charles e king

The Hustad Residence

This house reminds me of my Dad's childhood home that my grandfather designed (see the two photos below, all the furniture in the photo we still have).
Charles E. King was an architect in the midwest. This home was built in 1957. It is perched on the bluffs over looking the St. Louis skyline. The home has no doors, except for the bathroom. Charles purchased the 5 acres of property from the widow of a doctor who had engaged Frank Lloyd Wright to design a home; construction had begun with the foundation and brickwork when the doctor suddenly died. Charles kept the original plans, which my Dad now has for safe keeping. (Pretty cool!)

He designed approximately 150 structures in the Belleville area (which is the town I grew up in, in Illinois), including the home I grew up in, an amazing house in the woods. There is also a home he designed in Washington, MO overlooking the Missouri River that was featured in Architectural Digest in 1988. He gave a live tour of it on Good Morning America as part of their "Architecture Week" series about that time (I wish I could find photos, it is really cool. The house is set into the bluffs, underground. So the roof is basically all grass, and the back of the house is all glass and is flush with the exposed rock of the bluff. It is amazing.).

I wish there were more photos of his work - it is really wonderful and inspiring. 
He was an amazing guy. When I was little he used to show me how to make blue prints. And he had an amazing art and book collection (some of which I am happy to now have).

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