in season

Persimmons are in season!
One of my favorites fruits

I went to my friend Ann's breath circle tonight, which was wonderfully healing.  I was being kind of hard on myself, and she reminded me, like she always does when I need to hear it, that I am doing fine... great, in fact is the word she used.
 And on the way home I started thinking about WHY is it so hard for most of us to see ourselves as the amazing, talented, beautiful, special souls we all are? Why at times do we have trouble seeing in ourselves what others see in us so effortlessly? Sometimes without even really knowing us. How can they recognize something in us that we have not yet recognized ourself?
I have been thinking about this idea a lot lately. 
My friend Shawn reminded me recently that sometimes we need a mirror to reflect back at us what has been there all along. He cleverly compared it to the "You've got something right there" gesture a friend makes when you have chocolate on your face and don't know it.  

I wanted to challenge myself, and you, to try to practice some self-love. And see if we can go one day where we embrace ourselves for the awesome people we are. And cherish every part of ourselves, even the faults. Where we don't hold ourselves back and where we let ourselves shine like the bright stars we are. A day where we are our own mirrors and our biggest fan.

One day.
Let me know what you think and how it goes... 
and more importantly how it feels.

I also wanted to thank all of my amazing mirrors out there! 
I am grateful for you and I'm reflecting right back atcha!


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