I hope everyone had a wonderful and cozy thanksgiving weekend.
We had a great Thanksgiving day at my godmother's house in Malibu. 
Delicious food, a warm fire, and even a game of charades! 

She has an amazing collection of rugs! 
I couldn't resist taking photos of all the amazing prints and colors!

Then on Friday we had our annual Black Friday Picnic! 
We have been doing it for about seven years now I think. And it was inspired by this story I love about my mum and nana. We grew up in Illinois where it is very cold at Thanksgiving. And nana never had room for the leftover turkey in her refrigerator, so she used to put it in the trunk of her car. And the day after Thanksgiving she and my mum would drive over to St. Louis to go to Saks for the sale. And they would shop all morning and then around lunch time would walk out to the car and make turkey sandwiches!!! And stand there and eat them in the parking lot and then go back in and shop till they dropped! 
It is such a cute story, and even more so because I think it captures part of my mum and nana's spirit, and how adorable and funny they were together. 
When I was little they used to take me along and park my stroller next to a rack of clothes where I could play with all the tags and extra pouches with buttons and thread. And they said when they would leave they would look at my hands and see that I was clutching fists full of anything I could get my hands on!

Now we make yummy sandwiches (turkey, spinach, my great grandmother's dressing patties, cranberries...yum), some left over pumpkin pie, and my dad always brings a bottle of wine and we have a picnic in the parking lot. It is so fun and it makes it way easier to deal with the crowds.

I spent the rest of the weekend working on an exciting project you will find out about on Wednesday!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend full of love and traditions! 
Oh, and amazing food!

top photo by my brother - rest by me


  1. that is the GREATEST tradition ever!

  2. those rugs are gorgeous! the colors...