new work

Over the weekend I made two new sculptures!

2 sculptures in 2 days

I was asked to contribute some work for a short film called Crow & Arrow
Allison Schulnick and Gerard Davis (who also stars in the film) contributed some amazing art for the film as well. 
I feel very honored to be in the mix with these two. 

I thought I would give a little sneak peek into my studio... what it looks like when I am making stuff... 
Each piece was made specifically for the shoot, for certain locations and shots. 
One is watercolor on paper and the other glass. I have never done a glass piece this big, so I was a little nervous and a lot excited! 
I am super happy with how they turned out.

(there are lots of photos so hang with me)

there was an amazing praying mantis just hanging out on the work table where I get my glass


 Ava is the best lil' studio pup. She lounged around while I worked, and danced with me during my secret dance party breaks I take when I feel the like I am getting too serious.

These are some photos of the sculptures installed at the shoot (an amazing Neutra house). 


 The paper one on the left was installed next to an outdoor tepee like structure, that was painted red and black. I love how the copper leaf (bottom shape) reflects the color from the structure and at the same time mirrors the top painted shape, this is what I was hoping would happen, but ya never know....



  1. I know I saw these images yesterday, but I still can'T get enough of them! So beautiful and amazing!!!!!

  2. Lauren, these are just gorgeous! I love how they look hanging in the tree. You are so talented! xo