royal wedding mania

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Who stayed up to watch the royal wedding?!
I set my alarm for early early this morning, and watched it live!
It was amazing! It was so magical, like a real life fairytale.
And how amazing was Kate's Alexander McQueen dress?! She was absolutely stunning!
It felt really special watching it in real time, like I was somehow taking part in this historical event. Something I will tell my kids some day (since I am a Spencer, and somehow very distantly related to the Spencer family).
My mum's best friend told me a few days ago that when Princess Diana got married they called each other, and watched it together. One living in the midwest and the other on the east coast. I think that is so adorable.

Have a happy weekend!

kate danson photography

My dear friend, Kate Danson, just launched her photography website!
She is so talented, her site is full of people, places and moments captured beautifully.

all photos above taken by Kate


girls palm springs getaway

For months my girlfriends and I have been wanting to take a trip to get away from the shenanigans of school and melt away the stress of it all. 
We finally pulled it together and went on Tuesday! 
We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. We soaked up the sun, swam, lounged, ate, drank, and had so many good laughs! It was so much fun, and was much needed. We returned to LA feeling rested and revived, it is amazing what a little desert air can do for the soul. 


Thanks girls for the fabulously fun getaway!


dorothea rockburne

                                                                                                                 Dark Angel: Elephant, 1982

                                                                                                                        Capernaum Gate, 1984

                                                                         The Light Shines in the Darkness and the Darkness Has Not Understood It, 1987-88


Drawings Which Make Themselves, 1971



So many big changes are happening in my life right now. 

Over the weekend I graduated!

I am still trying to catch my breath and process the events of the last few days, even of the last few years. I have worked harder than I ever could have imagined during school. But it was a labor of love, as I have known since I was about two that I am an artist. And have spent my whole life since working up to this day. I am finally able to face the rest of my life, and look ahead at all the amazing possibilities in front of me. Excited about what I will experience and what lies ahead. And trying to keep in mind that I can create the kind of life I want to live, and a world I want to be in.

And at the same time there is nothing more difficult than facing changes you can not control, and learning to accept the inevitable. The end of school has been a hard one for me to accept. I know for a while it will be a huge loss in my life. Because I love it so much; it has shaped who I am in such a huge way, and has taught me so many things about what I am capable of. Not only that, but I feel grateful to leave with a group of peers that I respect. There is something really special about the kind of time that happens when you are in school, you are kind of in a bubble with these people. And are challenged in such a huge way, that happens daily. Not only do you try to push yourself, but you are often pushed and tested by others. So much happens in such a concentrated amount of time. There is no other experience like it.

In some ways I feel a little lonely in the world right now, on my own finally, and know it will take me a bit to get settled and find a new routine and a place for myself. And at the same time, I am so excited with all the new freedom I have!

I am so grateful for all the experiences I had during school. A lot of personal loss happened during that time, and I am proud to have been able to deal with it all, embrace it, and incorporate it into all aspects of my life, including school. I am grateful for all the students who taught me lessons every day and the teachers who believed in me and spent time and energy making me a better artist. I am grateful for all the support and love from my friends and family. Graduate school is not easy, it demands that you give everything of yourself, and everything else kind of takes a back seat to it, and I am grateful and thankful for everyone who stuck by me, and let me lean on them.
And most of all, I can say, I am really proud of myself.

to new beginnings

watch out world!

here I come!



 the amazing and totally awesome... plume agate


clare vivier

swooning over these from clare vivier
especially the blue pouch/clutch




A few days ago I posted a photo of a color palate that I love for a room... and it has really got me thinking about pink walls. I was just looking through the folder I have of inspirational home images I have gathered over the years, and I couldn't help but realize that a lot of the spaces I love have not only pink in them, but have pink walls! And I have really been excited about owning a house in the near future and thinking of all the ways to make it special. And as much as I love dark colored walls in bedrooms, I have really been leaning towards a pink bedroom. 

And I couldn't resist a pink sofa.

I Just love pink!


my heroines

Joni Mitchell

Stevie Nicks

Joan Didion

Billie Holiday

Diana Vreeland

Virginia Woolf

Joan Baez

Georgia O'Keefe

Grace Coddington

Brigitte Bardot

Audrey Hepburn

Some truly amazing women, who inspire me to be strong, brave, free thinking, introspective, joyful, feminine and independent!