california light

On Saturday I made a trip down to the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego to see the Phenomenal: Light, Space, Surface show. 
It was awesome!
So many artists that I love all in one place. It was really amazing to see these pieces in person.
They all do things with light that are just unbelievable, and so beautiful, and can not be captured in a photo. It really made me think about how specific the light in California is. 
The show spans three different spaces, the La Jolla location closed yesterday, but the two spaces at the MCASD are still up and I would highly 
recommend a day trip down there. 

Craig Kauffman ad in Artforum 1970, Helen Pashgian in her studio, Helen Pashgian, Peter Alexander, Peter Alexander, Mary Corse (this is a light reflective painting. The surface is covered in tiny glass balls that create a prism between the painting and your eye, it's amazing), Robert Irwin, De Wain Valentine, De Wain Valentine

There was also an amazing Larry Bell in the lobby of the main MCASD space, but I couldn't find a photo.

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