spencer studio shop

The Spencer Studio Shop is now open!

One of these drawings would make a great gift for the holidays, 
either for someone you love, or as a gift to yourself!

This is a limited edition group of nine drawings. And I have a feeling they will go fast (I already sold one before the shop officially opened!). 
All of the photos I bought while I was in Paris at one of my favorites shops in the neighborhood I used to live in. 
Also check back, because every few months I will debut a new collection: everything from jewelry to ceramics. 
So spread the word
and the love!

Happy shopping!





Yep! That's right, Spencer Studio is opening a shop!
Just in time for the holidays.

I just finished nine new drawings. 
And tomorrow the shop opens it's doors.
So, stay tuned lovies.
More info to come.




le voyage dans la lune

A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la lune) is a 1902 French black and white silent science fiction film. It is loosely based on two popular novels of the time: From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne and The First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells. The film was written and directed by Georges Méliès.

i love this



jim hodges

Jim Hodges

I wish wish wish I could see this show in NY right now


Vera Ellen in White Christmas

I have watched this SO many times
It makes me SO happy!
She's like a little canary


far out

this is so amazing
love the groovy music 
and great dance moves

a. b. c.

Interval (A)
Interval (B)
Interval (C)



Nature has an abundance of gifts and lessons for us. And if we are aware and keep our hearts open we are lucky enough to be witness to them.

For my birthday my sweet friend Kate brought me an amazing bunch of peonies, and since then I have been taking photos of them everyday. Noticing how dramatically they change day to day. And also noticing how beautiful they are in each stage; as they begin with their vibrant pink petals in tight buds, to slowly opening and becoming more fragile while loosing some color, and eventually releasing their pale petals altogether.   
Peonies are my favorite flowers because they go through the most change (I also think of them as the artist flower, as they have been the muse of so many great painters from Latour to Manet). They are in a constant state of transformation. And it is so dramatic and so beautiful to watch, and I always think of it as such a good reminder for me in my life.

This past weekend I participated in two workshops that focused on grief. One at the Iyengar Institute called Conscious Grieving, and an amazing one lead by my dear friend Ann Faison, called Drawing on Grief.  Since my mum passed away I have been fascinated by this topic, and love learning and talking about it. And my art is all about transformation, and the intensity of grief: the complicated relationship of intense pain and sadness, as well as intense joy and love. And how beautiful it can all be. 
I was around two amazing and brave groups of people this weekend who have all lost someone close to them in their life. As I listened to their stories it got me thinking about how grateful I am that the experience of my mum's passing was so profoundly beautiful. I won't even try to describe it here, and now... but will just say that being witness to her death was the most magical moment of my life, and changed me forever in such a radical way. And I am so grateful for that.
It was so unexpectedly beautiful, and I had feared it for many years, and I think that because of this it taught me to trust. Trust the universe. That it has a greater plan for me than I could ever imagine.

And now I am so grateful for my grief, it has been an amazing teacher to me. 

I know everyone needs to grieve differently. And today after Ann's workshop, on my drive home I just felt my heart open up, and somehow was able to have even more gratitude for the healing breathwork that both Ann and I have learned from David Elliott. It has been something in my life that allows me to heal and grow in such an exciting way. Ann is the one that introduced me to David years and years ago, and now I am doing the Healer Trainings with him. And I feel very lucky to have found a practice and way of life that resonates with me. I am eternally grateful for that.

And, though I am still getting comfortable with saying this, I am learning to be a healer in my own way.  


nabokov's butterflies

The drawings of butterflies done by Vladimir Nabokov were intended for “family use.” He made these on title pages of various editions of his works as a gift to his wife and son and sometimes to other relatives. In Brian Boyd’s words, “in these highly personal and affectionately playful drawings the scientific accuracy Nabokov needed in thousands of illustrations of the specimens he studied under the microscope was no longer relevant, and his imagination could take flight. In the butterflies Nabokov devised and labeled for Vera he mingles fact and fancy even more sportively than in his fiction.”
None of these drawings portray real butterflies, both the images and the names he assigns to them are his invention. The names often have some connection to the book that the butterflies adorn and, in most cases,  play on words in English and Russian is used: “Paradisia radugaleta”, “Verinia verae”, to name just a few.

happy 224th

it is Louis Daguerre's, inventor of the daguerreotype, 224th birthday


outside in

maurizio zucchi

the pencil story

The Pencil Story 
John Baldessari

When I was in undergrad I loved this piece. All I did was talk about it and write about it
and the funny thing is I totally forgot about it, until I stumbled upon it a few days ago.
I still think it is pretty great!


lucky dragons

Drawing on fabric, made by the Sumi Ink Club.
Fabric then made into a tux jacket for a friend getting married
love it

Sara Rara and Luke Fischbeck of Lucky Dragons and the Sumi Ink Club
I heard them lecture when I was in school and they brought their amazing instrument, made for the Make a Baby preformance. The instument ia synthesizer played by two or more people touching one another on the skin. The sound changes depending on how and how many people are touching. It is pretty amazing and cool. See video of how is works below.


a mystical attraction





i'm just putting it out there

shade parade

try not to smile while watching this
i dare you


gem & mineral show

I had a super fun weekend!
On saturday I went out of town for the Gem & Mineral show!
It happens twice a year and it is seriously one of my favorite things.
I feel like it is a place where my inner nerd and my artistic self meet each other.
I love spending hours looking through everything. Asking questions, learning new things. Ooohing and aahing. And people watching (which is so great, as you can imagine) 
It's pretty amazing.
My collection is getting pretty big, I showed some of it here. And I have some bigger pieces that aren't pictured and then a tiny collection at my studio... it is kind of getting out of control. But I can't help myself! I am kookoo for minerals!
This time I mostly got gifts. Though got a few pieces for myself (shhhh). And some stuff I need for my work. 
It was a pretty awesome day!


11 // 11 // 11

1 1   //   1 1   //   1 1 

today is a very magical day

some say we are entering into the age of aquarian
stars are aligning
energy is heightened
spend some time around 11:11am
and 1:11pm today
set some intentions 
make some wishes
imagine joy and abundance
what ever you want to manifest
today is the day to step into it