harvest moon

I have been wanting to share this for what seems like forever!

My sweet neighbors, Lili and Kelly, and I put together a photo shoot in September on the night of the Harvest Moon. It was such a beautiful and magical night, we shared delicious tea and nibbles, and lots of laughs and stories. Later in the evening we had my dear friend Jane Anne over to do a reading for us. She is an amazing soul and super gifted, and it just made the experience even more special. 
I feel so grateful to have such truly wonderful neighbors and friends.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting this whole thing together.

Happy Thanksgiving

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. 
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
                       -Khalil Gibran

I think that there can be something rather magical about having neighbors in close quarters. As much as I like my space and surroundings, whenever I leave my house and look up I take great comfort in knowing that both my beautiful neighbors Lauren an Kelly’s perched apartments are there cozily looking down onto mine. I was the last one to move into the 1930’s art deco apartment complex and little did I know that two kindred spirits also shared that very space. 

We three quickly became friends in passing through a mutual Oh wow I love your skirt today or hey I left you some farmers market plums on your doorstep or sometimes it is coming home to a little arrangement of wildflowers gathered from a neighborhood walk left on my steps. I felt close to these two women even though we hardly knew each other. 

The feelings were mutual and so we started hosting craft nights for each other, quickly learning that we all had something to contribute to the creative pot that we were kindling. The idea is simple: one of us presents an idea of something for us to make, one of us opens her apartment to host, and the other brings food and drinks. We bring all the supplies that we each have and compile them on a table and quickly get to work, weaving our very own fabrics of friendship through stories, laughs, sometimes tears, encouragement, listening, and more creative fire. The three of us kindred spirits wanted to do something to honor our connection, and carve out some time where we could share not only food, but stories as well. The Harvest Moon seemed a perfect night to come together and hold a space for one another and the kinswomen that we have become.

We each spent the day on our own baking, gathering flowers and preparing tea. As soon as the sun started to set we met on the deck and spent the night under the light of the full moon surrounded by our candle-lit crafted gold leafed jars. Before we knew it we three turned the communal wooden deck under the trees into a beautiful and joyous illuminated space where we could disconnect from the world for a moment, gently let our walls down and reconnected with ourselves, each other, our thoughts, inspirations and ideas. We got to sit in each others company eating a freshly baked tart and cookies while sipping tea. It was like recharging and fueling up. This evening we kindled a fire of warmth, love, honesty, creativity and laughs under the biggest moon of the year as it shone down on us as if approving of the harvesting of our friendship and kinship. 

We invited Lauren’s dear friend to come by and share this magical moment with us and practice her love of tarot reading. She threw even more fire into our big brewing pot! It was as though our evening was becoming more and more enchanted! The evening carried on and all that mattered was this moment we were sharing together. It is simple: it is a gift to one another to be with one another.

Conceived and Styled by Lauren Spencer King, Kelly Cuadra and Lili Cuzor
Photography by Lili Cuzor anSiena Perez del Campo
Written by Lili Cuzor
Harvest Moon card by Spencer Studio

Also head on over to see the sweet Harvest Moon video Lili edited
all shot on her iPhone! amazing

A special thank you to all of our helpers who helped get the shoot ready and took photos and video for us.

Learn how to gold leaf your own jars - DIY post
Sterling silver knife made by my mum
Tart recipe - I make this tart all the time - it is my signature dish. 
For the shoot I made it with plums and added a little splash of rose water to the macaroon mix.

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  1. what an amazing time we shared! i can't wait for our next adventure together!

    fantastic post* xo!