my life. I started to realize that all the items I really love are the ones that have personal meaning. My favorite bag isn't my favorite because it is the "in" style of the moment or because it was expensive, it is because it has sentimental value. I know the most important part of life isn't the things we own, but for me, the things that are my favorite are so because of what they mean to me, who they are from, or where I got them. It is why they are important that really matters. I think you can tell a lot about a person if you listen to them speak about why something matters to them. And I wanted to create a place where this was explored, and where people could share their stories.

So, I will be asking friends, "what are your ten favorite things, and why?" It could be anything in their home: a book, a ring, a piece of art... anything. I am excited to see what people come up with! I'm sure everyones list will be quite different.

I hope you enjoy!

photo by me

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