bébé walton

On Saturday I drove up to Ojai for the most lovely Baby Shower one could ever dream of!

My friend Lilly is having a Girl!

I am so thrilled for her and her husband. And it was so fun to spend the day showering her with love. 
Her mom crafted the most amazing ladies lunch. It was so sweet. She put together the most adorable decorations and details.  
(she let me in on where she got everything! check it out) 
(above is my gift and the card I made. When I was in Paris in July I stopped in to Petit Bateau and picked up some French bébé essentials!)

I love this pool!

There is this time of day in Southern California called "The Golden Hour." It is the moment right before the sun goes down, and it ends the day by casting it's golden, pink rays over everything it can touch. It is so magical, and even more so in Ojai.
We were waiting for it all day so we could snap some photos.

I love the photo below of Jessie in action. She took the most beautiful photos of Lilly.
Be sure to check both Jessie and Lilly's blogs for more amazing photos!

It was a perfect day!


  1. LOVE your photos Lauren! Just beautiful! It really was perfect! xo

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Both you talented ladies captured the day perfectly! I looked at my camera and had only taken 5 pictures (well I guess I was pretty busy that day!) So happy to have these! xoxo

  3. beautiful!!! that is my dream pool i think... such lovely photos!

  4. Ojai us just beautiful isn't it?

  5. thanks JW and LW and V!

    and YES - Ojai is beautiful
    some day i hope to live there!