gem & mineral show

I had a super fun weekend!
On saturday I went out of town for the Gem & Mineral show!
It happens twice a year and it is seriously one of my favorite things.
I feel like it is a place where my inner nerd and my artistic self meet each other.
I love spending hours looking through everything. Asking questions, learning new things. Ooohing and aahing. And people watching (which is so great, as you can imagine) 
It's pretty amazing.
My collection is getting pretty big, I showed some of it here. And I have some bigger pieces that aren't pictured and then a tiny collection at my studio... it is kind of getting out of control. But I can't help myself! I am kookoo for minerals!
This time I mostly got gifts. Though got a few pieces for myself (shhhh). And some stuff I need for my work. 
It was a pretty awesome day!


  1. {razzle be-dazzled}

    ¡vivre la collection!

  2. WOW, those are spectacular! Must photograph your collection soon!

    Jessie xo

  3. beautiful! that calcite is awesomeeeee

  4. thanks darlings!

    and - YES - miss JW - a photo sesh would be so fun!