hello lovely readers

If you are in LA I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, cozy, grey, (i'm going to add rainy - as it just started to rain as I finished writing this) day.

I have been getting the itch to post some writing on my blog... if you have been paying close attention you have been able to tell I have been sprinkling in some more posts about things I am learning about. But have been feeling a pull to start writing more. I'm not yet sure where this writing will end up but I thought a little might find it's way on to the blog. 
Especially since I have been doing the Healer Training and really working hard, so many things are blossoming and coming up for me, and I have had a few people encourage me to share some of these things (thank you to these people, you know who you are). But wanted to see if others were interested in reading more about things that are going on for me?

So, if you are leave a comment and let me know. No pressure - I am just curious. 
Otherwise I will find another place for these thoughts to land. 

enjoy the sunshine or the rain, where ever you are


does anyone know the source of this beautiful watercolor - i have seen it everywhere and can't find who it's by.