Yesterday was Ava's Birthday

She is now SIX years old! 
We celebrated by having a little dance party, playing with her favorite toy and she got a special bone and her favorite snack, an apple with peanut butter. Oh! and of course, she got to wear a fancy birthday tiara while napping in her favorite chair. 

I realized I haven't really posted a lot of photos of Ava before. 
So I am making up for lost time with all of these photos! 

My mum got Ava after we put our first dog, Monroe, to sleep right before I moved to Paris. When I came home for Christmas I had a little surprise puppy waiting! She is such an amazing dog. It sometimes seems like she isn't a dog, but a person. She took such good care of my mum and I feel so grateful to now be able to take care of her. 
She is my love.

Ava as a puppy - isn't she just about the cutest thing you have ever seen. 

This photo always makes me giggle!
She is hilarious!


  1. Happy Birthday Ava! You're hilarious and sweet! Good combination...

  2. that sweet ava! happy birthday - she is such a libra! x

  3. thanks everyone!
    Ava loves you back!

  4. such a cute post. the first pic is EVERYTHING.
    mikie and kristen

  5. What a seriously beautiful dog.
    Dogs are the best people!