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Time for another round up of My Ten Favorite Things

You might remember Kate's Ten Favorite Things, well, featured this week is her sweet step-sister, Lilly Walton. Lilly is especially radiant 
these days as she and her wonderful husband, Charlie, are expecting their first baby any day now! She is a true west coast girl, she is beautiful, 
laid back, and fun, with an adventurous spirit. Lilly also runs the candle company Nell's Compass. If any of you are looking for last minute 
gifts head over to their website, North would be perfect for this time of year. 
And I love that they donate part of their proceeds to Heifer International
I am so happy to have Lilly share her ten favorite things!

Rose Gold Wedding bands
My husband, Charlie,  and I designed our wedding bands and I am in love with them! Of course, I love what they signify, but I also love the color of the rose gold on both of our skin tones. My heart still skips a beat when I see his ring on his hand, it never gets old. At night, he keeps his ring in this little dish by our bed that is filled with various rocks and crystals and good juju. We got the dish at Café de Flore in Paris which is where we went to celebrate the night we got engaged. 


Vintage Dress
This dress was made in England for my mom to wear in the 1985 BBC mini series called Tender is the Night. She has since passed it down to me. I have worn it to two black tie weddings, and it makes me feel like a 20’s starlet! I love the detailed beading and the rosy blush colors are right up my alley. 

Handmade Shell Note Cards
Thank you to the fabulous Lauren, of this wonderful blog, for these amazing shell note cards. Lauren, you are so crazy talented! (but you all already knew that). This was also a wedding present and my husband and I decided that we would write each other a note on our anniversary every year and seal it up in the box and open it one year later on the following anniversary.

Amethyst Necklace
My step-mom, Kelley, gave me this necklace at my baby shower and I haven’t taken it off since. It is the most beautiful pale amethyst I have ever seen. It was so sweet for the mom to get a gift amongst all of the adorable presents for baby! 

Miss Madge
Madge is our 17 1/2 year old French bulldog. Yes that’s right, 17 1/2! She is deaf and also pretty blind, but she is such a sweetie! She has been slowing down as of late (as you do when you are 119 yrs old) but she keeps surprising us - just when we think the end is near, she bounces back. We love this girl SO much. 

My belly! 
Oh how I love my belly and most of all, oh how I love what’s inside! Any day now we will lay eyes on our baby girl for the first time and I am dying with anticipation for that very moment. 


Baby Quilt
My dear friend and talented artist, America Martin, made this quilt for Little Miss Walton. We have it hung above her crib. I am so lucky to have such talented artistic friends!

Jay Kelly Original
Our wedding planner Emily Kelly is married to an amazing local Venice artist, Jay Kelly. We had always been fans of Jay’s mixed media collages and as a wedding present they surprised us with this piece. He incorporated various pieces from our wedding décor into the collage including vintage postcards, vintage book pages and some nautical elements as well representing Martha’s Vineyard (where we got married). It’s a one of a kind piece that holds a lot of meaning and makes us smile. 

Grandma Nell’s Recipe Box
My grandma, Nell, was a wonderful cook. She made the best green bean casserole and corn spoon puddin!  When she passed away, my aunt Nancy gave me her recipe box which is filled to the brim with delicious Southern treats. I love looking through the box and finding her handwritten notes “don’t forget to add salt” and “use large bag of chocolate chips”. I still feel very connected to her, especially when I’m cooking so I treasure this box with all of my heart!

Scrapbook Made by Charlie
On my birthday, only 8 months after we had been dating, Charlie made me this scrapbook. It was a detailed account of our love story told through his eyes, starting from the first time we met up until the present. He had saved receipts, menus, and concert tickets along the way and needless to say, I burst into tears the moment I opened it. 


  1. Love your 10 things Lilly and love this post Lauren! I can't wait to lay eyes on your sweet Little Miss Walton either! She will be getting lots of cuddles from Auntie Jessie.


  2. I love this so much. I am just so in awe of my brilliant and beautiful daughter and her beautiful world that she has created. And I feel so blessed, Lauren, that you and your friendship graces all of our lives. Mary Steenburgen

  3. how beautiful you look!!

    I became a mum for the first time almost 14 years ago, I was in love with my belly and what was inside, a beautiful boy who is a young man now, taller than me