the foundation

Yesterday my dear friend Kate took me to the Ojai Foundation. It is an amazing sanctuary overlooking the valley. The Foundation holds rites of passage ceremonies, sweat lodges and retreats, all while embracing a totally sustainable way of living and encouraging a harmonious relationship with nature. Kate went on a retreat here in high school with her class (can you imagine? how awesome!). And I felt so lucky that she shared it with me. We spent the afternoon wondering around the huge grounds whispering to each other about nature and life while we hiked through the woods to the tee pee, walked the labyrinth and picked some sage to put on the alter as an offering. 
It is a super special place. 

Thank you Kate for sharing!


  1. Aww it was such a special afternoon!!! And the photos look beautiful :)
    Can't wait to go back! Xoxoxo

  2. this looks so amazing. thank you so much for sharing. i feel like elijah and i need to get a home there. it's just such a magical part of california.