december 16th - special day in the desert

December 16th is a really special day for me
This year will be the three year anniversary of my mum's passing
I have made it a tradition to be out in Joshua Tree on that day for the past couple of years.
I spent the morning hiking around the park. I love Joshua Tree. It is such a magical place for me. I can literally feel the magic in the air. I feel a presence when I am out there, and feel connected to everything. It has such amazing energy.

It was also super chilly! In the high 40's! I stayed bundled up, and was happy in the sunshine. My happiest moment was laying on this huge rock in the sun. It is so simple, and yet there is no better feeling. My body craves this simple act.

After a few hours in the park I drove a little bit north to the Integratron! This (along with Joshua Tree) is one of my favorite places on earth! It is strange, and odd, and magical, and healing all at the same time. It has a really interesting history, which you can read about here. I try to go as often as I can. 
I spent the afternoon there and got a Sound Bath! Which is literally just that, you lay on a mat while someone plays these beautiful crystal bowls, and you are bathed in sound. It sounds and feels amazing. Because of the symmetry and acoustics of the dome you feel the sound vibrations moving through you. And then you leave feeling like a new person, in mind and body. 
I love it!!!

Thank you desert for being a sacred place that I can retreat to. 

Thank you for holding space for me and honoring me by letting me spend important days in your presence, and sharing your natural beauty.
Thank you for allowing me to leave you feeling more grounded, refreshed and peaceful.


  1. wauw....
    what a great place to go!!
    the only desert I have been to was in Australia while on holiday for six weeks
    and I loved it
    but Joshua Tree looks so different

    greetings from the rainy Netherlands

  2. Ah-MAZING!!!! thank you for sharing this special day and place with us Lauren. i so want to go. and it made me think about how it's been much too long since i've been out to the desert.

    laying on a rock letting the sun's rays fill your soul up is such a simple yet sacred and magical thing.

    btw, your pictures are **beautiful**. you have such a natural eye for composition.

    again, thank you for sharing. so special...

  3. Hi, i love your blog, really nice images and inspiring places.

    Fiona from London

  4. thanks everyone!
    from both near (Lili living within feet of me) and far!!! the Netherlands and London! wow!